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  1. COSSY problem :S

    I honestly don't know anything about your problem, but I would just say try a different browser or maybe it's their server that is having problems.
  2. What was the last film you watched?

    I saw Piranha last night. It was atrocious. Sucks so bad...
  3. Devil

    I will be seeing this. It looks too good.
  4. Well I can tell you that Notepad++ is a better text editor than the stock Notepad.
  5. uTorrent if you download torrents. PowerISO if you burn images. iTunes for music if you have an iPod/phone/pad.

    The summon set 4 thing is pretty annoying. Especially when people set cards they can't use...
  7. 2010 FIBA World Championship

    Kevin Durant has been a beast.
  8. YVD Problem

    You have to change your screen resolution. YVD needs at least 1024x768
  9. Cool, thanks for the responses.
  10. Yeah the school I'm looking at(University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee) offers Computer Engineering. I wasn't really leaning towards Computer Science anyways as it seems to be doing the most.
  11. Okay, so I've been interested in Computers for as long as I can remember. This is my senior year in High School so obviously I have to choose a college/major. My main problem is I can't decide on exactly which major I should choose. My options I'm looking at are Computer Science, Computer Programming, and General Computers(I think this is what it was). Anyways, I think Computer Programming would probably be better because it's geared more towards software and not hardware. Any suggestions/advice? Also, should I start reading up/learning any code now so that I can be prepped at least? I take a Computer Programming class now and it's focusing on Java, but I also see that C# or C++ is popular? Any constructive comments are greatly appreciated.
  12. Face2Face

    +Me? Aim:Ozonelayer12345
  13. Free Agent Thread

    So I guess my team disbanded. I'm free. Recently getting back active on Dgz. Aim me.
  14. Supernova [vs] Inglorious Bastards

    I'll be on tomorrow for games.