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  1. I had a few rules regarding "goat format feel" when considering additions/bans. Would like to hear some feedback tbh: 1. Limit new special summons. 2. No hand traps. 3. No hand peaking. 4. Banished cards stay banished. 5. Limit new summoning mechanics.
  2. Not even that good. Adds little to the format in terms of value and interaction. Also generally dislike hand traps because they disrupt the "feel" of the format.
  3. Mafia Rankings

    ELO for mafia is pretty dumb from a statistical perspective. First you're trying to use small sample sizes (a typical player plays 15 or fewer games per year) to detect small differences between players who have similar base skill levels. Then you have to consider all the noise that's caused by random factors such as hosting, teammates' play, bad balance, neutrals, quirks, etc. We don't really care about using the ranking system to tell us that Malcolm is better than Tyranno. That's all an ELO system will be able to tell you, hence why nobody who actually plays and takes this game seriously gives a shit. Even if you make the assumption that the random factors I listed are non-existent or small (which is a bad assumption), I highly doubt you get a statistically significant result between players who are actually close in ability, which is what your goal ought to be if you are advocating a statistics based approach. Like JC's thread is cool and all but I think slick's arbitrary rankings are far more accurate and far more fun to discuss.
  4. Yes day 1 is 48h. It's in the OP.
  5. Welcome to Cat Mafia! Day one begins meow and ends in 48 hours and 16 minutes on Thurs Sep 21 at 5pm EST / 22:00 GMT! (special note: today will be 48 hours long, but all other day phases are going to 32 h) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Format: - closed set-up - role claiming is allowed (ex: Poisoner; Vanilla Town) - character claiming is not allowed (ex: Tribe-Infecting Virus; Theon Greyjoy) - no copy+pasting of PMs - no duplicate roles - NK must be assigned to a player - mafia members will have safe claims - mafia members are not allowed to communicate with their team after death - moderate number of roles (more vanilla than power roles) - no bastard mechanics (alignment conversions, flawed investigators, cults, lynch proof, post restrictions, silencer, etc.) - 13 players - 32/16 phases - 4 post quota - strictly no toxicity, no excessive insults - ties result in a random lynch between tied players - majority lynch is not in effect on day 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cats are by far and away da most intelligent species on da entyre planets. The only thing standing b/w them and wurld dominashuns is the OTHER CATZ you know THE GOOD KIND, THE BENEVOLENT ONES. So obvs they has gots to go. But wut to do wut to do. heheheehehehe Da malevolent cats (nise vocab werd) plotted amongs themselves in da basement. yessssss. They has A MAPZ and they has CHEEZBURGER BOMBS. They cannot be stopt. Each cat nap they will eliminate a good cat from among the crowd. This is not a meme. Trust this is a wreel death. You will all die mwahahahaha. Go scummiez. Each day howevz the benevers will vote one amongs themselves OFF THE ISLAND. And we all no dat catz CANNOT SWIMS. So dats dat. GLHF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh oh oh b4 I forget da player list, dere is eggsackly 3 baddies among deese: 1. Wunter 2. Walia 3. Chevalier 4. Broken 5. 2k17 6. Solstice 7. Faint 8. Malcolm 9. Mascis 10. Slick 11. Soph 12. Nelrick 13. PSK
  6. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    I'm working on host stuff now. Aim is to start the game in 3 hours. The first day will be 48 hours long if that's ok. Then after that days will be 32 hours. All nights including night 1 will be 16 hours.
  7. This is the type of card that needs to be tested extensively and you need a creative player to 'try to break' the deck. I would consider this in some sort of newgioh rotation list but the potential to "break" the game is very high.
  8. They would have to be added at 2x each, otherwise they are no fun to play against at all. Still not very fun to play against at that limit, but better than nothing.
  9. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    Ok we hit 13 thanks to PSK. JC is going to coach. The game will start tomorrow morning. Last call to sign up: if we can stretch it to 17 that would be amazing. If not those who sign up next will be listed as subs/coaches
  10. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    Wont start till tuesday at the earliest
  11. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    Ehhh that would be like a last resort. Also you still willing to play if we are less than 13?
  12. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    I will allow it as long as we reach 13 players without you. As of now we don't have that so I would prefer you play. Is that ok? This means you're in correct?
  13. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    More than 13? If so maybe don't send it to me you might have trouble filling it Faint I can look at yours too I hear it's only 14
  14. Family Mafia Aftergame Thread

    Like how you caught PSK right
  15. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Send it to me if it's not that big. If it's big you should send it to someone less active