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  1. Long time no talk

    Also not a lot of people on here can say they've had the same account for 15+ years lol
  2. Long time no talk

    Yeah that's me. My real name is Rory but I've had a lot of screen names on here over the years lol.
  3. Long time no talk

    How goes it?
  4. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Honestly I stopped really caring about Standard after Throne of Eldraine. The only format I have interest in anymore is EDH/Commander.
  5. Long time no talk

    Hi I used to post here a long time ago. I used to play yugioh competively but then I quit and started playing magic lol. I picked up yugioh again but now I just collect old/nolstalgic cards and ocassionally play older formats. But enough about me how is everyone doing?
  6. New Yugioh Podcast Looking for Questions

    Hey Austin it's Rory! I don't really play anymore (except for goats on occasion with Chris Hentz or Wumbo) but it's good to hear from you my friend. Glad you are doing this.
  7. Hello, again

    it's a more casual format than standard/modern/pioneer but it depends on the playgroup and how seriously they take it.
  8. Hello, again

    That makes sense. We used to go to the same regionals for Yugioh iirc. I also go to as many magic events as possible although recently i've been playing more commander than anything else.
  9. Hello, again

    I also quit YGO for MTG. I mostly play Paper events but I'll get on Arena/MTGO once in a while. Didn't you used to live in Oregon or am i thinking of someone else?
  10. Banjo-Kazooie

    Banjo Kazooie/Tooie were among my favorite games from childhood.
  11. I've been saying this for years now.
  12. Korey McDuffie has died

    He had more success in MTG than he did in yugioh but yeah that's him. May he RIP.
  13. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    I agree with audioslayne. I can also see a possible opal/ssg ban since I've felt like they've needed to go for years now. As much as I don't care for blood moon it is a necessary evil as long as tron is a deck in the format.
  14. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    I would think Opt would go before Serum Visions but I don't think either would get banned tbh.
  15. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    Without going too deep into it I really haven't had too much interest in standard lately. Even with this round of banning's I doubt I see myself playing standard seriously until at least GP Seattle in April. Modern is the most enjoyable format for me in Magic ATM and I'm looking forward to the results of PT Rivals.