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  1. Super Smash Bros Melee

    melee finals for evo are going to be on saturday bleh
  2. Darklord - Discussion

    I haven't been following the game too closely as of late. Why are Darklords good against D/D/D?
  3. YCS Bochum 2016

    does anyone know what the "other" decks of the top 32 were?
  4. Paleozoic - Discussion

    I remember opening a two card combo back when opening hands were 6 to be around 30% so I just assumed it would be higher with more combinations with swap. I didn't realize how much lower the probability was with five cards.
  5. Paleozoic - Discussion

    How is the probability very low? All you need is a Swap and one of 7-10 other water monsters in the deck. I imagine the probability is at least 40% of opening Toad. I've been testing a single Threatening Roar alongside three Waboku and I'm loving it. Battle stopping effects are so absurdly good in this deck. What are your guys' side decks looking like? I'm leaning towards hand traps like Crow and Ogre because of how bad this deck is going second.
  6. Psychic Shockwave

    Jinzo Jector falls to a lot of cards in the Paleo deck, though. It's a normal summon just like Denko and it loses to Canadia, Dinomischus, and Strike. Shockwave being SS2 is what gives it a lot of power.
  7. Psychic Shockwave

    Jinzo is really good against Paleozoics but it's really awkward to summon. ABC can't utilize it very well because it requires a tribute and a normal summon. ABC can barely make Denko work simply by virtue of it being a normal summon, much less Jinzo. Metalfoes have to have scales up to summon Jinzo effectively and Paleo have 6 on theme cards to get rid of scales, the solemn suite, and ASF post board to fuck up pendulum summoning. This card just hoses all of them minus Warning.
  8. What's a good way to order foreigns cards online? I want to buy some foreign Ixchels because they're way cheaper.
  9. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection

    I have very conflicted feelings about this
  10. Paleozoic - Discussion

    You can also side Royal Prison, Cosmic Cyclone (being able to chain it is super good), D.D. Crow (card is esp good because you can chain to an opponent's trap card and remove Ronintoadin) Flying "C", and Gendo. What I'm having more trouble with is side decking for the mirror. I've found that the mirror boils down to either making Toad before your opponent, or filling your graveyard up with Paleos before your opponent. I've even considered trying Psychic Shockwave to speed up the trap dumping and to shut my opponent out. The problem is that Jinzo alone is a very slow clock if your opponent has Frogs. A cute card I've been toying around with in the Graydle Slime Jr. variant is Bubble Bringer. It has a pretty decent stalling effect against decks like Metalfoes and it's a trap that can be activated at any time. The second effect opens up some nutty comeback plays, allowing you to ideally bring out 3 aquas without using your normal summon; it's also pretty easily fueled by Swap Frog/Toadally Awesome.
  11. Thread Quality Control Center

    I think a Paleozoic/Frog discussion is in order. It's topped a lot of ARG and Regional events and it does pretty ok against the two most popular decks of the format.
  12. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    why aren't people maining/siding mind control? it lets you out monsters super efficiently with any metalfoe and it provides fodder for fusions, xyz, or synchros
  13. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Has anyone revisited Box of Friends post-INOV? Popping Box turn 1 allows you to make Mithrillium, Alkahest, Orichalc, Adamante, Dinoster, any rank 4, and any level 8/10 synchro if you play Labradorite+Dracos. Mithrillium is a level 6 that allows you to make Ultimaya with Labradorite and it leaves a Metalfoe on the field for Fullmetalfoes Fusion -> Alkahest. The Draco dudes can also be pretty useful in the mirror, especially Vector.
  14. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    what would you say gendo brings to the table over Kaiju?
  15. Majespecter Discussion

    I actually came to the conclusion myself that Moon Mirror Shield might be really good in the mirror. It essentially forces your opponent to pendulum summon to get rid of it (Chidori/Castel on the MMS) or get rid of it and kill you in one turn, both options being very risky in the mirror thanks to Tempest.