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  1. Spiralling

    Good Deck. Have you tested Captain Gold's, if so how did they work? Also, I really wanna play this at SJC Char. Mind hooking me up with a side? - Crimson.
  2. NFL Predictions.

  3. Starless [vs] o3

    i bet you live in a house made out of poop
  4. Starless [vs] o3

    he has to wash his lucky sombrero before he duels you again dick treedwell he got salsa on it
  5. Brand New...Song

    you listen to bright eyes please end your life
  6. Brand New...Song

    song fucking blows just like devil and god
  7. Starless [vs] o3

    If you draw better every match, you should win, seems to be the case here =\
  8. Gears of War 2

    ill obv be the best on the site as i was at gow 1
  9. Non-Zero Possibility

    seans is a billion times better
  10. Top 8 Charlotte Regional - Diamond Dude Turbo

    gjob you terrible driver, i gotz whiplash
  11. 3 Best CURRENT online teams atm?

  12. [»] Shattered ™

    yo, after this weekend im gonna be active, promise