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  1. I haven't tried the heroic this week, but heroic pve last week was pretty difficult.     Heroics are the only thing meant to actually be hard.  
  2. those were my first two picks in one of my leagues still won because guy i was playing against did even worse Man, I put up 97, but the guy I was playing got 113. But if I can hit the magic number with Charles and Dez getting less than 10 points combined I'm in for a good season.
  3. Anyone else got burned by Charles and Dez?   If it wasn't for Matt Ryan and Bell keeping it competitive it would've been a blowout 
  4. Also hits the Scarm search in BA if you main it. I thought about it, but haven't gotten around to actually testing it yet. It seems like a good idea. EDIT: you mentioned BA, lol
  5. There was a evilswarm player doing well at our regional as well. The only thing I saw was mained kaisers, I believe he ended up X-2
  6. BTSO was pretty underwhelming for me this weekend. With BA being played as much as it was, karma cut sounds legit in the main even if it isn't great against TK since it can banish Cir/Dante chump blocking and hit the fusions. Level Limit Area - B was absolutely amazing sided vs shaddolls all weekend. My friend and I went with the same list and noticed that all of our rounds went into time as well.
  7. White text is ass
  8. Wow, I thought the entire time BTSO shuffled it into the deck. It's so much better now
  9. Do the BA have to remain in grave to get their effects? Two situations came up: Both Cir and graff sent to grave at once, I made CL 1 graff, CL 2 Cir targeting graff. They said graff wouldn't trigger since it wasn't in grave. Scarm sent to grave, later in the turn summoned by Cir, would Scarm still search in the EP?
  10. Yeah, noticed the warning, comp, and greno after I posted it.    Opening two astral hasn't been awful for you?
  11.   This is what I threw together today based on what I've read in here.      TGU/Math + supply in the opening hand is like, the funnest opening ever, reminds me of Arsenal/Armor + GGG opening.  I guess I should bump Math up to 3 so I open with it more, but I don't like the card much after the first turn since I'd rather be summoning TGU.   Not a fan of Felice either.     The thought of opening 2 Astral Force hurts, so I went with 1 instead.   I figure with dante milling and drawing with supply I'll see it often enough.     I haven't liked bandit at all, it feels way too slow and useless after turn 1.      I still feel like I'm missing something, not sure what.  
  12. Yugioh is a reason to hang out with people I couldn't otherwise. I made friendships over years of locals, regionals, YCS's, but these were at a different point in my life when I could make those events frequently. Now with college, work, and working out of state for the summer, making those regional/YCS trips are really just excuses to spend time with the people I miss.
  13. I haven't played in 6 months and I feel like I'm missing something with tinplate. What makes it good?
  14. It's mainly humidity, living in south Louisiana this shit is real. Thick text books are the best solution I've found.
  15. The OP's blue font is ass on mobile.