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  1. gale dogra

    keep in mind you're likely not gonna use 6k every time as you'll occasionally get preparation of rites/herald/ritual spell so you'll only need 3k for the piece you don't have. i like the idea personally, basically adds 3 more manju's to the deck with the possibility to get both pieces by itself early in the game
  2. Josh Graham - an 'Impact'-ing Tale of grand theft.

    i feel sorry for shadow but i'm sure he'll move on from this. i really, REALLY hope the word gets out at all events, as a canadian living in the toronto area i'll make sure to let everyone at my locals know
  3. Majesty's Fiend

      I'm hoping you realize Gorz and Yorishiro conflict. Good idea though, I'm gonna fuck around with this.   you can still normal summon gorz while yoshiro is faceup and a lot of the time you'll send it to the grave for the protection effect. imo gorz is fine but i'm not a fan of the ghostrick engine at all
  4. Majesty's Fiend

    lol what is everyone talking about, vanity's fiend was used a lot in very recent side decks. this card is very, VERY good and will be used in a lot of side decks.
  5. One out of Three

    you can also declare XYZ and use it as 3 more gift cards for those lame ass hope for escape decks
  6. New Yu-Gi-Oh Rules!!! ~

    so does this mean going second is the new first?
  7. Dueling Network

    why do i always get the absolute worst faggots  
  8. i've read about the rulings on this card flip flipping occasionally, i just want to make sure what the exact ruling is today. do you get the extra normal or not? 
  9. Spirits

    i really don't like freya and arcana force in the main. freya is an ok side deck choice against decks you know can continuously summon >2800 stuff (ie LS/dark worlds etc) but its kinda shit in the main. in G1 i just wanna blow people out with herald and spirit shenaningans, freya doesn't help at all. and besides, it's very difficult to summon high level stuff without getting cock blocked by herald. in star eaters case you just negate the hieratic/edragon summon/w.e threatens you.   as for arcana force im not really getting the point. is it to exclusively stop OTKs? i mean i get the synergy with herald but if i want an anti-otk trap monster i'd rather just put in trag/gorz as they actually do shit instead of just blocking 1 attack.    as for what to replace them with just go with general good stuff like upstarts/whichever hand traps you feel like you need.   if i'm gonna go with a hipster card i'd try out black dragon collapsererpent. this deck has trouble making big plays if you don't have nikitama. collapse helps alleviate the reliance on nikitama to make rank 4 plays and is live relatively quickly. it also helps manage the fairy count for kristya, i've really liked it so far. also a dark target if you wanna get BLS in there. 
  10. Dueling Network

    i seriously don't get why so many mods get removed for being idle for a week. the site should be promoting more mods, not fucking 8k servers with 1 admin. horrible management
  11. Since this is where all OCG stuff goes.

    i'm more afraid of bujins and newage LS than chrono w/ an extra honest lol
  12. Since this is where all OCG stuff goes.

    konami japan:     seriously honest at 2? gorz at 3?? cyber stein unbanned with that fucking exterio shit existing. edragons are still good under this list too lol  
  13. Dueling Network

    i thought i'd seen fucking everything there is to see on DN until someone called an admin on me for accidentally shuffling the deck (i have no idea what's on the top)
  14. no one should care about Chronos

    at first i thought chain was superfluous but as i started to play better players it came obvious that chain was a lot more useful in some situations over plain coat. good players are not going to destroy plain coat unless   1) you're putting them under lots of pressure 2) they have a way to get it off the field without sending it to the grave 3) they can OTK   in a fair amount of situations i wanted to make heraldry art live ASAP i'd just go into chain.    anyway as for your build i'd definitely max out on unicorn over a second eagle. it's just really good in grind matches where you want to keep your big beaters up. as for your extra you should really consider giant hand over a dweller or something, it is so OP with eagle and crucial in so many matchups. steelswarm roach is also worth a consideration given the amount of LS out there right now. i despise that shit so much...   also i entirely agree with chronomalies being mediocre compared to this (and most of the tier 1 decks in general). 
  15. Legacy of the Valiant (807)

      my thoughts exactly. i've played the deck at least 100 times so far and when you don't draw into nebra it's just fucking awful. it's not even a consistency thing either. i'm already using triple pots and upstarts along with 2 cardcars and i still don't draw into it enough. they need their own rota to get their shit together. it's kind of like how nebula meteor is fucking retarded but because the rest of the deck is shit it's not even worth hitting the actual broken card