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  1. I never played the Pokemon TCG as a kid (mainly just collected the cards) but this sounds legit.
  2. This is this weekend
  3. Ended up going 4-1-1 at my pre release. Went gw splash red for nahiri. Opened gisela,eldritch evoloution,and the mindbender eldrazi out of my prize packs. Good night overall.
  4. I'm sad to see you step down ash but hopefully it's for the better. Good luck.
  5. This is the hometown GP for me. Anyone from here going?
  6. Leaving tonight see you guys there
  7. So it's looking like I might be able to go but I need a place to crash at. Anyone have room possibly?
  8. When was the last time willy porges got caught cheating? I'm just curious about how much of a cheater he is compared to people like Jared boetcher and Trevor Humphries.
  9. I just read his tweet on Twitter about it. Nevermind.
  10. The thing I'm going to miss the most about no modern pts is that they will probably get rid of modern pptq season as well. Other than that the change is fine. The hof/platinum appearance fee cuts are shitty but it's still more than ygo has to offer.
  11. Smart decision.
  12. Trying to go. I have a few people from my locals who are. No guarantees for me though.
  13. The more I look at this set the more I'm excited to play limited with it.
  14.   It's whatever. I hope to make it to an east coast MTG event some day. I will be at GP Portland in August though.
  15. Free water and Bernie Sanders' typical stump speech.     Thanks Allen.