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  1. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    well went for it and of course I pull both red-eyes zombie dragons and only 1 UR being kunai, love my luck
  2. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    so don't bother with selection box? Have about 2.5k gems that are expiring end of the month not counting the 1.5k we just got curious if I should blow it on a few of these packs or another set. I am missing final copies of a lot of the URs but I dread pulling more red-eyes zombie dragons or the other SRs.
  3. KC Cup

    Not kidding about old decks, ran into harpies of all things and they were Lv 17, other oldies include naturia (Lv. 19) and and a bunch of phoenix. Got my last win for Lv. 20 when the duel links gods smiled upon me and gave me a 25 card ojama deck as my level up game after getting sacked by AG, burn, and glads.
  4. Rogue - Discussion

    Thanks for posting this lol ran into someone trying this but I was using REZ so he popped my gozuki with tribute and I replaced it with samurai skull to stop him from clogging my zones.
  5. KC Cup

    thought abut REZ but it just didn't feel good to me. Have 2 samurai and enough rezds but when I tried a build I just couldn't get around all the trap spam. Going to assume it was me not playing the deck properly since I've heard a lot of good things about it but if there's a way to address the field of floodgates and disruptions with that deck I'd like to hear it.
  6. KC Cup

    Just have a question about investing gems. Currently have 1 senju, 1 sonic bird, 2 gozuki, 0 disruption, 1 floodgate, 2 mirror wall been using Ancient Gear so far but don't feel like that's going to cut it in stage 2 so wanted to know if I should invest in a second senju for CAs (down to 80 packs in that set atm), something else for a different deck, or just keep going as is. Currently have 2600 gems.
  7. For level up priorities think you mean seto kaiba not yami yugi for beatdown at Lv 13 (listed correctly in the thread but not in the google doc), may as well include crowler too since he also gets that skill. Also in competitive goals 60 wins now gets you a SR ticket with 100 wins getting you a third one.
  8. Farming Strategy Discussion

    If you're worried about clowns and castles boosting pumpking etc over wall's 3000 just toss in some gravity axes and iron smith kotetsu. If you're one of those people (which is a lot of people) who got sucked into the cyber angel hype and been fishing for senjus you likely got a few from that set. Axe stops clown and castle cold and I'm not sure if it applies to everyone else but I've been farming lvl 40 exclusively with lab build all event long and not once has he dropped mask of the accursed or steel cage on lab wall just keep lab wall on the field by itself and in my cases he never uses mask on it.
  9. Chalice and Birthright look like the only two worth anything. The rest doesn't seem outstanding with Vorse Raider just there to push the ceiling higher on lvl 4 normals and man-eater bug would've been nice if cyber angels weren't a deck. The Rares and Normals just look terrible outside of a few potentially decent things like enraged battle box, system down (if that 3DS toon barrel deck is still a thing but that's shaky at best), and potentially peten. Nowhere as good as as the phoenix set.
  10. Been messing around with that very idea (balance with 5 ritual spells and 15 monsters) have to agree that the sphere kuribohs are tempting doubling as both protection and two together as ritual fodder in the grave but they clog really easily (would love it more if they were level 2). One thing I threw in for fun just to test out was bacon saver. I've been liking it so far since it protects you (albeit not as great as sphere kuriboh from hand) and more importantly being level 2 it acts as nice ritual fodder with your levels 4s and 6s to drop your angels and letting you save your rituals in the grave if needed.
  11. Farming Strategy Discussion

    If we could all be that lucky. I had to blow over 3000 keys on alexis for 2 dakini but hey at least now I have 12 cyber blader -__-
  12. Thanks for posting this just made it to KoG this morning with it (substituted a crystal seer for a third warm worm). Normally I hated using mill since I always would run out of resources and get overwhelmed but DNA check up was a great addition. If I could I'd fit in the second sphere kuriboh it was just nice to have that insurance when they managed to breakthrough.
  13. Even without no mortal can resist psychic decks just feel really strong rn. Managed to hit Legend 3 with one (could probably manage KoG but tired of the grind) using Keith's Bandit skill. Serene psychic witch just floats for days so you never really lack field presence, and psychokinesis deals anything big or annoying shit like toon kingdom if they couldn't protect it. Wattpsychic fighter is really disruptive even without no mortal by resetting their phoenix/frog or forcing a red-eyes spirit so you can blow it away with a psycho or something else. Only had one of each of destructotron (great against all the anti meta backrow decks that have sprung up) and reinforced human cyborg but even with just that I never really ran into any problems. Bandit was useful for most of my games and was clutch since I found most of my games coming down to them having one or two monsters out with a set being something annoying like e-con, mirror wall, or super rush and me stealing it and just going off from there for the win.
  14. Ended with 6 Vennu, 3 of all the other SRs and 2 Queen's pawn
  15. What I use for Mai Lv 40 Skill: Elements Unite 3 Thunder Dragon 1 Gravekeeper's Vassal 1 Fusion Gate (can be a Poly, gate is just nice since it gives me another card for storm) 2 Shard of Greed 2 Union Attack 1 Storm (can be anti-magic arrows or anything else to stop a potential mirror wall last turn) 1 Secret Pass to the Treasures 1 Divine Wrath 3 Dimension Gate 2 Interdimensional Matter Transporter 3 Jar of Greed Extra: Twin-headed Thunder Dragon The five dimensional traps are to just to have the best shot at helping one of your guardians dodge harpist, quill pen or miyabi and come back with its effect active so she won't attack it. Divine Wrath is for Birdman Joe if I felt like investing in the new set it'd be a rebound but so far I've had no problems using the gate guardian in my hand as fodder when I draw Wrath before she drops Joe. The union attacks and vassal can be pirahna army + 2 gift of the martyrs. What I like about this over labyrinth build is that her dropping a card to bounce your monster isn't the end of the world since you have 3 bodies out and even Joe + harpie lady 1 + hunting ground isn't going to drop you to 0 if she attacks kazejin. It's not 100% or hell even 80% but nothing really is when she runs through her deck and gets to Joe + quill pen + miyabi with a harpie lady 1 out (which from my luck has happened more than once). So far I've gotten 3 Vennu, 3 Ice Barrier monster, 2 Amazoness Archers, 2 Birdman Joe, 1 Queen's Pawn using this so it does work more often than not in my experience.