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  1. Hey guys, In honor of my first win in a "major" Goat Format tournament, I decided to do a post-game commentary series of all my matches, and write up this mini report. I'll explain my deck real quick, then leave the commentary below as the main source of analysis on my matches. Even though it was only an 8-person tournament, I knew it would be fun and extremely competitive. I expected every player to take it seriously and bring what he thought was his best deck to the tournament. So, even though I had recent success with PACMAN in a DGz Live, I really wanted to test my abilities with Goat Control in this new Chaos-heavy DGz meta. I was expecting to see about 2:1 Chaos Control decks to Goat Control decks, and maybe some anti-meta decks sprinkled in. I think this prediction was about correct. Here's my deck list: There's some explanation of my list in the videos if you'd like to skip reading this, but I think some people would appreciate the extra details. I'm playing the typical Goat Control list that was developed with Team Detox, but it really dates back to the days when KP won the 2014 Goat Format War League with a very similar list, which then became the "Standard" goat list that everybody net decked. The only difference in the main deck is that we've replaced 2 copies of Exarion Universe with 1 D.D. Warrior Lady and 1 Asura Priest, a couple solid level 4 beaters that help to fill the roles that Exarion Universe played in the original deck. The side deck was meant to cover Burn, OTK, and other Alt-Win stuff. I specifically tweaked it for the metagame I was expecting to face, however. That's why I sided 2 copies of Dark Mimic LV1 and a third Book of Moon. When I played against Angel Chaos Control, I would take out D.D. Warrior Lady, a card I consider a liability in that matchup, as well as 2 Dust Tornado, which are not as useful as they are in the Goat Control mirror, where I can save them to stop Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial (Chaos Control does not play either of those cards). Dark Mimic is strong against the Chaos Control deck, as it never loses value to Chaos Sorcerer, and it can soak up attacks from Shining Angels and D.D. Warrior Lady. Importantly, now that I've gotten rid of D.D. Warrior Lady and added a couple more flip effects, none of my monsters will be left in face-up position without having already given me value (except Sangan which I will be setting more frequently instead). I ended up setting monsters a lot and playing more passively to avoid Chaos Sorcerer, which worked out quite well. This change also bumps my deck up to 17 monsters, which I feel gives me a slightly stronger early game that helps me respond to early Shining Angels from my opponent. Finally, I am bringing in the 3rd Book of Moon which does a few things: (1) provides extra synergy with a weak flip effect monster like Dark Mimic LV1, (2) functionally helps to replicate the ability of the Dust Tornadoes I sided out to block Snatch Steal, and (3) blocks the Angel Chaos Control player's Thousand-Eyes Restrict more effectively than they can block mine, since a Book on their Thousand-Eyes will never result in them tributing it for Airknight (since they choose not to play Airknight, while I still do). In hindsight, my side deck was not very good against Aggro decks like Chaos Recruiter, which I struggled against in the Finals. I would have liked to have found space for a third Sakuretsu Armor and 2 Legendary Jujitsu Master for that matchup. I took these cards out at the last minute for 2 Mobius the Frost Monarch and the third Book of Moon. I think it was worth it for the Book of Moon, but I'm skeptical about the Mobius. I'm also skeptical about my decision to include Seven Tools of the Bandit. I was happy at the end of the day to include Trap Dustshoot however. It remains one of my favorite side deck cards. Finally, thanks to MMF for hosting the tournament. Thanks to The Seraphim (the team I'm on currently) for the support and advice on my deck and how to play. Thanks to the commentators in Voice Chat who joined MMF's streams, the coverage you guys did was fantastic. And finally, thanks to my opponents for being positive human beings and good sports. You guys made the tournament a great experience. 10/10 would play again. Round 1 vs Markus (Chaos Angel Control) - Win Round 2 vs Tango (Chaos Angel(?) Control) - Win Round 3 vs Lucas (Chaos Angel Control) - Win Round 4 vs Loli (Chaos Recruiter) - Loss Round 5 vs Loli (Chaos Recruiter) - Win
  2. What if that spouse is incredibly hot and out of your league? Is it worth it then???
  3. It's also interesting that so many players are holding out on maining Airknight Parshath, which is the best answer in the format to Scapegoat.
  4. Both. I think that Dustshoot does a lot of the things Threatening Roar does against OTK but in a different, more aggressive way. I prefer to play Dustshoot and build up a strong board. Flips help me do that too. If Jay had entered the tournament I would have given extra consideration to Threatening Roar, but looking at the list of players I did not expect to see any OTK. I thought there was a chance somebody might get cheeky with Burn, PACMAN, Last Turn, or Empty Jar though, but not Stein or Cat OTK.
  5. I love reggie's team threads so much
  6. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    The Dion Lewis + Gronk cannot be stopped. The Jags are equipped to stop an offense that relies heavily on its exterior WRs, not these guys. Sure the pass rush is world class, but a pass rush matters less when you're throwing shorter passes.
  7. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Excited for the Jeff Fisher bowl next week
  8. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    And BTW you should have assumed I was too busy to post even though you saw me reading the thread.
  9. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    It wasn't your list of notes or lack of activity. What made you scum to me was (1) you listed me as 'likely VT', (2) your reads were contradictory and looked like hedging, (3) you didn't vote anyone, (4) you didn't ask anyone questions. Come on dude. This is "scrub mentality", i.e. blaming your personal short comings in a game on the play of others. In case you didn't realize it the town wasn't on your team.
  10. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    "I NEED to kill the PR if I want to live. Jazz made a comment earlier about how "nick must have thought he was vanilla" meaning jazz could be PR, but then again that might just be Jazz bait." GOTTEM!
  11. New Years Mafia

    LOLOL I am so glad I was NK'd I thought the final scum was Tyranno.
  12. New Years Mafia

    This is ridiculous. Faint didn't address any of my specific points. He just called me bad and said to lynch me and solstice. Don't see any reason to let him off the hook for that.
  13. New Years Mafia

  14. New Years Mafia

    Would you scoop if you were scum or hope everyone else finds sympathy with your frustrations, votes me and sol, and then makes it to final 3 with wunter and walia?
  15. New Years Mafia

    Somebody put faint out of his misery please
  16. New Years Mafia

    That said faint has been a salty dog all game so that fits as well
  17. New Years Mafia

    I also expect nicks partner to be extremely hostile and frustrated based on the state of the game. Frustration and anger is suspicious to me. Solstice your anger really hurt your standing and you need to let it go. The analysis you're providing combined with sophs hard Town read of you likely makes you Town, but my God. Don't be angry when Town lynches scum on Day one and we suspect someone who wasn't even in on the vote and comes out guns blazing for the damn counterwagon as the top priority. end rant
  18. New Years Mafia

    Solstice: I'm dismissive of your Walia case because it looks completely ass backwards to me and is totally dependent on your interpretation of nicks actions and words or lackthereof. It's flimsy. It would be one thing if you had an airtight case but I poked three major holes in it. First, Walia was the very first voter of Nick. Second, Nick could have been afk. Third, nick could have been lurking and saw at the end of the day it was 4-2 and his vote wouldn't even matter. Assessing Walia based solely on what nick said and did is obscenely flawed. Try assessing Walia for Walia. As for wunter, I reexamined him as well. His posting is consistent and he mentioned that if Walia were to flip town he would want to lynch nick. That's unlikely to be a scum partner, because if the Walia lynch goes through like they were hypothetically planning now he has committed himself to voting nick the next day. It's nothing like the soft defense Faint was doing. its just faint
  19. New Years Mafia

    this post is ridiculous lmao not town mindset after d1 scum lynch
  20. New Years Mafia

    He waited almost 12 hours before posting, he saw where everybody stood before he posted hypothetically speaking, if he is scum he has no reason to vote for you as the only other person who expressed interest in voting for you is solstice his 2 options are to vote for solstice or stick with his initial reads which were me+tyranno being scum because i'm still tunneling him it's "perfectly logical" for him to vote for me if he continued to tunnel you it would honestly raise some serious red flags would it not? That's why everyone's flipped on solstice
  21. New Years Mafia

    how would you know without reading...?
  22. New Years Mafia

    distancing from his walia vote falsely equating the walia logic with being the same as the japnick logic ding ding ding
  23. New Years Mafia

    soft defense
  24. New Years Mafia

    sol is probably town I think scum nk's somebody with correct town reads after losing their partner d1 just a thought
  25. New Years Mafia

    "i like solstice for the callout on how bad nicks post was" > votes walia > nick flips scum > today faint is voting solstice ... scum baby scum this guy is scum