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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Finally got around to seeing In this Corner of the World. What a film. I think it's easily one of the best animated features of the last decade. Sometimes it feels as if you're being pulled into Suzu's world, until reality yanks you back out. The sequence between Suzu and Harumi is heartbreaking, memorable, and unique. Katabuchi just shows his masterful hand in this. Gotta check out his other two films after this.
  2. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    just finished the new yuasa film, ride your wave. I really dug it, the story beats were fairly predictable, but the animation delivered in the usual yuasa fashion. still have the theme song stuck in my head.
  3. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

  4. Pot of Counter Traps

    Yea even the "good" trap decks just can't keep up with Spyral, and that's not even considering the fact that most decks will have 3 evenly and 3 Lightning Storm in their side decks with IGAS.
  5. Pot of Counter Traps

    I feel like if you're going to play a deck like this you should be on Inspector Boarders, or other better protect the castle cards. Also do you just auto scoop to Spyral going 2nd? Because set 5 pass into the Spyral board seems like a really bad plan when you're losing 2 to Sleeper in the ep.
  6. if you click on this topic you must post

    As a kid growing up in Socal during the 00s. This fucking killed me. It's just so crazy. Especially living in the same area as him. Everyone in my city has a Kobe story, when he'd come to the ARC to practice, or that you were going to the same swim school as his kids. For us in Socal, Kobe and the Lakers brought people together. It didn't matter your race, religion, class, or age. Love him or hate him. He'd bring out the most passionate responses in people. He inspired a bunch of short ass asian kids who had no hopes of ever playing in D3 let alone the NBA to ball. On the court at recess and during lunch we'd pretend we were Kobe. We all wanted to be Kobe. Now that I'm older I can only respect his insane work ethic and his brilliant mind. The dude wasn't just a basketball savant, he was an intellectually curious dude. His reach was beyond basketball. He inspired me in how I live my life. Whenever things felt rough, I'd tell myself that Kobe wouldn't let that discourage him. So I chose to work my ass off just like he would. The mamba mentality can be reached by us all. And this is all for a person that's never met him, I can only imagine how his family is. I always felt like there would never be a celebrity death that got to me, but this was just too much. So to the mamba, thanks for everything. Socal mourns for you.
  7. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    It's really fucking great.
  8. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I'm in love with Yuasa's new show. The opening scene where Asakusa falls in love with anime was fucking breathtaking.
  9. Favorite Anime

  10. Favorite Anime

    I think og Bakemonogatari is very similar to Madoka, the story is w.e, but the visuals elevate it to a masterpiece. Every Monogatari after sorta feels like a parody of the Bakemonogatari though. Shaft is really great at that. I think the series that shaft has done best were visually unique both in general, and to other shaft shows. I sorta disagree, I think that visually creative directors can get around any sort of budgetary limits. Kemono friends was basically a no budget show, and managed to look better than 99% of other shows with higher budgets.
  11. Favorite Anime

    The visual ingenuity of Madoka alone makes it a great show. What shaft did with a pretty average story is what makes it great. Every single time they enter the alternate world, you actually feel like you're in a different show. The way the witches worlds are portrayed gives you this feeling of an old timey grimms fairytale esque world that you've entered, which is so fitting for the story that Madoka tells. The framing, the blocking, every shot is important. Madoka also utilizes great visual storytelling, as the ribbons Madoka wears at the beginning and then gives to Homura at the end is a visual representation of the Japanese concept of 縁 (en), or the way that fate binds people which is quite obviously an important theme of the show. Also it not only has a great soundtrack, but utilizes it in an interesting way, such as to foreshadow events. Honestly the fact people obsess over the Mami death as a Shyamalan esque twist or that people that think wow so dark for le magical girls show or that its a "deconstruction" are missing out on what Madoka did well because that's not what makes the series great. All of those things have been done before.
  12. Favorite Anime

    I think it's so wild that flowers of evil got nagahama into anime jail, but glad to see he gets to adapt junji ito's uzumaki this year. Super hyped for that. I think the fact that anime fans are so resistant to anything that dares not be generic cgdct/moe style. shows like flowers/yuasa/tatsuki/land of lustrous/fujiko mine/shaft are what makes anime as a medium so great. the homogenization of anime is worrying, but when someone like tatsuki comes around and proves that you can be unique and popular it gives me hope. I also don't understand the appeal of made in abyss, easily top 5 worst series I've ever had the displeasure of watching. I mean the list makes a lot of sense to me, lots of really popular series that are in genres that attract anime fans. Just sad to see how shallow a lot of fans are in what they choose to watch. My buddy took a class on anime this past semester and it was quite honestly depressing seeing that most people only appreciate the shounen flavor of the week and feel like the most interesting creatives are boring. I didn't do a list of films, but the fact that tales of princess kaguya is considered boring, when it was the last gift takahata gave us is so sad.
  13. A Washed Scrub’s Journey: PPT Las Vegas Bubble

  14. Favorite Anime

    Was going to make a new thread for a best of the 10s, but since @Haruki posted in here I figured I'd drop my list in here. Was just going to go with a straight 1-25 list, but I felt like there was definitely distance between certain places on my list, so decided to group them together in tiers. Masterpieces Flowers of Evil Mushishi Next Passage Ping Pong the Animation Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu The Tatami Galaxy Spectacular Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Girls Last Tour Lupin the Third, the Woman Called Fujiko Mine March Comes in Like a Lion Puella Magi Madoka Magica SSSS.Gridman Steins;Gate Great Asobi Asobase Durarara!! Fate/Zero Humanity has Declined K-on!! Nichijou Sound of the Sky Good A Place Further than the Universe After the Rain Death Parade Hanasaku Iroha Kyousougiga Run with the Wind Your Lie in April Honorable Mentions Bloom into You Daily Lives of High School Boys Devilman Crybaby Flip Flappers Kemono Friends Kemurikusa Kids on the Slope Laid Back Camp Land of the Lustrous Mawaru Penguindrum Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Shiki Tsuki ga Kirei Of what I caught this decade, definitely missed some stuff that was long running and never caught up with like Natsume Yujinchou and Chihayafuru. Also missed a ton from 14-17 so definitely could've overlooked something big.
  15. if you click on this topic you must post

    sapporo is fine, orion best japanese beer tho