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  1. 2018 MLB Thread

    Stanton is going to murder the East. All those ll ballparks.
  2. 2018 MLB Thread

    ohtani sweepstakes begins
  3. 2018 MLB Thread

    Trader Jerry is a genius etc. Ohtani is an Angel baby! Time to pick up a 2bman.
  4. 2018 MLB Thread

    I think Dipoto sucks and will continue to torch the Mariners farm away till he bails midseason like the diva he is. Seriously awful trade and not quite sure what type of pitch that is to Ohtani? Hey our CF is a converted 2bman that hasn't played an inning of MLB CF and our RFer is...
  5. 2018 MLB Thread

    LOL Trader Jerry going ham as AL West Ohtani race heats up.
  6. Pokemon GO

    I'm hyped for star piece. This was a really decent update. The only thing that can make this christmas even better is for Niantic to scrap ex raids. Or add bottlecaps.
  7. 2018 MLB Thread

    Mariners and Angels both acquire 1mil of the Twins bonus money.
  8. Pokemon GO

    50 new pokes dropping this week, event starts on 21st, weather coming at end of month. New apk is out and being datamined as we speak. All aboard the hype train.
  9. Pokemon GO

  10. Pokemon GO

  11. 2018 MLB Thread

    Putting aside my hometeam bias though, I think the Pads are a real sleeper for Ohtani. Young team, one of the best farms, great city/stadium, and Ohtani has lots of ties there. I'd be happy if he went to either SD or the Angles, but I obv prefer him going to Angles. Diblowto is honestly awful and the chances he blows this is astronomically high. I almost feel bad for the Mariners to even have Jerry.
  12. 2018 MLB Thread

    My boy Mike Trout is going to bring Ohtani to Anaheim!
  13. 2018 MLB Thread

    last seven standing in ohtani sweepstakes
  14. 2018 MLB Thread

    +Angles, Dogs I believe!
  15. 2018 MLB Thread

    Looks like Cubs and Rangers are confirmed in, and Tigers confirmed out. Not too much surprise there.
  16. Pokemon GO

    Hopefully Niantic keeps up with doing what they've been doing. They've actually been really decent at listening to the community. There's still a lot of problems, but they're on the right track. Also, the last event i got 1.75mil stardust. Feels great man.
  17. 2018 MLB Thread

    Baltimore Orioles Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Houston Astros Los Angeles Angels *Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers Miami Marlins Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers *San Diego Padres *San Francisco Giants Asterisks are teams that get a meeting. Apparently Cubs, Dogs, Angles, Rangers could also potentially make the cut.
  18. Pokemon GO

    Basically nothing changed for me. Still going to do legends instead of karps I'll do sableyes, and occasionally hit Lax, Lap, Ttar. I have 6 39 100iv golems and probs 3~4 extra 100iv lvl 30 golems/dudes so idgaf about golem.
  19. Pokemon GO

    The new raid bosses are fairly laughable, but I was tired of the ppl that only raid getting 30 ttars on like 6 accts. So glad Niantic isn't handing dnites away yet. Makes it so that ppl like me that grinded since day 1 still have the advantage over raid only people.
  20. 2017 MLB Thread

    63* days until pitchers and catchers report. ITT we discuss America's pastime.
  21. 2017 MLB Thread

    lastros blowpen gonna blow
  22. 2017 MLB Thread

    Worst possible ws imo. FUCK THE STROS GO DOGS
  23. Pokemon GO

    Yea spawn change events suck in my opinion. Always get flooded with that shit and are bored after the first day.
  24. Pokemon GO

    There was a brief Unown event in Long Beach this weekend and I was able to snag 4 new letters so I was pretty lucky.
  25. The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

    Yeah so this film isn't actually a direct prequel to Tatami, and while it has a large handful of characters with it, these characters appear to be separate entities from the ones in Tatami Galaxy. This might be my favorite film I've seen this year. It's visually stunning, beautiful, and hilarious. This is one of KanaHana's best performances, and her voice gives so much to an already amazing character. This is for sure the most fun I've had in a theater in a long time. If this hits near you watch it. It is 100% worth seeing this on the big screen.