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  1. If scum manipulates town into a self vote is that not a game throw by town?
  2. Mark is simply sticking up for his real life friend and using "muh DGZ" as precedent
  3. Sophocles you sound like you're arguing just for the sake of arguing and to troll francis and not because you have anything particularly insightful to say.
  4. Off topic but Cunning mastermind, Vomit Drain, and Snow Medigo deserve a warning point for slanking
  5. This is cringeworthy and why precisely why you deserve a short ban. You do not reconcile with what you did wrong nor the harm you caused to the integrity of the game.
  6. Intent matters and if you do not care to analyze intent you have no business offering up your opinion on punishment dispute.
  7. False equivalency. A site with established resources, more knowledgeable mods/admins, and a better reputation in the community is a superior standard bearer.
  8. People take games seriously. This is a cop out of the argument.
  9. Punishments can and should take intention into account. Faints intentions were not to throw. Wunters were to prove he was right. BTW mods should have warned malcolm in game for offering a tie and made an announcement that ties cannot occur outside of mechanical reasons.
  10. Just because NKs aren't mandatory here doesn't mean they shouldn't be. DGZ mafia gets a lot of this shit wrong and when somebody points out "this is not standard" the stock response is "this is how we've always played". Reminds me of when I was a kid and we thought MST negates
  11. - I disagree that Wunter's intentions were playing not to lose. His intentions were to prove himself "correct" all game and "move up the rankings" by lynching Francis and proving that he was right to do so during prior day phases - One caveat is that win conditions were not given to town/scum/neutral at start of the game and players who did not ask never received a win condition - Reasonable but I think it was more a case of spite than a case of the lolz - Yes. Scum is throwing by not making an informed NK (i.e. avoid known bulletproof). Yes, NKs should always be mandatory. I think a one game ban is warranted for Wunter (violated SOG on at least 2 levels: trolling and playing against his own faction) and a warn could be given to scum, idk. It is unclear whether scum should have "known better" though especially because of lack of section standards with NK? Wunter can't effectively argue that he didn't know better because this was explicitly stated in the thread by other players, and I believe he stated he wanted to be proven correct and that was his motivation. Faint doesn't deserve punishment imo because he gave in out of resignation. That's my opinion take it or leave it. Ties should be banned too.
  12. Lowly humans lol
  13. Thats how it is on MU and they have robots for mods so it must be correct robots do not make mistakes
  14. Standard rules say they are mandatory and if not submitted they are randomized Then again this game broke a bunch of standard rules Neutral always should have shared or been removed from the game after reaching win condition and scum and town win conditions were not given out either so everything was a bit ad hoc
  15. Nightkills are supposed to be mandatory so the entire discussion is moot.