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  1. How do I turn it back on? I'd like to see it too
  2. not active/didn't pay $100
  3. How are you a mod??? (JK) (Not really)
  4. from reddit
  5. word
  6. with friendship of course
  7. 4 thraben 4 selfless spirit 4 reflector mage 4 queller 4 avacyn 4 gideon 4 copter 3 stasis snare 2 declaration 2 negate 4 port town 4 prairie stream 10 plains 6 islands 1 westvale abbey 2 gisela 1 bruna 1 linvala 1 jace, unraveler 1 declaration 2 blessed alliance 1 q field 2 fumigate 1 negate 2 void shatter 1 summary dismissal that's the list I have sleeved up atm. haven't been a fan of rattlechains at all and negate in the main has been very good. I thought about going 4/1 snare/dec like you have but I've liked having the 2 dec... it's a big way you can beat ishkanah. main decks are all pretty close though and the small difference isn't going to change a lot I've really liked the bruna/gisela package as extra threats vs control and being really good in the mirror, the biggest thing you'll notice I'm missing is the 2 rejection/2 fragmentize but most match ups I either don't want them (as they're awkward and only good vs the right draws) or it's marvel that I feel I have covered very well. Void shatter is another big way you're able to beat ishkanah Haven't been a fan of skywhallers shot and would likely play the extra dec in sb if I wasn't maining 2 jace/q field are the main cards I'm not dead set on but jace has been solid in the mirror, I find it board stalls a lot and having an extra planeswalker has been very good. Q field is just a mise 1 of basically
  8. I did it once too
  9. sounds like you're not all that intellectual then
  10. the rapture is cuming
  11. Ummmmmmmm this is true in life, not just DGz
  12. none, memes are stupid
  13. I like never neg, or pos for that matter as I basically only read threads about manga I read zzz