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  1. Shaddoll - Discussion

    We will play seraphs post Crossed Souls?
  2. yCS tOroNTo September 2014

    WOW ! Just 2 pages? There is no Wifi in the venue? >_>
  3. Madolche - Discussion

    Editing ** xDD Sorry Wumbo! <3
  4. Madolche - Discussion

    Long time w/o playing.  A week of playtest and I made this accordingly to my expected national meta (geargia,mermail,bujin/ffs,dragonvariants, I don't think Artifacts will be real, but I'm still testing against this new thing) Card choices: Second Ticket: Deck drew weird hands veryoften. Second ticket works like Factory in WU so I decide to test it and I really like. Needle Ceiling: Is good vs Dragons, Mermails, Geargia and mirror if you can control the Chateau war. (Test it guys!) Black Horn: I was maining Vanity, but in my meta I think BH is by far better. Instant Fusion: I don't know about this card, I'm thinking is unnecesary RIGHT NOW. The only way is good if you open Mew+Anjelly and your opponent didnt drop Maxx C. I'll probably cut it.  Trap Stun is nuts, probably 3 is overkill but 3 GGG is too real. Side Choices: I think is pretty standard but i don't know what madolche already side. Transmigration Prophecy: its really good vs dragons and artifacts. Divine Wrath: Just good against 50% of my meta Pachy: Vs Dragon/Artifacts Someone is running 2nd Palooza, MadolcheNights or Puddingcess? Deck is tight just to tech it all.
  5. YCS Toronto 2013 Aug 31-Sept 1st?

    So many pros did well this weekend.  Good job Konami, finally a fair banlist.
  6. Judgment of the Light (805)

    sooo we have full spoiler of this?
  7. The AO is back? <3
  9. Nice, this is more relevant than DD and Giant Card. Btw, UMvC3 is done?