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  1. Question about kaibaman, should I grab the third from the card trader or is 2 enough should I ever decide to make a deck with it? asking before it cycles out of the card trader for god knows how long before I see one again.
  2. use it in farm decks to give the AI jam breeding machine and make them unable to summon.
  3. Yeah they mentioned in one of the updates that the boxes would reflect how you last left them, spent 3000 gems to just get one of everything relevant and 2 fusion gate as my URs after I reset from the first sphere kuriboh v__v
  4. also before you do, avoid converting the SR/UR cards that come in the starter decks for duelists you recruit you'll need them for later missions, even if you can win them again no need to waste keys on unnecessary farming.
  5. it's not getting added back until may 16th, same with age of discovery.
  6. it's not getting added back until may 16th, same with age of discovery.
  7. now's as good a time as any since they're bringing back the ultimate rising set which has a lot of good cards, I started right before they discontinued it the first time and it's been a challenge trying to make worthwhile decks without the cards from that set and who knows when they'll pull it again.
  8. anyone else not getting the confirmation e-mail when they make an account?
  9. well if the ruling for forbidden lance vs readiness is anything to go by then this card isn't affected by readiness since it's unaffected by all other other card effects so it'd still be destroyed by battle.   Said ruling:   Q: The effect of Raidraptor – Readiness is being applied this turn. If the effect of Forbidden Lance is applied to a face-up Raidraptor – Rise Falcon, can Raidraptor – Rise Falcon be destroyed by battle? A: In this situation, if Raidraptor – Rise Falcon is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards, it can be destroyed by battle normally.
  10. Wolf's text reads "Must be Fusion Summoned with the above Fusion Materials and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways." so you can't use monsters like king of the swamp as a substitute for edge imp sabres since the fusion summon needs edge imp sabres and a fluffal montser specifically.
  11. Rhongomiant is an XYZ mnster and Mask Change II says right on the first line "Discard 1 card, then target 1 face-up monster you control that has a Level" so it's not a legal target for mcII. Arthur isn't a HERO monster, this is why when PSCT happened Elemehtal Hero got changed to Elemental HERO to distinguish them from other cards with "hero" in their name.
  12. sounds like the "new cards" are those from Premium Pack 17 coming out this month in japan, not OCG exclusives from the last bunch of sets. There are 2 blackwing cards confirmed for premium pack 17 and the same thing happened in the last premium gold where we got all the stuff from premium pack 16.
  13. can someone fix (or communicate to the person that handles this) Cxyz Barian Hope and Ruffian Railcar are still listed as OCG despite being made TCG legal in NECH.