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  1. Curious about the naturia ratios: I'm running 3 of all the new ones form dawn of destiny (puppkin, marron, hydrangea, stag beetle) and the rest is just the goodstuff spells (e-con, one super rush, mirror wall, etc) and some metal morphs. Are any of the other naturias worth running? seen talk of strawberry and dragonfly and is a simple 3 of each the best route this deck can take since it can lead to some bricks opening both hydrangea/stag beetle and 2 spell/traps.
  2. Has Joey tried that metalmorph + kunai combo on labyrinth wall for anyone? he's had them out against me with red-eyes on the field but his AI never used them to run over it
  3. Yeah about the fight him 15 times mission reward that's not the maximum number of times joey will show up (unless you have shit luck). The third yugi event did the same thing but you could still encounter yugi even after fulfilling the mission.
  4. Did you update to 1.71? It's been working for me since I did.
  5. July 11th
  6. Just to clarify a few things from the above you need Draw Sense LIGHT for cerberus and I've been hearing ever since the 1.71 update the AI won't activate jam breeding machine if you gift exchange or surprise present it (this was from a bunch of people complaining about bakura but one did mention ishizu doesn't so might extend to all LDs). Also since kaiba was brought up you'll need not only riryoku field to deal with e-con but also something like wicked breaking flamberge - baou to negate his dimensional warrior, sure he won't ram it if you make cerberus big enough before he draws into it but the added insurance is nice since you won't get cerberus to 5200 within the first few turns consistently. All the same I wouldn't advocate cerberus for kaiba but it is great against some of the other LDs. I wouldn't worry about it till you hit 30 like was mentioned before but some cards to pick up along the way are definitely rai mei and the unhappy girl (both from valkyrie's rage) they're just great for stalling to collect your pieces with or without using tea's holy guard skill. If you can grab blue-eyes ultimate or master of oz from a pack definitely level odion (when you unlock him) for temple of the kings and mystical beast serket those paired with gift of the martyr (chaotic compliance) and piranha army (age of discovery) are an easy way to hit the over 9999 mark and it's splashable in most any farming deck you'll want to make.
  7. Depends what they mean by grinding. If it's grinding standard duelists for gate keys and exp for your characters then yeah it's hit auto duel and give the AI a deck it won't fuck up with like a simple Ritual deck. If it's grinding legendary duelists there are a bunch of decks but some generally good ones are mystical beast ceberus decks or anything with unhappy girl and a way to deal over 9999 damage. If it's about grinding for gems/gold that's pretty much leveling your characters and doing stage missions to level that up.
  8. you're gonna get floored more times than not being on a clock from turn 1 and having to draw a bunch of specific answers for his cards is too much. Been going between destiny draw and labyrinth builder but I've only won like 3 of t last 10 games. Labyrinth builder feels safer since I can stall a bit with gate + wall and the s/t removal handles ectoplasmer/burning land while destiny draw more times than not he just outdamages my heals or I have to spend a draw on pot to get rid of necrofear which lets him take a free jab at me and ofc when you draw all your endgame combo pieces in your starting hand so you're screwed outright.
  9. k so this update fucked up quite a few things as far as farming goes for anyone who's not yet aware: you can't use temple of the king's second effect to send it and serket to the graveyard to special summon a monster regardless if you have a monster in your extra deck, deck, or hand. Now the unhappy girl's effect will wear off on a monster that is flipped facedown (to stay accurate with the actual card rulings I guess but it was still a nice bug when dueling odion or little yugi who use monsters that flip themselves facedown).
  10. No at 37 the SD are still lv 33. They level up to 39 when you hit stage 39.
  11. far from a confirmed for player use as it could just be a card for another event duelist or something but guessing it's where people got the idea from.
  12. Least the bakura recruiting event is coming back end of the month. Wish they'd stop with these random spawn events, know people were adamant over the yugi one and probably the same for bakura but I guess they refuse to read the feedback on their own surveys. The new level up rewards are mostly nice but they missed a chance to introduce some gravekeeper cards with ishizu could've given one necrovalley or rite of spirit
  13. Double. idk why this keeps happening.