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  1. Paleozoic make this card a nice 1 or 2 of in their extra deck as well.
  2. So i just found out the wife and I have baby #3 on its way and i have had barely any time for this forum or YGO in general. It was always a should I go disc golfing to go to locals, well now that baby #3 is on its way i will have even less time which i dont mind at all cause i love my kids more than anything, but with us just moving to a house thats literally right next to a disc golf course i know where my free time will prolly be spent at. But thank you DGZ for all the insight on cards, all the help on decks. You guys have made me a better player and a better person, i will truly miss this place. Who knows when the kids are older maybe they will want to get into dragon duels and ill be back. Till then i bid thee farewell -FanFingTastic-
  3. well played well played
  4. so literalyl just getting back in to the competive scene and someone sold me a monarch deck at our local shop for 20$ did i make a bad choice just now no clue about the ban list till now i just got home and was gonna read some monarch deck discussion
  5. sunday works for me, ill send the money over tonight, i cant do friday i have a 400$ league thats drafting at Bdubs that night
  6. I have a draft on saturday night and getting some ink done during the day that saturday, thats the only day thats a no go for me
  7. sounds like you need to pee pee in their butthole
  8. yea thats not a problem i clicked on the wrong thing and meant to click on yes, ppr thing is fine to honestly
  9. I definietly would like to join in on this
  10. I dont play anymore but i have times where i am playing overwatch with a few buddies we played this game together with and we talk about traveling, and all the SJC and YCS we played in, the crazy decks we top 8 regionals with, and the unforgetful 2008 national trip. Seriously had some great amazing times playing this game, being married with two kids dampers the traveling aspect outside of a regional here and there and if i get an invite a possible trip to nationals, but some days i wish i was still die hard traveling and play testing majority of my nights away at our local card shop :/ man do i miss it
  11. I wish you would just lose the weight so i can quit hearing how fat you are its seriously annoying as fuck
  12. yea the pony shit isnt for me, give me a merimaid like ariel or some shit im on that
  13. id fuck a mermaid, id fuck a mermaid so hard
  14. I was on that thought as well but where would the 32nd team go? I was thinking another one in Canada or possible Texas
  15. So Las Vegas is getting an Expansion team, very interesting