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  1. Idgi
  2. I don't want election mafia. Half the reason to play mafia is to distract yourself from how shitty the real world is.
  3. 1. You must read your role PM. 2. You cannot claim to have not read your role PM. 3. You cannot sub out until the next Day Phase if you've already reached quota for the current day.
  4. King of the forum mafia?
  5. How hard is it to look up scooby doo characters? Anyone who's watched the show can get the flavor. if you want you can fuck with my head by making the villains the town like we did in Multi Mafia
  6. Star Wars Stranger Things Westworld
  7. Fixed
  8. Oh, I wanted to try Draft but I never did this season. Seems like a cool idea in theory, but IDK if it's something you can consistently make money off of like regular DFS.
  9. I'm really curious about what they're going to do after the merger. Do they go with the best format, the most popular format, or do they make up a new one? This summer and next season should be very interesting to say the least. But for now I am happy to take a break from fantasy sports, it kind of burns you out a bit.
  10. I agree that the DK format is objectively superior (flex >>> kicker), but I never got a feel for the pricing and how to construct a winning lineup.
  11. Just withdrew all my money since the NFL season is officially over, and I don't have time to learn NBA. Put $300 in the start the season, withdrew $1146 today. Disappointed because at one point around week 12 I was at $1800, but poor bankroll management did me in--I was playing too high of a volume and lost about $800 in a single week. Made a small amount back to close out the season, but not a ton. Learned a lot this year, hopefully the new scoring format is fun (FD+DK are merging, so we'll see). I am way better at FD than DK. Put $100 into DK around Thanksgiving and lost it all.
  12. No but it was painfully obvious that he was town based on markus's behavior/questions to end the day and his DOB target. scumMarkus + scumDigbick + fakePriestClaim would have given away 3/4 of the team by Day 2.
  13. Why Harima Was Confirmed Town According to JC: 1. Cute memes 2. Helpful townie 3. Liked anime 4. Celebrated kwanzaa
  14. That's a reasonable excuse early game, but not reasonable excuse late game.
  15. Like, you can't have a single two word post 4 days in a row as "confirmed town". What the actual fuck guys?