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  1. The 2016 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Definitely find the timing funny: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000696460/article/sanders-broncos-agree-on-3year-33m-extension
  2. The 2016 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Yeah, I understood what it was suggesting. I just think differently about the supporting information. FWIW DT should still be fine but Virgil Green was active in the pre-season.
  3. The 2016 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Always short on arm strength, accuracy, and decision-making skills, [Sanchez] has a 19:23 TD-to-INT ratio over his last 16 games. Interesting. It's the same exact TD:INT ratio by DEN QBs in 2015. That confirms Sanchez = Manning+Brock and Trevor > Sanchez therefore Trevor > '15 QBs. Actually, no, I think that is the case against Demaryius. Sanchez's inflated Chip Kelly numbers are the same as the DEN QBs, Trev only marginally outplayed Sanchez, and it's because he probably won't turn it over as much, not because he'll throw more TDs. Setting aside scenarios where Trev progresses or Lynch starts, Demaryius and Emmanuel could both have to be more efficient to match or outproduce '15. But the way I interpret the article, Demaryius has more room to improve that efficiency, and is more likely to do so because his drop wasn't as much physical as it was mental. Sanders played better than Demaryius in the playoffs because Emmanuel matched his regular season production and Thomas disappeared. You don't fall from 117 yards in Week 17 to 60 total in 3G because of a natural decline. Thomas was battling mental demons all season and it peaked during the playoffs, once his mom was released from prison. One more note: efficiency is a dangerous stat in itself. It tends to have a correlation with usage and Demaryius had 39 more targets. One more one more note: The early '15 run game wasn't good. This year they're fully using the Kubes offense. Should draw some attention from coverage.
  4. The 2016 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Demaryius had just 1 TD with Manning. He managed to gain 1300 yards despite having an "off" year. DeMarcus noticed and spent some quality time with him in the offseason, and we all know how much Ware helped get Von's mind right (Miller is the first player to successfully make it out of the NFL's drug program). Supposedly Thomas had an excellent camp and he was named the offensive captain. I think he's setup for success this year. Emmanuel is possibly my favorite player on the team. He plays with so much heart. However, the Kubes offense tends to favor the number one, and I know this sounds weird but there's a small chance he could be usurped (or, more likely, his production could be siphoned off) by 6'5" UDFA Jordan Taylor once/if Paxton Lynch gets the nod. They've had really good chemistry in the pre-season and I've seen that kind of thing happen before with Cutler and Brandon Marshall in their rookie seasons. Sanders is in the last year of his contract.
  5. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

      I do understand that defense isn't entertaining unless it's yours, but be thankful; the '13 Broncos literally didn't even give fans 1 snap of enjoyment and, as you said, Panthers are built to be back. GG.   --   No team has won (and probably played in) more close games than DEN this year. I'd be surprised if there's ever been a more entertaining team, for fans of that team, from Week 1 to the Super Bowl.   These last five years, in general, have really been a ride. Surprisingly I don't think it could've worked out any better. The Broncos weren't winning in '13 due to the Doom contract fiasco, injuries (Clady, Von, CHJ etc), and the Seattle D or '14 because Manning lost his abilities but the team was still relying on him. Could've, should've, won in '12 but then I don't think we don't end up with this year's D (including perhaps Ware, who is the #1 reason for Von becoming SB50 MVP). By winning this year, Elway earns a lot of credit for building an awesome defense and delivering Manning a championship (both of which help in future recruiting), and the Broncos have a QB who learned from Manning and ended up with some valuable experience before inheriting the starting job and a lot of awesome defensive players (it won't be the same D since so many contracts are up).     500th post! Go Broncos!
  6. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

      The DEs and CBs receive the attention but the Broncos allowed the fewest rush yards per play this season, and narrowly finished 3rd overall (because Ward missed time).   However, the Panthers offense is severely underrated, too. #1 in points-per-game because of red-zone efficiency and the Broncos are average in red-zone D. Even though the Panthers are closer to 6th place than they are to Denver, Carolina still has the second best D in the league and they force the most turnovers. Even with a fresh Manning, the Broncos aren't even top-10 on offense. The Panthers are the better overall team.   Ever since Brock took over and the offense became full-Kubes, Denver doesn't score in the second half. atm I predict Denver keeps it close for the first half, but Carolina maintains control of the game and pulls away big in the second. But it's only one game and Denver can win if they reverse their red zone fortunes on both side of the ball, and win the turnover battle. The other scenario is Cam and/or injury-prone-Stewart are at least hampered (I'm not actually rooting for injury). The Broncos KO'ed Luck for the season; they're really physical.       What did he do?     Him and Joe had a bet on the Pats game so he's saying the Broncos winning is still really surprising. I think.
  7. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

    I would've bet Broncos +3.5 vs. the Pats if I were in Vegas, so as somebody who wasn't totally surprised by the win (albeit extremely enthused!), take this for what it's worth to you: I'm definitely afraid of a SB48 repeat vs. CAR. At least for the moment. That could change in the coming days/weeks with either perspective or bias lol   I'm praying for a 2011 Mavs result where they were doubted every step of the way including by their own fans, so it made the win that much more amazing. The Denver defense is awesome, and it only takes one more good game from Manning. Elway retired after his second Super Bowl, but performed great in what turned out to be his final game.
  8. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

      Oh, I didn't check DGz yesterday so I didn't see this before the game. I will still make a couple of points though: 9-1 wasn't the W-L record. 9-1 was Manning's "record" when he needed to score late in the 4th to win a game. Today's AFCCG, for example, wouldn't have counted positively or negatively. We were in that position so many times in part because of Manning, and 99% of the credit for the win goes to the D, but it would've been a loss without his 1% and he delivered in the clutch 9 times out of 10 this season vs. Brock's 2-2.  If you look at the stats, Brock was actually just as ineffective as Manning on intermediate and deep throws. That was before Manning became healthier. NFL.com did a video showing similar throws from Manning. One was from earlier this year and clocked at 33-mph vs. 48 in the Steelers game.   Anyway, GG Pats. Emmanuel made some great catches. The kind I have come to expect from that baller. The kind he dropped 1-2 of last week. Demaryius is MIA. He needs to put on a show for mom and earn his contract next game. Feel free to ignore the drops and winds from last week, but imo Manning looked solid before... and wasn't as sharp this time around. Hopefully the bye week rest is what he needs for one last win. That said, Manning more-or-less did what was asked of him, until those last few drives... Giving Brady 3 chances in the last 6 minutes was insane to ask of the defense. But they did it! The defense was INCREDIBLE. Von in particular stepped it up. Wolfe, Ware, too. Everybody, really. Kind of crazy people bagged on Manning AND doubted the D when we had to be in this position somehow, right? Elway is now responsible (in some capacity) for 7 of the 8 Super Bowl appearances in Denver Broncos franchise history.   Woohoo!
  9. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

    Cards > Pats has been my pick but I thought the Seahawks would beat up/wear down the Panthers more, kind of like the Vikings/weather did to the Seahawks.     They barely beat teams. What you just described is the Tim Tebow Broncos. Smoke and mirrors in this day and age.   It's funny because it is the Tim Tebow formula: Defense plays lights-out, keeps it close, and the offense wins it late. Remove the pick-6s and the Broncos D was 1st in scoring and yards. I'm stretching but 2005 Steelers and recent Seahawks are modern examples of teams winning by D and clutch QB play.     Yeah, no. Manning is healthier than Brock atm. There were 9 drops vs. PIT. Demaryius did contribute, as did Fowler, Latimer, Caldwell, and Norwood on their 12 targets. Some throws could've been better but there were 17-18 mph winds. QBs are responsible for the entire offense and not just their own stats (Brock replaces INTs with sacks) so let's look at PPG: I am going to remove the Chiefs game. I will remove the 4 defensive TDs Manning benefited from and the 1 for Brock. I will subtract -7 for pick-6s. Result is a push at Manning 18.7 PPG vs. Brock 18.9 PPG. Assuming Manning has bought into the '90s Elway formula (the one he used to win his previous SB) (I think he has) and doesn't pepper INTs then it's a more decisive 20.4 vs 18.9 advantage Most importantly imo Manning is 9-1 this season when he was asked to score late vs. Brock's 2-2. You can bet vs. Pats and possibly the NFC representative, the Broncos will need to win it late.   BTW Hillman had 16 carries vs. 15 for CJ. I don't think it's one over the other.     Their weakness was their secondary specifically against the deep ball. Neither of our QBs are good at that. It was a nice matchup for their defense.     Additional Notes Chris Harris Jr. aka CB that went 32-games w/o allowing a TD is injured and only played Nickel vs. PIT and will do the same vs. NE Pats 5 most poorly blocked games this season came in the 2nd half due to injuries. They were 2-3 and their wins came by a total of 8-points.  Chiefs didn't have Justin Houston (29.5 sacks in last 27 reg. season games) for but 8-snaps and Hali (who dropped the INT on the "pass" that sealed the Pats win) was limited as well Pats haven't won road playoff game since 2006 and are 1-2 on neutral fields (last year's SB) Road favorites in Conference Championships in the last 35-years are 6-1 (Kurt's Cards)     Broncos are 7-0 when their run game positively affects their win probability and are 6-4 otherwise. Contrast that to the Pats 0-4 record when their opponent's run game positively affects win probability and their 13-0 record when it does not.
  10. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

        If you were to align the peaks of the best players and play out a randomly chosen format, who would be the most successful over the course of 1,000 trials? To do so would mean Lazarro might not have begun playing until years later and assumes somebody else made his innovations in his stead. I'd say also assume players would have the same age/maturity level that they did during their peak. That's how you make it fair. Patrick's mindset would be successful in any format. It would be naive to think Lazarro couldn't come back and do well if he really wanted to do so. Oh, and because we're all powerful beings capable of carrying out this experiment, we are able to ensure nobody cheats.   I believe you must do formats to allow competitors to display their ability to outfox one another during the varying conditions across successive events. It also requires a display of sustainability while not necessitating an enduring passion in spite of having a life outside of the game. In sports, longevity is a largely a function of physical health, determined by injuries and age. Sustainability in Yu-Gi-Oh is a product of passion, determined by the game itself, your peers/friends, and your alternatives. Most of us understand Yu-Gi-Oh within the context of life outside of the game, which makes it impossible for us to judge somebody for walking away. Rather, we measure them at their peak, where their skills and passion intersect. Sustained success across events and formats during their peak proves their ability to perform well under different conditions. To me, displaying this is all that's required to be in the conversation.   Given this context, I'd like to talk about myself:   I appreciate that my name has been mentioned a couple of times but I don't belong (did I psych you out??) because my passion began to waiver after going to Worlds, which is when my skills were really beginning to mature. I'm confident in saying that I was always a good player with excellent theory but my technical play went as my motivation did and that's why you didn't see me perform well for an extended period of time, and they were never perfected because I wasn't constantly working on them. Thank you for the kind words though. Yours especially, Urthor. That reminds me, I need to PM you about Australia. I'll probably be booking a late-November trip within the next week.
  11. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

        You attack into Linde, your opponent grabs Pike and discards Marksman, you only have one backrow so you attempt to activate your Breakthrough Skill on his Pike, even though you're aware you cannot do so in the damage step. Your opponent also knows this so the game proceeds exactly how it would have if you hadn't attempted to activate BTS. Your opponent nullified any possible advantage you might have gained. But does looking at the results from this sample lessen the severity of your actions? After all, the purpose of the action was to provide an illegal advantage, whether one was gained or not.   I maintain it was relatively "minor" but illegal intent is what it is and tread lightly on using results. Besides, don't you all have an extremely low fumbling rate?   I'll stop now though. I feel bad for you hahah. Doesn't seem like you really post on DGz anymore (same here) and when you do it's usually in these sports threads, and here you are having defend yourself from an assault because of your allegiance to your local team. Kudos for having the commitment to come on and do so.
  12. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

    It's not the greatest analogy but I understand where you're coming from. It's relatively minor. But it is an advantage whereas peeking at your side deck isn't (or shouldn't be). Colin Cowherd agrees with you that it's a minor infraction Joe, but his take is that the cover-up is why the punishment was so harsh. It's easy to understand why Brady lied rather than risking immediate punishment just before the Super Bowl but it is what it is. Considering they lied, the organization has a history of both cheating and lying, and this is coming at a time where the NFL's been criticized recently for being too lenient, I don't think the consequences are unreasonable.
  13. What games are you currently playing?

    Revisiting some games I mentioned before and have finished:   PS Now added Drake's Deception (so-so, I can see why people liked it but it's not my cup of tea) so I was able to complete the Uncharted Trilogy. All the way down to the campyness, it's obvious this franchise is Indiana Jones: The Video Game. Acknowledging that after rewatching the movies recently, I was able to appreciate Drake's Fortune a bit more. Both Drake namesake titles are about 8s to me, mind you I'm comparing them to the PS4 games I've played. I actually made my wife watch Among Thieves (at least a 9.5) on YouTube and she agreed the story is better than the actual Indiana Jones movies, though "Harrison Ford is better to look at than a video game" hah   Second half of Dragonball Xenoverse story mode was better and I think they just had an update to improve some of the minor problems which maybe kinda sorta could upgrade it to a 7.5   Before I said that I was incredibly impressed with Far Cry 4 and thought people were being too harsh on the story because it really just serves as the frame for the canvass that is the open world. But then I finished it and it turned bonkers hahah I'd still give it at least an 8.5 though personally I liked it and Uncharted 2 enough that Nepal will be on the itinerary when the wife and I decide to take our vacation to China.   Lots of games I want to play (Talos Principle, FFX Remastered, Banner Saga 1 & 2, No Man's Sky, Disgaea 5, Star Wars: Battlefront, Kingdom Hearts 3, Miegakure) but they're not coming out for the PS4 a while so time to actually decide if I want to come back for the WCQ or just dive into something like Dragon Age.
  14. What games are you currently playing?

    Far Cry 4   To the detriment of a potential YGO WCQ comeback, which becomes more-and-more unlikely as my desire to do so remains stagnant, I've been enjoying this game, which is surprising to me since my purchases to this point had been based on how good the story is supposed to be. It's normally really important to me. I'm about ten hours into FC4 (with lots of exploring) but I won't argue with reviews saying the storyline is mediocre. It would be one thing if it were flat out bad, but the thing is, even a linear story line to string everything together is all the game really needs.   I do feel like I'm visiting this world, and like with any of my other travels, I don't need a story to find the environment and culture engaging. Sure, I can't taste the foods, truly talk to the people etc but the freedom and action provide different kinds of excitement. Between the animals, transportation (which does take some getting used to), scenery, and random events (skirmishes etc), the sandbox FC4 has to offer is so fun and open that you're really making your own story through how you choose to experience it all. The colorful visuals also make for a nice departure from the norm.   As somebody who hasn't played this series before, I would give it a range of around 9.0 and 8.5, since I do still have a ways to go.
  15. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

      DeMarco's been injured every year since High School. He just didn't miss much time last year because it was his hand. Philadelphia gives him and Bradford the best chance to avoid yet another injury because of their health program but there's a good chance the Eagles become this year's Cardinals, and end their season with Mark Sanchez and Chris Polk as the starters. So in all likeliness, better they have Murray than McCoy. 8 mil per for 5 years would've been flat out stupid. Heck, you would've had to twist my arm to pay him half that over that long a time. The rumored 5 million/year offer from the Cowboys was just fine.   Nobody knew who Pot Roast or LB Brandon Marshall were before going from Jacksonville to Denver. MJD went from the Jags to the Raiders and went from declining to done. I'm not exactly sold on McFadden either but he's going to have a far better chance of looking like his college self than he did in Oakland.