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  1. Plants - Discussion

    Is anyone using cards like gold sarc or pot of duality? I love the build as it is, but at times I feel like I want to search certain cards out or just correct my hand.
  2. Agent - Discussion

    The question had to come - guess it had to be a probie like me ; ) - Why not gorz? I agree with most in this entire Deck Discussion, I love the deck and what it can do, but yeah, why not gorz? Pros and cons : )
  3. Blackwing.pic

    They might have gotten the third Icarus back but at the same time they lost Royal Opression. To me it seems like they lost more than they got this format. I just hope that the xyz will help the deck. : )
  4. Have you received the belt?

    Thought this was a How I Met Your Mother reference, "The Belt", being a three way xD