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  1. Broken's Broken Game

    This is a weak scum post let's get it oddly tunnelly and very thin long tangent about something kinda wish washy and irrelevant weird perspective on tyrannos mindset (given up...?) bells in my mind = I can't think of anything concrete to say that Tyranno has done that's scummy so I'm just gonna toss out some buzz words
  2. Broken's Broken Game

    Unvote vote sage I have never been more confident on Day one in my life except that time silverdude was scum and claimed tracker while I was tracker anyway sage is tunneling Tyranno for very very questionable reasons when there's an obvious explanation for tyrannos behavior (irl turmoil) and sage isn't even trying to assess this one is scum
  3. Broken's Broken Game

    If the purpose of your vote was to force sage to make quota you are not using your vote like good Town my friend that can mean one of two things and I think you know what I'm thinking kappa
  4. Broken's Broken Game

    no i got it
  5. Broken's Broken Game

    I want to soul read tyranno but i've been fooled the last two times he was scum
  6. Broken's Broken Game

    brandis are you going to post or just react to other posts with emojis?
  7. Broken's Broken Game

    unvote vote hazmah "First of all, @Broken Brilliance Stop posting in the thread you clown, it creates clutter." this looks like scum attempting to appear like helpful town and saying they are "anti-clutter". I don't believe this is a townie opening post
  8. Broken's Broken Game

    nice to meet you too
  9. Broken's Broken Game

    im referring to the part where you confidently proclaim on page 1 that you've found two scum
  10. Broken's Broken Game

    walia why are you posting about numbers? please play the game
  11. Broken's Broken Game

    is this a serious post and yes i shaded your dart boarding votes i did that in my very first posts
  12. Broken's Broken Game

    tyranno is low hanging fruit and im town thats 2 strikes on zeropassion
  13. Broken's Broken Game

    im not i cant tell if you're trying to solve the game or just throwing darts looks like darts to me so far not even any inquisition vote zp
  14. Broken's Broken Game

    q u o t a u o t a
  15. Broken's Broken Game

    i totally believed we were in mylo after reading the OP and i resigned myself not to caring about this game should i revert course and decide to care? idts
  16. Broken's Broken Game

    tyranno is a spazz zp is an opportunist its day one
  17. Broken's Broken Game

    welcome back
  18. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    who the fuck are these people wow
  19. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    I'll play i like 36 but I don't really care that much
  20. Evil Dead Aftergame

    Sage I knew you were Town at the end of the day but didn't want to say it for fear of getting scum read for "perfect info" and I knew I couldn't switch the lynch onto malcolm If you'd gone for real scum I would have followed you
  21. Evil Dead Aftergame

    game is over https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/17153-Season-5-Game-6-MMA-Legends-The-Mafia-Championship quite frankly it was one of the worst games i've ever followed, would not recommend
  22. Evil Dead Aftergame

    he was focused on the mafia universe championship and had to drop
  23. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    If you think that makes me scum toss a vote out buddy