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  1. DGZ is still here?

    thats pretty cool. any other old schooler people still here?
  2. Anti-Goat

    I play this in goat format, does I win? Monsters: 13 1 Jinzo 1 Sangan 1 Cyber Jar 1 Sinister Serpent 1 D.D. Warrior Lady 3 Armed Samurai – Ben Kei 3 Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu 2 Magician of Faith Spells: 24 1 Pot of Greed 3 Giant Trunade 1 Heavy Storm 1 Delinquent Duo 1 Graceful Charity 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Premature Burial 1 Snatch Steal 1 Swords of Revealing Light 1 Lightning Vortex 1 United We Stand 1 Mage Power 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Nobleman of Crossout 2 Scapegoat 2 Big Bang Shot 2 Book of Moon 2 Axe of Despair Traps: 4 1 Mirror Force 1 Call of the Haunted 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Ring of Destruction
  3. Anti-Goat

    yeah, i played this irl in 2005. jeez, 13 years ago, lol
  4. Lightsworn deck recipe

    oh boy........
  5. Korey McDuffie has died

    rip korey.
  6. DGZ is still here?

  7. The Man Who Sold The World

    prefer nirvana's unplugged version.
  8. DGZ is still here?

    yo, sup!!!
  9. DGZ is still here?

    so what is the newest platform these days to hold these wars on?
  10. DGZ is still here?

    just getting back into the game after 7 years. saw the link on reddit, and wondered if it was the same dgz so decided to login.
  11. roy st clair died

    r.i.p. roy...
  12. reminds me of shit quack used to do...
  13. Max Suffridge has died

    sad, r.i.p. i heard roy st. claire passed also?
  14. Kitros reg report

    rofl who/what topped? i seen: bobby chambers - blackwing beat matt ellenburg - frog otk someone - glads beat andrew paller - x sabres matt oneil - x sabres beat dan g - frog monarchs mo black - infernities idk someone - idk
  15. Kitros reg report

    cool story bro.
  16. PJ's 75th SHONEN JUMP Championship Report

  17. I'm a 30+ y/o T_T -dubkdad1 me too.
  18. they are trying this again, eh?
  19. My ygo story.

    nostalgia is always fun to read about.
  20. 15th Edison - Valley DAD

    gj dude.
  21. Edison NJ Regional Report

    gj ciro.
  22. Rob Ackerman

    drugs are bad.
  23. Indy

    you are the best duelist. congrats dude.