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  1. Redacted by host. If ur having an issue with another player please dm me rather than being a keyboard warrior about it
  2. And I have every right to tell you to stop being a toxic asshole when you're the only one in the game acting like that
  3. I'm trying to lynch scum on day 1 genius
  4. fwiw I think crei is just defending his vote as logical (it is) rather than trying to convince everyone to kill you bc there was not actually that much to analyze at that point in the thread
  5. what if anything would you contest about that statement?
  6. I think rei is playing really carefully while simultaneously throwing shade on anything that moves
  7. chill dog its page 7
  8. Fix your attitude
  9. why macer? I think crei is just spot on I would be down to kill rei though. He is doing nothing but sow discord and egg people against each other
  10. I was asking faint to find a scum candidate instead of continuing to play purely defensively
  11. quick thoughts: I think Hazmah would be a fine lynch. He basically claimed to have forgotten about the game (seen this shit before) did a quota snipe, and placed a really stupid vote on me that he could easily follow up on tomorrow without saying jack shit about anyone else willing to switch off faint if this appeals to other townsters
  12. I purposely chose to lay low the rest of the day because (1) I made my intents clear, (2) I have established myself as pretty obvious town, and (3) most importantly, I wanted to force other players to fill the void caused by my lack of activity. Having me dominate discussion all of day 1 is a bad thing, I know I make this mistake all the time and I’m trying to improve my game. Making this post from mobile FYI, I will need to reread more closely on an actual computer to re-evaluate my Faint vote. I think the initial reasons for placing the vote were strong, he seemed to be approaching the game with an alignment ambiguous mentality which made him the best vote at the time to me. Now of course we have more posts and interactions and comments to evaluate before the day ends and I plan to do just that. Thank you very much
  13. Not seeing the T/T logic b/w me and faint at all Im a bit wary of crei but not too concerned at the moment
  14. I don’t think either of us said anything about the number of scum? I’ve been fully aware of the numbers lol