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  1. Top 16 YCS Dallas Clownblade

       Thanks man! Been a while lol the Juragedos were wonderful. I actually won my top 32 match because of Juragedo game 1 and 3. 3 Halberd isn't necessary. It's nice when the room presents itself but there was nothing I would rather drop to play it. It only came up once all weekend that a 3rd would have been nice and I still won that game. It was just because I was out of free search targets for his effect. Thanks though!     I have 2 more questions, what do you think about 2-3 myrmelos in this deck?, you can search bth/time space/void/nightmare, im asking this because its sounds like a good option if you go 1st, the other question is, what do you think about tragoedia in this deck?, i mean tragoedia gives you some others plays and also gives you more outs vs unicore, clausolas and towers.
  2. Top 16 YCS Dallas Clownblade

    Congrats on your to man, i have some questions like how efficient were the juragedos?, also why not the third halberd?
  3. Qliphort - Discussion

    Guys how you see soul transition in this deck atm?, i mean, i saw some builds that used the card but i really want to read your opinions.
  4. Qliphort - Discussion

      Can you show us your build?
  5. Qliphort - Discussion

  6. Qliphort - Discussion

      I think book of moon is better because can deal with ba and also if nekros starts with gungnir.
  7. Qliphort - Discussion

      We can side night beams and dust tornado like last format, where ba was a headache. Btw, what are your thoughts on these qliphort decks that dont use mind crush in main deck?
  8. Qliphornication

    You should play forbidden chalice, is kinda good right now against the top decks and also can reset your monsters.
  9. YCS Bochum 25th/26th April 2015

  10. Qliphort - Discussion

      But we need more cards to stop monsters effs, i mean, we have 1 re-qliate, 3 fiendish and 1 skill drain, we cant replace the 2 skill that we lose with re-qliate, so we need other options, probably veilers, idk.
  11. Qliphort - Discussion

    That's a pretty good idea actually. Since our one guy is usually equipped with saq is is a big guy,      Thanks, also kaiser can prevent nekros to summon exciton knight.
  12. Qliphort - Discussion

    Can i ask, if some decks are not using mst anymore in maindeck, why dont we use kaiser colosseum?
  13. Qliphort - Discussion

    Guys what are your thoughs about no dualitys and no upstart in this deck, i say this because i saw some builds last weekend and i found that they dont use this cards in the control version, can someone explain that please?
  14. Qliphort - Discussion

      I think you should try 2-3 debunks in your sideck like you said, cuz you really need an out against the hands and also works with valky and that stuff, btw what do you think about mirror force?
  15. Qliphort - Discussion

      Only conflicts when you use debunk against the eff of a hand or the eff of herald of the arc light.