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  1. it was the correct call. simultaneous possession is awarded to the wr packers fans are just a little salty right now #seahawks
  2. yes! seahawks! get owned packers #swag
  3. The Aints are back. I could of swore there used to be about 10 Saints fans who regulary posted here.
  4. smackdown was funny as shit
  5. cowboys are back!! oh wai
  6. HAHA Saints/Patriots.
  7. matches going on, no commentary
  8. DAL @ [b]NYG[/b] (Super bowl champs; dallas blows.) IND @ [b]CHI [/b](indy too young; bears too much) [b]PHI[/b] @ CLE (yeah...the browns) STL @ [b]DET [/b](calvin puts up 170+) MIA @ [b]HOU [/b](miami is worst team in nfl) [b]ATL [/b]@ KC (game of the week; atlanta wins in a close one) JAC @ [b]MIN [/b](crappiest game of the week; who cares) WAS @ [b]NO [/b](RG3 puts up big numbers; but saints are too much) [b]BUF[/b] @ NYJ (final score: 3-0 Bills) [b]NE [/b]@ TEN (NE offense too much) [b]SEA [/b]@ ARI (Seattle very improved, cardinals qb situation is cringe worthy) SF @[b] GB[/b] (close game; GB wins by 7) [b]CAR [/b]@ TB (Cam puts up rediculous numbers; TB defense is atrocious and a rookie coach) PIT @ [b]DEN [/b](Coin flip; could go either way) CIN @ [b]BAL [/b](rice dominates) [b]SD [/b]@ OAK (mcfadden runs wild, but rest of raiders suck)
  9. best match was definitely jericho/ziggler
  10. disappointed in the del rio/sheamus match
  11. too much extra time
  12. wtf is this gtfo
  14. another good match
  15. such a good match. Y2J Y2J Y2J