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  1. Thingyman's Mafia Universe Championship Season 5 Voting

    Yeah all the games are public, but the mods will not spoil the spectators until the games are completed. They're entertaining to watch. I'll make sure the link is posted when the game begins
  2. I'm joking around I want to send you
  3. you're right it was only 1 day
  4. I am not sure I'd have the time/desire to play and I know Francis would play better
  5. I nominate @Francis J Underwood
  6. Mini Mafia

    not your fault man, we were all caught unawares by the 24 hour phase
  7. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    the funny thing is I actually went to the trouble to facebook message him 6 hours before the modkill and he took like 48 hours to read that too
  8. Mini Mafia

    I didn't defend you, you did not play. Your play is actually completely indefensible. I was simply trying to win for my faction.
  9. Mini Mafia

    You can't make the game no quota and 24 hours without even posting that info in sign ups... Not a great set up anyway but it had no chance for success due to negligent modding. I wish you had realized what was going on and extended the day and added a quota system
  10. Mini Mafia

    Also rei, if you had to choose between killing me and death who would you choose and why?
  11. Mini Mafia

    Why not death? if all else fails I will switch to walia to avoid a tie but if you feel that strongly make a vote imo
  12. Mini Mafia

    vote Death Sentence this is going to go really poorly, we need to lynch somebody Death is as good a target as any with the amount of posts out there rei second best target, walia a shot in the dark
  13. Mini Mafia

    Wait a second lol we have 4 hours left jesus fucking christ
  14. Mini Mafia

    I like tyranno for town Death looks like he's maybe trying to blend in rei doesn't seem to care walia hasn't posted yet
  15. Mini Mafia Signups

    That's fine. I was just making a suggestion. I usually find games smaller than 9 to be very non-mafia like and quite random.