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  1. Goodbye.

    Thanks fellas, if theres somehow anything I can ever help you with find me on fb.
  2. Goodbye.

    Idk if anybody is around still that would remember me but I havent been around in a while and figured its time to say my goodbyes. I had some good times with a lot of you, most of whom left way before now, but thanks for everything dgz. Peace
  3. Dragon Age 2

    Origins was wayyy better imo. I'm about to do the final mission in Act 3
  4. NCAA Football '10/'11

    You do realize being the SEC East Champs makes you about the 5th best team in your conference right?
  5. NCAA Football '10/'11

    As of right now, Auburn deserves the #1 ranking. They'll probably win out until they play Bama, but they're a severely flawed team but thats being masked by Cam Newton. Without him they're a 6-6 type team, its just going to take a team like Bama to (possibly) take advantage of their misgivings.
  6. hey i still recognize one name on that list!
  7. NFL Season 2009 - 2010

    wrong years bro
  8. Jersey Shore Season 2

    you kidding? its going to cause at least half of the shit storms that happen this season
  9. Starcraft 2

    Considering picking it up, though I never played the original, but I was insane at the AoE and AoM games... I havent played an rts in forever and all the hypes making me want to
  10. Bleach Manga

    Still hoping and praying the manga is redeemed by having Urahara as the villain!
  11. Jersey Shore Season 2

    Ron + Sam will be the best part of this season
  12. Classes for next school year

    I really regret taking all the APs I took in high school even though I passed the tests and got credit for them. Reason being for this, it took away multiple easy A's for the gpa in college. It put me a semester ahead in college though, but idk it just seems a waste to me looking back on it.
  13. Best Basketball Player Ever?

    Magic is #2
  14. Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

    I really enjoyed the first game, even taking its flaws into consideration. The only thing that really got me was how short the game was
  15. Naruto Manga

    The best advice for anyone looking to get into bleach would be to read/watch up through the end of the soul society arc then pretend thats where it ended