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  1. In since I was told this game is not concurrent with matrix6
  2. After this one ends I can sign up for JC's
  3. Yeah I have a formula that I employ all the time to make these types of decisions. It's called my ventromedial prefrontal cortex.
  4. The answer is right under your noises mafioso
  5. Vote 2k17 fake reaction I'm not buying it
  6. Chill we're both old ;]
  7. I don't care about crei's old man fart complaint about how the Internet used to be this great place where everyone could be keyboard assholes to each other without consequences FUCK THAT NOISE it's 2017 people let's weed out the baddies
  8. Next game I host I'm legit including the rule that I will warn/modkill for personal attacks and bad behavior im not even kidding if I hosted nazi mafia I would have modkilled Mark, crei, and probably Claire no joooookkkees
  9. His town/scum stats have no zero correlation with people's actually mafia skills shhhhhhhhh
  10. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts
  11. I like spamming this sign up thread for some reason
  12. I died on maf uni after getting 2 scums lynched in 3 days RIP me Fucking mafia arsonist burned me to a crisp upon lynching him =[[[ READY TO SPECTATE SOME DGZ MAFS
  13. Meta reads are fucking awful anyway. The solution is to not do them in the first place. They are wrong almost as often as they are right and it's not helpful to town to make them.
  14. Anon games do not solve toxicity because people can still be toxic to each other behind anon accounts. Zero tolerance for toxicity solves toxicity. You literally ban personal attacks and you vigorously modkill for it. This is one of the rules in the maf u game I'm in: 8. Treat your fellow players with respect. Hostility will not be tolerated. It's pretty clear that if you guys all played like you do over there, half of you would be modkilled. You shouldn't be constantly insulting people or criticizing their play. It serves no actual purpose and makes the game suck for everyone. It just makes people not like playing with you and want to quit. Not saying I'm perfect, I'm certainly not, but hostility breeds more hostility. This site's culture is toxic at its core.