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  1. Moving to New Zealand before the event. Bodan, can you spare a smoke?
  2. ARGCS Chicago, IL November 29-30, 2014

    Why didn't you do this from the beginning?
  3. Dueling Network

  4. NAWCQ 2014

  5. 3rd place YCS Sydney

    didnt even read report/10   go jono   all that matters
  6. DGz Warring in a whole

    that's hardly true, most of the people that made up those teams either made new teams or joined a new one so everyone is still here for the most part   Maybe you're just underrating how much leadership affects a teams success?
  7.   nah, people dont actually care what allen has to say about yugioh anymore.
  8. Prob rage quit

      5get   sold my real life stuff to dalton, all i have now is online :)
  9. ARG Open Series - Fort Worth, TX. Sept 21-22

      "God damnit" - Brady Brink 2013
  10. Dueling Network

      nigga made that plus utopia and got out 2 ZW things that said utopia cant be killed and the other said ZW stuff cant be killed and the xyz makes utopia like 8k i was so mad
  11. Dueling Network

    ive lost the last 10 rps :(   just played a game where i opened broke in spellbooks and other guy goes   discard tempest and corsesca search horus lvl 6 discard horus lvl 6 and blaster to pop facedown mirror force discard redox and dandy to special horus   :/ dn draws are unreal lol, lost to a utopia deck that made like 3 ZW things and utopia using all 6 cards in his hand
  12. Prob rage quit

    [quote name="Dont Forget" post="3567759" timestamp="1378529060"]Yes!!! One less ginger at locals I am so excited.[/quote] Still going tomorrow, free boxes
  13. Prob rage quit

    I prob will be back wigley I was gonna go but some stuff has occurred and I can't go. It's me being upset that I do as much as I can to keep everyone happy at events or on trips, but no one will do it for me