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  1. 2012 Wave 2 Tins

    The guy I asked was like a price match on what? I said yugioh cards and he said okay without even knowing what the deal was. I could have tried a couple more walmarts, but I figured 22 tins was enough haha... GL with the next Walmart!
  2. 2012 Wave 2 Tins

    [quote name='Morleh' timestamp='1353678323' post='3331681'] [quote name='xchasex' timestamp='1353664823' post='3331613'] Got Walmart to price match. 16 more hanzo tins for $200. [/quote] Pics please. That's friggin' awesome. XD [/quote] Dunno if I'm gonna open the rest...might just sell the packs. I pulled Bounzer, W-U Rabbit, Gaia Dragon, Zenmaity, and a bunch of jank. [img]http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/5138/hanzot.jpg[/img]
  3. 2012 Wave 2 Tins

    Got Walmart to price match. 16 more hanzo tins for $200.
  4. 2012 Wave 2 Tins

    Went to toys r us and got 6 hanzo tins for ~$90!
  5. YCS Seattle/Tacoma Report

    I believe it's X-Saber Airbellum actually
  6. YCS Seattle/Tacoma Report

    Ah, nice. I live more on the SE side of the state. 3 and a half hour drive for me
  7. YCS Sea-Tac <3

    So I've been pretty pumped since this event was announced since I live in Washington and I've never been to YCS before. Only even went to my first regional last month in Seattle, lots of familiar faces. I decided to run Dark World's as I'm pretty comfortable with them right now and didn't have the time to dedicate to mastering a new deck. I ran a control build similar to Calvin Tahan's. 0 Dragged Down, 2 Raven, 1 Veiler, BLS, DAD, 2 Tragoedia (I had been testing this recently and decided to go with them over Spirit Reaper, but Trag really didn't do much for me at YCS, probably should have left Reapers in). So I'm supposed to stay with my friend who lives 30 minutes from Tacoma, and last minute the night before her mom decides that she doesn't want me to stay because "it's a bad weekend". I get up there Friday night, register, only pull a Forbidden Dress. I leave to go meet my friend and she's like fuck it, I'm just going to tell my mom you're staying. lol. R1 vs Inzektors (Michael Stibbins) G1: He gains advantage by opening Hornet and Inzekting all my shit. G2: He opens Hornet again, I draw my sided Skill Drain. He summons Dragonfly, I chain Skill Drain, he chains Lance to pop my Skill Drain with Hornet, loops up a field and drops DAD for GG. 0-1 R2 vs Wind-Ups G1: He opens with 5 set and TKRO. I wittle everything away and win. G2: Pretty much the same, just pop shit with Grapha and win easily. 1-1 R3 vs Monarchs G1: Nothing too interesting, I win. G2: Same as G1. 2-1 R4 vs Chaos Dragons G1: He opens broke and kills me fast. G2: I open broke and kill him fast. G3: He summons Darkflare and drops BLS. I have Veiler in grave with Snoww on-board and BLS in hand. If he attacks my Snoww I'm golden. He had Reborn in hand to Summon Lightpulsar to OTK me. All 3 games in less than 20 minutes. 2-2 R5 vs Orichalcos/Geartown/Malefics G1: He gets Gadgeltron and not much else out. I pop it with Grapha and win relatively quickly. G2: He opens Orichalcos and Malefic Cyber End and I immediately take 4500. I keep setting shit so I don't take damage and eventually I get Gates up over Orichalcos and pop Cyber End with Grapha. He summons another Cyber End, I compulse it so he has to remove his 3rd Cyber End and pop it with another Grapha next turn and end the game shortly after. 3-2 R6 vs Chaos Dragons G1: I open terrible and after a turn or two I'm forced to Card Destruction 5 cards, none of which are Dark Worlds. I can't recover from the bad start and I lose. G2: He gets a nice field of dragons and DAD. I lose. So I'm 3-3 and figured there is no point in continuing so I drop to trade and watch people play. Overall it was a lot of fun and it was nice meeting people. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to more events in the future and put up a better showing. Props: Being able to attend YCS for under $100 thanks to great gas mileage and free room DGZ'ers (Hymnortal, Gagaga Magician, Pretty Boy Rory, DDSpade, etc.) Meeting random people My friend from locals going 7-1 with Gadgets on day one Trades/Sales Slops: Not knowing more DGZ'er so I could introduce myself<3 No lunch break and lame overpriced concessions Friends losing binders Everyone I know lost on the bubble Chaos Dragons
  8. YCS Seattle/Tacoma Report

    hai. where do you live that's a close enough drive?
  9. 2012 Wave 2 Tins

    [quote name='sandwiches' timestamp='1353286214' post='3328333'] idk if this is applicable everywhere but apparently this is happening on Black Friday. [img]http://i.imgur.com/4mmkW.jpg[/img] edit: it's a toys r us ad, sorry i left that out. [/quote] this. they were buy one get one free last year. i bought 10 solemn warning tins for like $110 after tax and pulled secret tour guide and all that fun stuff. tripled my money i plan on getting every hanzo tin at my local toys r us, hopefully they have a decent amount of them!
  10. [quote name='Snarf498' timestamp='1353309584' post='3328675'] At least the guy doesn't seem like that much of a derp/asshole... [/quote] Yeah, he was pretty chill and nice when I played him
  11. [quote name='Z3r0' timestamp='1353304517' post='3328627'] [quote name='tsgreen' timestamp='1353293487' post='3328481'] Does anyone have the inzektor list yet? I want to see what i'm going to be playing against netdecks of on dn for the next month. [/quote] <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/uhBLhrTP96Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> [/quote] 3:43 How did that Lance work out? Really well, it helped me get over the Skill Drain on Dark world. Sigh. That was my Skill Drain. He has Hornet in grave, summons Dragonfly. I chain Skill drain, he chains Lance so he can pop my Skill Drain with Hornet and loop. GG. I haven't said this yet, but this was my first YCS and it was awesome. It was great seeing familiar faces from Regionals and fellow DGZers and meeting new people. Too bad EVERYONE lost on the bubble!
  12. lol

    [quote name='DRaMa' timestamp='1353290021' post='3328421'] Everyone lost on the bubble [/quote] this.
  13. I was told by a few of his friends that he has been using Inzektors for a really long time
  14. I lost to the Inzektor guy in round one, he opened broke and had all the answers. Gave both myself and DDSpade notable losses. I didn't feel nearly as bad when he continues to win
  15. I went 3-3 and dropped. Similar story to DDSpade. Sacked by the same Inzektor kid and lost to 2 Chaos Dragons. Inzektor guy opened Hornet both games, G2 he summoned Dragonfly, I chain Skill Drain and he Chains Lance so he can pop my Skill Drain with Hornet = GG. G3 vs Chaos Dragons I have a veiler in my grave, he has a Darkflare on the field, Specials BLS. I have a Snoww on the field with BLS in hand and I'm thinking as long as he runs over Snoww, I got this. I will just Summon my BLS and banish his BLS. He had Reborn in hand to Special Lightpular for game. Second Chaos Dragon match I drew kind of poor and he hit me hard fast. ygo. had fun, enjoyed seeing everyone and hanging out with people I know in the area. GL to all who are still in contention. My friend is 7-1 with Gadgets at the moment.