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  1. Wavering eyes pop 2 qlis search this for a followup?
  2. See, there's plenty of potential in several different articles relating to time and fine-tuning gameplay.
  3. Obviously you should be familiar with your deck already before attempting that sort of play testing. But I feel that many people are too used to overly long testing types of games and struggle to transition to 40 min 2-3 game matches in real events.
  4. I find it funny that players lately don't care to improve their technical play yet they invest so much money and time playing (poorly) trying to win events. Most of these players are 1 tough decision away from being blown out of a tourny. That's no way to compete, if that's their intention. Anyway I think a good article would be how to avoid going to time, how to approach eomp, how to avoid draws, and merits of play testing with time limits. Teaching people how to speed up their play without sacrificing quality gameplay can really help events run smoother too. I know part of the problem is the decks themselves with hella combos and searching/shuffling but still.
  5. Is Dark Renewal possible in here?
  6. #thot #cuddle #stronk #vanityfiend #ycscoverage #completeshit
  7. U would a won with majesty lol stop raging BTW lots of doll players side hands. Gl at regs
  8. Should a been a Majesty's fiend homie
  9. Its the tournament organizer's fault for scheduling ycs so close to planned format changes.
  10. Kinetic soldiers making Satella players rage. Oh u soul charged for a fatty amount earlier?
  11. speaking of artifacts how does this deck fare against hat?
  12. If this becomes necessary enough to get it'll just get stolen from stores en masse like the duality tins.
  13. All shadoll stuff ultra/secr just like teledad, Kevin gets a new lambo his other one is 6 years old now
  14. Just make acid golems beat for a couple turns then creature swap it to your opp. 2000 burn every turn + no special summoning, there's your win condition :)
  15. Wind for lightning chidori Insect non tuner for underground arachnid