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  1. The Official 2012-2013 NFL Thread

    it was the correct call. simultaneous possession is awarded to the wr packers fans are just a little salty right now #seahawks
  2. The Official 2012-2013 NFL Thread

    yes! seahawks! get owned packers #swag
  3. The Official 2012-2013 NFL Thread

    The Aints are back. I could of swore there used to be about 10 Saints fans who regulary posted here.
  4. The Official Wrestling Thread

    smackdown was funny as shit
  5. The Official 2012-2013 NFL Thread

    cowboys are back!! oh wai
  6. The Official 2012-2013 NFL Thread

    HAHA Saints/Patriots.
  7. The Official Wrestling Thread

    matches going on, no commentary
  8. The Official 2012-2013 NFL Thread

    DAL @ [b]NYG[/b] (Super bowl champs; dallas blows.) IND @ [b]CHI [/b](indy too young; bears too much) [b]PHI[/b] @ CLE (yeah...the browns) STL @ [b]DET [/b](calvin puts up 170+) MIA @ [b]HOU [/b](miami is worst team in nfl) [b]ATL [/b]@ KC (game of the week; atlanta wins in a close one) JAC @ [b]MIN [/b](crappiest game of the week; who cares) WAS @ [b]NO [/b](RG3 puts up big numbers; but saints are too much) [b]BUF[/b] @ NYJ (final score: 3-0 Bills) [b]NE [/b]@ TEN (NE offense too much) [b]SEA [/b]@ ARI (Seattle very improved, cardinals qb situation is cringe worthy) SF @[b] GB[/b] (close game; GB wins by 7) [b]CAR [/b]@ TB (Cam puts up rediculous numbers; TB defense is atrocious and a rookie coach) PIT @ [b]DEN [/b](Coin flip; could go either way) CIN @ [b]BAL [/b](rice dominates) [b]SD [/b]@ OAK (mcfadden runs wild, but rest of raiders suck)
  9. The Official Wrestling Thread

    best match was definitely jericho/ziggler
  10. The Official Wrestling Thread

    disappointed in the del rio/sheamus match
  11. The Official Wrestling Thread

    too much extra time
  12. The Official Wrestling Thread

    wtf is this gtfo
  13. The Official Wrestling Thread

  14. The Official Wrestling Thread

    another good match
  15. The Official Wrestling Thread

    such a good match. Y2J Y2J Y2J