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  1. Thank you!  That second one looks especially ballerific.
  2. Could I get a vegetarian one?
  3. itt I give you deep questions to answer itt

    we need to go deeper
  4. What school do you go to?  What are you studying?  Are you teaching or researching or both?  Do you know what kind of research you want to get in to?  Are you going for a Phd or a master's? I'm a first year grad student too, so I'm really excited to see another first year on the site.
  5. Nice job.  Sorry about your shitty r2 opponent.
  6. Ruin a Movie Title!

    The Fuehrer's New Groove
  7. Breaking Bad

    I see a lot of people criticizing the show for being unrealistic at times.  I don't think the show was meant to be completely realistic all the time.  Walt gets super fucking lucky frequently and extremely unlikely things happen.  But like, if some of those things didn't happen, we  may not have experienced some of the irony, humor, or tragedy of the show.   [spoiler] Take the ending for example--I think it is highly unrealistic.  Walt manages to successfully stall the Nazis with a "you didn't keep your word" ploy, the turret kills almost everyone as intended, Walt is somehow hit by shrapnel while on the ground even though Todd and Jesse are on the ground and they aren't hit, etc.  But I don't think this is a bad thing.  Imagine a few ways the ending could have been more realistic:  What if the Nazis had killed Walt right off the bat?  Would that anticlimactic have ending have been as satisfying?  What if Walt had not been hit by the shrapnel?  Would he have, as the ending song so overtly put it, got what he deserved?  What if Jesse were not brought in, or if he or Todd were killed by the turret gun?  Would it have been as just to not see Jesse strangle Todd? What happened in that episode, I think, is more or less what the viewer thought ought to happen, which is why it was a good ending despite the liberties it took with realism.[/spoiler] Being realistic can be important, but I don't think it's always the ultimate object of art.  
  8. Scott Page's YCS Shit Mateo Top 32 Report

    That was a really entertaining read.  Nice job!
  9. I Have Never: DGz Edition

    never have i ever kissed a man
  10. ask me anything

    Why are we here?  Why do we die?
  11. Awesome job.  That was inspiring!
  12. Monarch - Discussion

    What do you guys think of Pot of Duplicity?   http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Pot_of_Duplicity   It seems really good in here.  Monarch decks run cards of all different types (Fiend, Aqua, Machine, Dragon, Winged Beast, Spellcaster, Divine, etc.) so it seems easy to fit in maybe two copies.  Plus I like the idea of using Pot of Duplicity the same turn you Soul Exchange.
  13.   "Can I trade you for your DAD?"
  14. I wonder what the results for the riffle shuffle would look like if he tried to include random error done by hand.   I was surprised to see that hindu shuffling was so effective.  It was a cool read.
  15. rep system minor adjustment

    You could allow people to undo their reps.  This doesn't address the rep train problem as directly as cromat's suggestion, but it may mitigate it, and it offers another way of taking back a rep you assigned hastily or by accident.   I've negged posts before because they seemed shitty at first glance, and later wished I could undo that action.  I know you can pos rep later posts, but being able to remove neg reps would make smaller rep trains and make it clearer which posts are good and bad.