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  2. Zombies Easter Eggs

    I am looking to do the Die Rise and Buried easter eggs for zombies on Xbox (BO2) tonight. My friend and I just need two other people to play with. We are competent, nice, and good at the game, and would appreciate for other similar players to help us out, and get some achievements along the way. If you are interested, you can add either of us on Xbox. Please have a mic.   Gamertags: Narcissist Alex Devlinlernipist   Thanks, Alex
  3. West Coast Friendship

    Pos'd cuz I loved the song
  4. LancerSlushy.dek

    Oh your poor card choice is because the deck is too complex for me. This thread makes sense now
  5. LancerSlushy.dek

    I really think Lancer is trash this format. The fact that BTS is a card and you get destroyed by Veiler makes me not wanna play it. Granted that you do have access to 7's with the Tidal/Poseidra, there's not a specific reason to play lancer. Best case scenario, you get your lancer and a gachi. Your lancer is 2700. Dragons can explode and make a big eye and take it, so you're left with frogs clogging your backrow and not in grave. It does work to slow Dracossack. Spellbooks can have the fate and just get rid of it. Also I don't understand the MSTs. What are you gonna hit? Regular monarchs seems better because they have more control and you don't get super blown out by Veiler
  6. Monarch - Discussion

    This is what I played at Nats. Didn't do anything more than an LCQ, but I beat Prophecy, and it wasn't terrible.   Monsters: 32   x3 Swap Frog x3 Treeborn Frog x2 Dupe Frog x2 Ronintoadin x3 Effect Veiler x3 Battle Fader x2 Maxx "C" x2 Electric Virus x1 Gorz x3 Caius x3 Vanity's Fiend x3 Obelisk x2 Light and Darkness Dragon   Spells: 8   x3 Enemy Controller x3 Soul Exchange x1 Monster Reborn x1 Heavy Storm   Side: 15   x2 Puppet Plant x2 Chaos Hunter x2 Invader of Darkness x1 White-Horned Dragon x3 Fissure x3 Mystical Space Typhoon x2 Infestation Terminus   The fissures were a silly choice, but I knew they would 100% of the time hit Jowgen, and they did work for that. I did top 4 an LCQ and just scooped because I didn't wanna dick a guy over and beat him in time (because I know he would win if we didn't go into time). It worked pretty well, and I had a lot of people rooting for me to win it because I was playing something not meta and doing well.
  7. Nats 2013 Report

    We decide to leave Thursday morning and make great time. The car ride up is uninteresting, as it is a car of four guys. We get to my buddy's apartment and walk around town. It is 7-11, so everybody gets free slurpees. I'm feeling thirsty, so I get a huge one, of course. We hit a cool grocery store, and I buy Monsters and pretzels, basically my whole diet. We walk around town a little longer, and I take a cool picture, because I wanted to capture so much of the cool grafitti and street art around Chicago. http://imgur.com/N7v5kNL   We meet up with the rest of our friends. We hit Chipotle for dinner, and it is my first time. Besides Clayton and my song being on, and him not being there, I was unimpressed.   Friday happens, and I run over to 7-11 to buy cigarettes (for $12 a pack and cry, cigarette taxes are too strong) and we ride the L down to Navy Pier. We immediately walk in and see our least favorite person who used to frequent our locals. After being confused about why we were standing in line, I am blown away with how smart it is to have a wristband and another tag on a backpack with matching numbers to cut down on theft.   I get inside and try to find random things to finish my deck. I decide I am going to play in one LCQ, and then probably do nothing else all weekend, unless I win. I stand in line with my buddy Slade, and we were not wanting to go into the same bracket. Lucky for us, the guy up front tells us that one of us can enter, and the other has to wait to join a new bracket. Which was perfect timing. So I get in my bracket, and sit at my table. I make causal conversation with this cool guy that sits next to me. Then, when R1 starts, it turns out I am playing him.   R1: Frogs (me) vs Plasma Control (Dennis)   I did a lot of testing against this deck randomly, thinking I would not see it.    G1: He starts and uses a duality, and I see a Dandylion. I go: Plants? He says: Well, something like that, a little different. I ask: Can I guess? And I guess correctly, when I say that he is playing Plasma Control. I told him I tested against it, but I didn't say that I had won a lot during testing. I win G1.   He asks if he can open his packs, to which I say sure, because I don't mind, and I would like to see what he pulls. Of course, he pulls a Card Car, and I pull trash. But it's cool because he is a really cool guy.   G2: I do not open fast enough, and he opens pretty well, so he blows me out without much of a challenge.   G3: It is a little more of a struggle, and his list is far better than the one I tested against. All I remember is that I did one of the things I wanted to do this weekend. He used a couple of his outs to Vanity's Fiend, and I had an Obelisk in hand. So while using the mat given to me by Clayton, I summon the Obelisk that Clayton had signed, and then swung for game.   I was hyped I bought the Obelisk signed by my best friend, and then won a game with it while playing on his mat, so I texted him and Clayton gave me the "rofl ^__^". Props to Dennis for being such a cool guy. I took a picture with him, but I have to get my film developed and then scan it to post it. But he was the highlight of my Friday by far.   R2: Frogs (me) vs Prophecy (sharking dick guy)   G1: As soon as we start shuffling, he asks me if I have a 15 card side deck, which of course I do. He asks to verify. So I show him. I've never seen anybody do this, and I'm sure it's perfectly legal to do, but the fact that he asked that makes me think that he is going to shark me the whole time.    He shuffles my deck, and immediately drops a dupe frog from my deck. He apologizes for it, and puts it back. He sat next to me last game, and I knew that he knew what I was playing, so I decided to not make a big deal about it, but regardless, that's trash that he's going to drop a card and then get knowledge of what deck I'm playing. He later goes on this game to draw two cards instead of one, and then drop a card off the top of his deck onto the ground. I just let him fix these, because I didn't wanna call a judge and be that guy. Regardless, I don't see why you're going to attempt to shark me and then be a scrub the whole time. Regardlesss, I win G1.    G2: He uses Upstart, and then does some more plays, and then uses Heliosphere. I had never seen that card (because I played against decent spellbook decks in testing) so I read it. Then I point out that he already used Upstart, of course, AFTER he picks up his top two cards before I'm done reading his card. It's pretty dumb that he's gonna misplay like that, but I let him just put the cards in his deck, shuffle, and then send that card to grave. The highlight of the duel was that he gets out a Priestess, and has not much left. I use my secret tech card, Fissure, and he uses book of moon to save his Priestess. I look at my options, and make a Dark Mist. He allows, and I swing into the priestess. He's confused, and is like: You know you're gonna take damage right? Which I did. I flip up the Priestess, and then use another fissure to get over it. I end up losing this game though.   G3: He played extremely slow G1 and G2, so we go into time. The judge comes over and explains how the procedure goes (which is cool, because I do not know how it goes). He says we get four turns, and then whoever has lower life after four turns loses, and at the end of every turn after turn four, life is calculated to decide who wins. He immediately disagrees with it, and the judge checks on his phone and reads him off word for word exactly what he said. I get to start though.   I believe my only play T1 was to summon Swap, but he uses a Veiler. So I bounce it back to my hand and pass.   He summons Prophecy, for which I have the Veiler. He then uses Secrets and searches for a Tower. He plays the Tower, and sets one backrow, swings for 500, and then ends.   I draw, and use Heavy Storm. He attempts to use Gagagashield, and says it stays active on Prophecy. I call a judge, and he rules in favor of me, that it gets equip, and then heavy destroys it. He appeals, and a head judge comes over, who is like ancient, and kinda acts like we're kids, but still is polite and friendly, and rules in favor of me again. After looking at my hand, I realize it wasn't extremely relevant, but I still wanted it to be ruled. I then summon Swap, and dump a treeborn. Then I use Puppet Plant, and take his guy. I make a Shining Elf, and swing for 1600. I set an E-Con, and pass.   He stares at his hand for a little bit, and then says that I have it. I see that he has a reborn in his hand, but it doesn't do much for him. I also had Battle Fader in hand, so in the event he did go off and do some plays, he could not have won. I feel bad for winning in time, but he was kinda a dick, and then played really slow, so I could justify it.   After this game taking extremely long, we move over into top 4.   R3: Frogs (me) vs Prophecy (cool huge black guy)   The guy who had been sitting next to me for two rounds is now my opponent. He's this huge black guy, and it turns out he is actually a super cool guy.   G1: I believe I won G1. I forget the details. The best part being that I had a question on something resolving, so I wanted to call a judge. I was about to shout, and I'm like: Actually, can you do it? And he just booms: JUDGE!!! and I shit you not, it fucking echoed. I laugh, because I would have just whimpered "..judge.." and been ignored, but this guy does it and a judge rushes over like somebody is dying.   G2: I get out first turn Invader of Darkness, and he reads the card and is like: Wow that card is super good against me! And says something about considering scooping. Then I swing into a Mirror Force and I'm like: Eh, seems good. Later, he swings with Kycoo, and then ends, and I draw. He says that he forgot to remove things with it, but I let him do it anyways. Not that I wanna hold that above his head, but I was trying to be a cool guy, and it wasn't extremely crucial to the game. Regardless, we continue to play, and I lose.   G3: We start G3, and I look at my hand. I do some goofy plays, and then I check, and see it has been about 40 minutes. I realize that if we go into time, I could probably win, but if we do not go into time, he can for sure win it. I just go: Hold up, Ima scoop. Cuz this guy was really cool, I didn't really need an invite, and I would hate to dick a guy over in time who was really cool. So I scoop it up and give him the handshake and leave.   Props: Dennis being super cool Dennis pulling the Card Car Having tested against a random deck Using Clayton's mat, and then swinging for game with the Obelisk signed by him Beating Prophecy (specifically that dude who was a dick) Everybody telling me that they wanted me to win because I was playing Frogs Getting people watching me because I was playing something not meta and doing well   Slops: Not winning my LCQ Getting sharked by some scrub Taking forever and I wanted to smoke Looking over and seeing Evilswarm playing Mermails, and wishing I could have been matched against one of them instead   So my LCQ was fun. That night we go to some overpriced Italian place that isn't really that good. I'm on adderall, so I get breadsticks (aka bread thicks) which were like mostly short and stubby but loaded with cheese. I eat one and I wait for everybody else to finish. We go back and I crash immediately.   Saturday, we decide to hit the venue later. Devonte gets left on the train, and we have to go find him. Turns out he had to get off in Boystown, the gay part of Chicago. We go to some hipster pizza place down near the stadium, and get Chicken and Waffles pizza, which was pretty good. Then we make jokes about standing outside the stadium selling Deez Nuts, which would be pistachios and stuff. Some chick checks me out going to the venue, and apparently moved around somebody to continue staring at me. Props to Josh for pointing that out, I wish I noticed her.    Slade left, so my Saturday after that was pretty boring. Some guy came up and complimented me and was being really friendly, and then rapped to me. I thought I was making a friend, but he just wanted money, so I was like: Lol gtfo guy. Then walking down the pier, I spot some hipster cuties. They stare at me once, and I lose them. Then later while walking with Dong, we see them going in the other direction, both staring at me again. Crowds are the downfall to chasing cuties across the pier.   Shaun goes 3-3 drop, and I meet up with all of the Asian people staying with us. Jeff tries to sell his book to some scumbag, and the value being at 2k, he offers 1.3, and then lowers to 1k. Jeff wanted at least 1.5, so after wasting 30 minutes, we just leave. I have a shitty ride home and then I pass out so quick.   Sunday, we go and hit Pete's Pizza. It was alright, but Josh gets a Nutella Shake, which I have half of, and it was FUCKING FANTASTIC. Then we get back and wait 3 hours for Zach Burns to get home from the venue to leave. Stopped at Subway where the chick was a bitch, then I pass out. I wake up in front of my house, I grab my backpack, my suitcase, another bag, and a pillow. Of course, some cop pulls up behind Shaun's car to harass me. At 12:30 at night, in front of my own house. But whatever.   So nats was alright, I hyped it a lot. Final shout outs to Slade for letting me stay at his place, recommending Fissures for the side deck, telling me where to go so I don't get lost, and being an overall awesome guy.   My top 4 LCQ Monarch deck list:   Monsters: 32   3x Swap Frog 3x Treeborn Frog 2x Dupe Frog 2x Ronintoadin 3x Effect Veiler 3x Battle Fader 2x Maxx "C" 2x Electric Virus 1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 3x Caius the Shadow Monarch 3x Vanity's Fiend 3x Obelisk The Tormentor 2x Light and Darkness Dragon   Spells: 8   3x Enemy Controller 3x Soul Exchange 1x Monster Reborn 1x Heavy Storm   Side: 15   2x Puppet Plant 2x Invader of Darkness 2x Chaos Hunter 1x White-Horned Dragon 3x Fissure (put in work vs Jowgen) 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Infestation Terminus   Extra: 15   2x Slacker Magician 3x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu 1x Number 96: Dark Mist (I wanted to use 2) 1x Shining Elf 1x Inzektor Exa-Beetle 1x Gauntlet Launcher 1x Photon Strike Bounzer 1x Number 25: Force Focus 1x Formula Synchron 1x Black Rose Dragon 1x Crimson Blader 1x Scrap Dragon   Not having Phoenix was inconvenient :/
  8. Nats 2013

    Thunder Kings are there because they are good T1 against Prophecy. I think they're nice to tech. Granted they don't have a ton of synergy, and are not good later on, but they do work well for me through testing. Oh my bad, that should be Reborn, I accidentally put Dark Hole. Fixed   I did play Vanity's Fiend, and I thought it was ok, but I just hate that I can get it out against Dragons, and then BTS can blow me out. Granted that was before I used Lances, so I might have to test that out again. They are in the side for sure though.   I don't think that Spell Canceller is good at all. It's there to beat Prophecy, but they just crash with Kycoo and then can blow me out. IMO it's not quite worth it. Also I'm not extremely worried about DW or Mermails, but I'd prefer playing VF over them.
  9. Nats 2013

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1Dfw_puM8A   Monsters: 30     x3 Swap Frog x3 Treeborn Frog x2 Ronintoadin x1 Dupe Frog x2 Thunder King Rai-Oh x3 Effect Veiler x3 Battle Fader x2 Maxx "C" x2 Electric Virus x3 Caius The Shadow Monarch x3 Obelisk The Tormentor x2 Light and Darkness Dragon     Spells: 10     x3 Enemy Controller x3 Soul Exchange x2 Forbidden Lance x1 Heavy Storm x1 Monster Reborn     Extra: 15   x2 Slacker Magician x3 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu x1 Diagusto Phoenix x1 Shining Elf x2 Number 96: Dark Mist x1 Gauntlet Launcher x1 Photon Strike Bounzer x1 Number 25: Force Focus x1 Formula Synchron x1 Crimson Blader x1 Scrap Dragon   The extra deck is limited by budget. If you have any fixes, I'd appreciate it, and I will explain my card choices if asked
  10. Monarch - Discussion

    After more and more testing this week, I'm losing so much faith in this deck for Nats. It seems like no matter what I try, this deck just doesn't get there. I'm trying a variety of things, but its just outclassed by everything it seems
  11. Monarch - Discussion

    Theres not much variation that can go on with this deck necessarily, it all has the same parts, but as I look at various lists, I think that there really needs to be a more standardized idea of what is most efficient against the top tier decks, and that those should be turned into (almost) staples, like having three swap frog. Just something that is undisputed as being necessary and efficient when running this deck.   Just saying
  12. Monarch - Discussion

    There is another trap card which name I don't remember that slows down your opponent if you have a tribute summoned monster on the field. I think it's that they cannot xyz or synchro. Regardless I think the new support is gonna just slow down our opponents more so we can maybe be more competitive    Edit: Grisaille Gaol   Normal Trap Card   If you control a Tribute, Ritual, and/or Fusion Summoned monster; Neither player can Synchro or Xyz Summon, also the effects of all Xyz Monsters and Synchro Monsters currently on the field are negated, and they cannot attack (these effects are applied until the end of your opponent's next turn).
  13. Monarch - Discussion

    You're playing 2 Gorz in the main, and also you play 2 EEV but your only targets are LaDD and Gorz.   Also it seems you have a lot of backrow removal for a format where 2/3 of the top tier decks don't play a lot of backrow. Although I don't main any MSTs but side 3, I can understand playing 1 and siding two. The additional dust tornado and Mobius seems odd. I can understand if you really wanted the Dust Tornado, but Mobius was relevant when Gozen Match was being played more, but there aren't a ton of situations where I can see you benefitting from specifically having a Mobius.
  14. Monarch - Discussion

    The fact you have one TTops in the side and none in the main is a little worrying
  15. Monarch - Discussion

    Has anybody tried siding Soul Release for the prophecy match up? I just thought of it, and if you can remove their spellbooks than it seems like they have less to go off with. Not an extraordinary idea, but it seems alright