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  1. Cool concept. I think it's more important for comparative analysis anyway so quibbling about the precise weights is not so important. Being able to quickly see, oh this new deck I built has approximately half the outs to Boss Card X when compared to your typical goat build is really useful, however. That can quickly point you in the right direction for testing and refinement purposes. Also I agree I don't think arsenal summoner is playable this format, sadly.
  2. I take mascis' claim at face value which means we either have row 10 or col 1: 3 mafia or 2 mafia, 2 wolves Just a hunch that it's the 3 mafia row.
  3. Half of the game isn't voting?
  4. Good work wunterslaus. I approve of your findings.
  5. Substitute the word Malcolm for iSlickz in this post and you will see my point. The rest of your post continues to make perfect sense and thus it could be used as justification to be suspicious of either Malcolm or Slick. What's the difference between asking for a vig and starting a train on very little?
  6. Ebwop wunter I asked for some reads 12 hours ago and you said to give you an hour or two. We don't need a full trust list, but a couple reads would work. unvote vote Digbick
  7. I pressured you because your questions seemed nervous and off. I still want to get some actual thoughts from you. The playstyle of keeping to yourself and not says no anything until EOD makes it hard to read one way or the other. Solstice prioritized digbick I think you misread his post.
  8. I approve of a digbick lynch
  9. I still have a problem with Faint's FOS on Malcolm for wanting to vig Tyranno while he ignored Slick for pushing Tyranno. Didn't like it then, and we still haven't gotten clarification on what that means or why that's "consistent". I stand by it for now until I see an actual answer or some sober posts from Faint.
  10. Ok crei I see what you're saying about Malcolm now. I just reread his contributions. It's worthy of a FOS for sure because he mischaracterized his efforts a bit, and depending on how that plays out I may shift my read on Faint, since Malcolm threw a lot of shade on Faint. Also, Malcolm implied that you disagreed with him on Sage, and you didn't refute that, so that's where I got the inference that your read on Sage was scum. Is your read on Sage null? I still think Sage is town personally regardless of you + Malcolm.
  11. I'll take a sub if one is available. Reason: ragequit
  12. My vote is still on wunterslaus for a reason. Figure it out.