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  1. itt explain your avatar and sig

    [quote name='...Arson' timestamp='1347235825' post='3276671'] i can't remember did i have beef with spectre or something? weren't you a really shitty poster? [/quote] Nah nigga. We good.
  2. Warn Removal Thread

    my turn.
  3. ITT: If you stack, you win. If you don't you lose. Anything else about any format/metagame since OG Legend of Blue Eyes, is just dumb shit. And if you don't believe that, you probably fucking believe that your broke ass will be the CEO of goldman sachs by working hard and covering your cockholster with a nice white smile.
  4. itt explain your avatar and sig

    [quote name='...Arson' timestamp='1347227334' post='3276539'] username - i've always been partial to fire. i thought it was sounded cool. I thought the ellipsis made me look [i]mysterious[/i]. then after a while i found it original and still liked it enough to keep it. sig - thats just a neat .gif and reminds me of snow days back in school. you'd go to bed and there'd be nothing and wake up in some glorious winter wonderland. avatar - really famous hubble telescope pic, or at least im pretty sure... i thought it was very neat back in the day, and i've used it here, and on msn frequently ever since, [/quote] Holy Christ on a cocksandwich, you still never fail to fucking disappoint me when I click a thread.
  5. Are faith schools a good or bad thing?

    [quote name='rei' timestamp='1332112071' post='3131705'] I have a substantial amount of issue with public funds being used to fuel religious teachings [/quote] Why? It's a basic democratic principle that people can get together and distribute their resources in the manner in which they please. Most liberal democracies still have some degree of religiosity (some, like the United States, extreme amounts) - so why shouldn't this preference express itself through the democratic will?
  6. spectre

    The people have spoken.
  7. DG Stock Market Game

    Jesus Christ, you're worse than Jim Cramer. Avoid anything related to finance, unless you hate money.
  8. DG Stock Market Game

    Winner gets to make out with another man and pretend that it was "due to a bet".
  9. if you click on this topic you must post

  10. My Personal Goals

    Wattup nigger? wassssup Oh shit. It's the motherfuckin George.
  11. My Personal Goals

    Wattup nigger?
  12. how bad is the format about to get?

    People still make these threads? roffles
  13. Eminem's daughter

    Does that make it better for you? Also, someone spoil plz, is orangeeyes the white black kid or was that someone else?
  14. The Resistance [Vs] Main Slayer

    But your mum still smokes my dick.