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  1. I think Bleach is the best of the three. What do u think ppl?
  2. Bleach

    Bleach is nothin' close to inuyasha. How do I kno? 'Cause I've read until 180 in Bleach(manga) and it gets REALLY good. By the wya, episode 34/35 were really good!
  3. Bleach

    I've caught up w/everyone and I'm on 25, also there's goin to be a PSP game called Bleach: Heat the Soul, it is a fighting game(i.e. Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc) So far the only characters known are Rukia, Ichigo, Inoue, Chad, and Ishida. There's also going to b a story line but it looks really good! :D
  4. Bleach

    I've read Bleach Vol. 1 and watched episodes 1 & 2. I like it a lot!
  5. Unleash your Syndicate

    Wind hasn't approved you so you shouldn't have made a post yet. Oh well what's done is done...
  6. Unleash your Syndicate

    Yes I think so
  7. Favorite Anime

    In order: 1) Cowboy Bebop/Weiss Kruez 2) Digimon 3) Sonic X/Shaman King 4) InuYasha 5) Dual :D Those are mine!
  8. Unleash your Syndicate

    Er.....sry wind...My clan isn't good at all....so, can I have another 1? It'll be called the Yamiz. http://e.1asphost.com/AniFrEaK/ThyBanner.%20jpg Here is da banner!
  9. Unleash your Syndicate

    Thx (cypher)wind :D I promise I won't fail
  10. Unleash your Syndicate

    Hey wind!(nice banner) Sry mi clan didn't do so well...but now i have a new request! Soul Collectors: The warriors of the wicked
  11. Unleash your Syndicate

    Can I make The Eclipse Warriors Clan?