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  1. Accidental double post.
  2. Actually, I dropped it early on. It started getting on my nerves. I saw how it ended though so I guess I didn't miss much. I might be wrong though. I might revisit the manga eventually. If I do, I'll be sure to drop a few words.
  3. New releases: All Out!!: This is really an anime about teaching, education and coaching disguised as a sports anime about Rugby. There are a few deep exchanges between the adults that caught me by surprise because we don't often get to see them in this genre. It shines when the spotlight is on the adults, it falters when the focus is on the (stupid and clumsy) kids. Also, ugly design and poor animation by Madhouse doesn't happen very often but it does here and it's kind of a shame. 6/10 Boruto: Naruto the Movie: I still don't know how I feel about this new generation but I think that it does work here, mainly because it's still very much about the end of Naruto's story. Gotta respect the effort they put into the animation and besides, I really do love Sasuke's new role as basically Konoha's James Bond so I guess it's a hit for me. 7/10 Days: It's incredibly silly and sometimes down-right absurd but it has a heart of gold, just like it's protagonist. Plus, a different and beautiful design that, if not necessarily something I'd enjoy seeing more in other animes, still works really well on this one. It's pure vanilla ice cream for a sport's anime hardcore fan, so it does earns bonus points for that. 7/10 Demi-chan wa Kataitai: This was never a 12 episode series. This is a movie. And as a movie, it would have been short and sweet. As a series, it starts sweet and ends up flavorless. 6/10 Haikyuu!!: From a plot standpoint, it is an incredibly unoriginal and straightforward take on a sports anime. Where it excels is in the execution, making tremendously intense set-pieces and delivering, quite possibly, the most kinetic anime of its kind. 9/10 Hibiki! Euphonium: Many animes are pretty, this is beautiful. Not just beautiful. The design and animation are downright gorgeous. It works both as a teen drama and as a band drama. I won't pretend that it is incredibly original but it is almost always the best version of what it can be. 8/10 Spirited Away: It's such an imposing vision and animation style that one can't be left indifferent. That being said, I just can't connect with most of what Studio Ghibli is usually up to. I deeply respect and admire these films but I don't enjoy watching them and I'd be lying if I said that enjoyment isn't a key aspect of a movie-watching experience. 7/10 The Dragon Dentist: Good original concept and animation doesn't make up for an aimless and inconsistent plot. 6/10 Rewatches: Bleach: A few notes before the review. I rewatched it without fillers so all my opinions assume there's no such thing as the abomination that is almost 50% of the series. Also, since there's such a clear distinction between arcs, both in terms of story and execution, I'll also talk about each one individually. Soul Society: This is what propelled Bleach to the top charts for a number of years, in what was known at the time, together with One Piece and Naruto, as the big three. And rightfully so I must say. The Soul Society arc is nothing short of a masterpiece of Shounen animation. It is, for one, incredibly melancholic, which is something ingrained in the cinematography, with the use of both foggy and saturated color palettes; in the soundtrack, with themes such as "Creeping Shadows", "Burden of Past" and especially "Nothing Can Be Explained"; and also in the actual story, with themes of loss and grief always present. This is still a Shounen anime though and the melancholy works mostly on a subliminal level, always to increase the intensity of the action or make for cool and stylish character moments. Style is a tremendously important factor in Bleach. Making the characters look cool is one of the main drivers of the story, and cool they look for a number of times. This could be a liability in weaker plots but not the case here, where the plot is one of the stronger elements, working as a mystery disguised as an action setup, with various layers neatly sewed together to progressively increase the tension until the big reveal and showdown. The pacing is excellent, creating a sense of urgency that sustains all the action. It is, in short, a flawless execution of the Shounen genre. 10/10 Arrancars: This is basically a repetition of the Soul Society arc, without the mystery and the great execution. It feels like the work of someone who became disenchanted with the whole thing. There's an idea behind the arc, which is to turn things around, making the characters that were once the villains now the heroes, however, there are too many contrivances sustaining the plot for one to ignore. It's also somewhat repetitive. Scratch that. It's completely repetitive, almost to the point of self parody. Repetitiveness leads to predictability and that hurts the effect of those cool moments that worked so well on the first arc. With the exception of 2 or 3, the new characters barely register, so we spend way too much time with boring caricatures, instead of actually fleshed out characters. The design and animation also take a massive hit in terms of quality, as does the soundtrack which is used considerably less organically with the action. Granted, the three main fights (Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Aizen) are really impressive but that isn't nowhere nearly enough to save the arc. 6/10 Fullbring: This is interesting because it feels like they're trying to recuperate some of that sweet magic from the first arc, turning Bleach into something almost like a neo-noir. They're almost able to pull it off, however, they couldn't quite find the right tone. For the story to work, my guess is that they'd have to go much darker and ditch a lot of the more childish characters and aspects of the story. Furthermore, there really isn't a truly cool "Bleach" moment so it also doesn't quite feel like Bleach. It's something strange and I still can't figure out if I like it or not. 6/10
  4. Does it have to be one or the other? I mean, they're both great.
  5. Fed really is a joy to watch. Even at 35, he's able to pull some really top level shots and make it look effortless.
  6. This. I'd been waiting for this for a long time. Though gotta hand it to Nadal. The guy's a beast.
  7. That was dark as hell but it requires an effort on the viewer's part to truly comprehend just how dark it was and that's why the movie is not what it could have been. The exception is that truly amazing second to last scene which is about the only actual visceral moment of the movie, and it is telling that none of the main characters are involved and that it relies on the presence of one of the most well established characters in the franchise.
  8. It feels generic but it's definitely worth seeing.
  9. I don't know about this new trend to dispose of main characters just to keep audiences guessing.,,
  10. Old Logan's a good comic and I liked The Wolverine (apparently I'm one of the few) so this should be right up my alley.
  11. Battery: Fails incredibly to show the beauty and enthusiasm inherent to the sport. Plain and mopey with traces of beauty here and there. 5/10 Boku no Hero Academia: Holds the promise of a great Shounen right from the start. 8/10 Cheer Danshi!!: I was interested in team dynamics~. I got team dynamics. The most basic and flat version of it. 5/10 Nanatsu no Taizai: Mindless action? Check. Random plot? Check. Female objectification? Check. Still enjoyable at times? Check. Michael Bay must be behind this. 6/10 Orange: Intriguing at start. Boring and repetitive during most of the middle. Infuriating and sloppy by the end of it. 5/10 ReLIFE: Lacks ambition but an all around solid exploration of an adult in a kids' world. 7/10 Sakamoto desu ga?: Hilarious paradoy of the Shoujo and Shounen genres. 7/10 Tales of Zestiria the X: UFOtable still carrying shows with its incredibly beautiful animation and innovative design. 7/10 Rewatches: One Outs: Pure entertainment. I could watch this forever. 9/10 Zankyou no Terror: No previous expectations this time around allowed me to enjoy it for what it is. A superiorly made psychological thriller with surprising depth. 9/10
  12. Riveting stuff, even for a non-American such as myself. Absolutely essential viewing.
  13. Incredible cinematography for a TV Show. Like, really impressive. Also, gotta respect the work they put in making the coding legit.
  14. I didn't like it. Waller is good, Harley and Deadshot are decent, the rest is awful. The Joker is a joke. And you can tell how butchered the film must have been. It feels disjointed and that there's a complete lack of vision behind it. Damn... what a mess.
  15. favorite anime

    My childhood... oh the feels