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  1. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  2. Elder Entity Norden

    I'm fine with that as long as I don't have to put up with Cock Master again.   poor OCG
  3. Hit a plateau.

    All right, I'll keep all that in mind. I've been putting off increasing the weight lifting for a while now, but this is as good a reason as any to kick it up a notch.
  4. I've lost a good 50 pounds since January of last year (from 285 down to 235, am 6'2 tall) through mostly restriction of how much I eat; exercise wasn't a huge part of it. I have recently started using the gym, though, mostly because I noticed my weight loss hit a plateau. I have been doing about 25 minutes of cardio as well as some weight lifting twice a week. Bulking up isn't what I want to get from this, at least not yet.   What kind of exercise routine should I aim for? Right now I'm just kind of aimless in what I do, and probably don't go to the gym enough. My end goal is about 190 lbs. No hurry to lose this weight, I'm just doing it to better my health.   For reference, I eat about 1.5k calories a day. No specific diet; I eat a variety of things, although I cut down on carbs etc.   I figure asking DGz is better than googling because you guys know your shit.
  5. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    Yes, because everyone that tops tournaments play 40. Come on Hobaaaaannn gotta give me more than that. I could see if past successors didnt play 42-45, but they have. Not to mention 53 card Merms won a Jump! I mean you cant front on that, if Dao was supposed to lose and go x-2 or x-3 then he would have. You cant call(well you do w/e you want obv) knock the notion when, I cant stress it enough, there has been success with more than 40. Thing you need to focus on now is making sure you actually beat these people that play more than 40. Thats good for your right? Take 'advantage.' Edit: Yes...neg all you want randoms. Like I give a fuck. Thing is, you cant really argue about things like this any longer. We've gone as far as seeing videos and walkthroughs of why 40 is better than 42. Theres also been discussions on why running 42 wont affect your experiences by a large margin. While the literal statement may be true, people are still playing 41-45(and in 1 case, 53) in decks. I mean, iirc a player such as Sorosh Siberian played 42 card Fabled, one big reason that was stated was the fact that It made siding easier. If you can up you deck count without hurting overall consistency to the point of non-playability, and help yourself as a player with siding easier(not everyone is solid with it, including me sometimes), why not up the count.     This is Yu-Gi-Oh; Anything -can- win. It -shouldn't- be made easier at the expense of optimization, because it's easy enough already to make those sorts of decisions if you're actually good at the game, and won't truly get any easier just by making your deck worse. And if anything, not knowing a difference means you should be focused even more on optimization, because if you lose due to that, there won't be any way to reasonably tell why you lost barring the sudden onset of omniscience. You should care more about why you lose than why you won, and having a subobtimal deck prevents that assessment from being as accurate as it should be.   Justifying suboptimal choices (in both plays or deck choices) just because you don't think it'll make a difference, or it makes building a deck "easier" is, in my opinion, the hallmark of a mediocre player, as well as chalking your losses up to luck (and not trying to better yourself or your deck as a result,) which is the only thing having a suboptimal deck truly propagates.   just my 2cents
  6. I did that back in middle school and the school's internet stopped working
  7. Infernity - Discussion

    Oh god this deck is a thing again. I'm going to need to learn to play it all over again. It was always one of my favorites and it's appeared to have changed a lot.   Mirage still worth it in here at all?
  8. Student Tells Women: ‘You Deserve Rape’

    Ah, yeah, that's where I've heard it. It's why I've always found the "dress" component so asinine. If anything, appearing confident and secure would -lower- the chances of being raped.   I mean, I'm grossly oversimplifying it, but I'm just demonstrating how idiotic the "asking for it" argument is to me. If someone rapes you over how you're dressed then that person is possibly (even more of?) a psychotic sociopath and being raped would be the least of your worries* over say, being killed.   *although to some, rape is worse than death, so this is subjective
  9. Student Tells Women: ‘You Deserve Rape’

    I thought rape wasn't even done for the sake of sexual gratification a decent majority of the time, so how women dressed was irrelevant.   I'm not sure if that's accurate though, but last I heard on the subject (because I don't explicitly research things) it's done more to exert control over someone than anything.   so... there's my opinion on that. I'm not completely sure if that's true, though, because I don't exactly remember where I heard that.
  10. Dueling Network

    You are my hero
  11. Structure Deck 25: 青眼龍轟臨

    BEWD is still my favorite card ever   Then this happens ...
  12. Bleach Manga

    "Plot hole? More like foreshadowing."~ Kubo Tite in a nutshell
  13. Dueling Network

      rockin' dem Ojamas   EDIT: Poor guy just can't catch a break today  
  14. Dark World - Discussion

    I've loved One Day in here since last format   It's hard finding room though unless I go balls-deep with the whole turbo concept     Like so: [spoiler] [/spoiler]   I don't play much anymore though, so I'm not claiming this is any good.