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  1. 2017 MLB Thread

    If the Angels can't make the playoffs with two MVP caliber players on their roster, I will be so mad.
  2. Pokemon GO

    Yea, I just do it for the dust mainly. There's so much shit I want to power up and I have so many useless blisseys/laxs now so may as well put them to use.
  3. Pokemon GO

    Berry feeding is decent with remote feeding. Not as good as the old gym control bonus, but I average around 2.5k dust from berry feeding.
  4. 2017 MLB Thread

    Anything is possible.
  5. Pokemon GO

    As soon as I can power up something that dust is gone lol.
  6. Pokemon GO

  7. Pokemon GO

    That feel when Pokemon Worlds is 15 minutes away from your house and you get to net yourself a Kanga and 4 more unown letters. Thanks PTC!
  8. 2017 MLB Thread

    wilder al wild card though.
  9. 2017 MLB Thread

    See ya Weave. You were a gamer and my favorite Angels pitcher. Hope to see you back with the Angels in some way.
  10. Pokemon GO

    Nah, they're not going to just give away the best mon in the game for free. With Mewtwo I'm going to grind as much as possible, hopefully be able to walk away with a perfect one.
  11. Pokemon GO

  12. Pokemon GO

    I pinap first half, golden razz second half for anything not 1902/1898 for Zap, and 2056/2051 for Loogs. Basically if its not perfect or 15/15/14 its just going to be candy fodder for my good ones. Also all great curves.
  13. https://amp.ibtimes.co.uk/original-godzilla-actor-haruo-nakajima-dies-88-1633933
  14. Pokemon GO

    At least you get revives as raid rewards!!!
  15. Pokemon GO