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  1. Honestly if we're going to be playing Terraforming then perhaps side decking one Necrovalley and Zombie World as one ofs might be a route to go. Both worked well as sided techs in Zefra Yang Zing as their positives far outweighed their negatives and I think that can be applied to this deck too.
  2. Didn't catch this until now so pardon me for the late response; I'm all for it. Right now there's very few means of finding worthwhile information outside of random Youtube channels and even then alot of the ones with a large number of subscribers to their name (ie TeamAbsolution) don't delve into things like matchups, how tos and the whys of things. Science of Vanguard and Team No Guard are the only ones that even come close to covering this kind of stuff off the top of my head. Outside of that forum browsing is even more bare bones. I don't even want to think what the reddits are like (I avoid them) and Pojo has ADD when it comes to discussions so having another option that's likely going to be better than all I've listed is a great idea.
  3. Couldn't think of how many times I wished I could Foolish a Darklord spell or trap so this is definitely a big plus for that deck.
  4. Sort of.  I've been itching to use a Mazinkaiser SKL theme in one of these for a while now.  Also I've tweaked the list for post Fighter's Collection now that Warning and Crown Holder are things.
  5. So uh, just like Japan Odysseus is going to 2 and you can only play JK Swordmy in decks with G3 Jewel Knights starting next month.
  6. Some combos would be appeciated. On a smaller note; Partnaga's attack gain can help you get over certain attack thresholds such as letting PSY-Framelord Omega (who I'd consider extremely important in here due to his interactions with Juggler) beat over a Dark Destroyer. Otherwise a fantastic start.
  7. Something I wanted to try out after reading through the Idea Pad thread as the concept of combining Majespecter and Heroes much like with Igknights is intriguing.   Monsters 3 Majespecter Raccoon - Bunbuku 3 Majespecter Fox - Kyubi 2 Majespecter Cat - Nekomata 2 Majespecter Crow - Yata 3 Luster Pendulum the Dracoslayer 3 Elemental Hero Shadow Mist 2 Elemental Hero Bubbleman 1 Archfiend Eccentric   Spells 3 E - Emergency Call 3 Mask Change 3 Wavering Eyes 2 Majestic Pegasus 2 Majespecter Cyclone 1 Terraforming 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Raigeki   Traps 2 Majespecter Tornado 2 Majespecter Tempest 1 Solemn Warning     Extra 1 Masked Hero Dark Law 1 Masked Hero Anki 1 Masked Hero Acid 1 Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1 Tellarknight Ptolemaeus 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Lightning Chidori 1 Majester Paladin, the Ascending Dracoslayer 1 Totem Bird 1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk 1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 1 Number F0: Future Hope   Side 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Maxx "C" 2 Dark Hole 2 Memory Loss 1 Elemental Hero Prisma 1 Cyber Dragon 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 D.D. Warrior Lady 1 Archfiend Eccentric   The concept of the deck as you'd imagine consists of using the Majespecter engine to help special summon Shadow Mist from the hand without the aid of cards like Summoner Monk, etc while also adding a bit more oomph to the Majespecter deck in the form of Dark Law control but with the ability to search out its own defensive cards.  Choosing not to max out on Crow and Cat as the former has only 2 search targets and the other is a tad slow, but still needed at the moment while also running the minimum number of themed spells/traps as they're searchable.  The extra and side are very rough around the edges and I feel like I should be running the Djinn Xyz that can beat over Spaceships so I don't have to rely on Raigeki + Dweller/Law or Ignister G1 and I may cut Chidori for it, otherwise the rest of the extra is full of utility cards and the side is more geared towards Kozmos and dealing with floods.  Memory Loss gets a mention for being able to negate and put Ships into defense for Dark Law to beat over.
  8.     1x Lizard Soldier, Saishin (Starter) 4x Malevolent Djinn (Crit) 4x Spark Edge Dracokid (Crit) 4x Old Dragon Mage (Draw) 4x Demonic Dagon Nymph, Seibo (Heal)   4x Dragon Dancer, Anastasia 4x Crown Holder Dragon 3x Eradicator, Egg Helm Dracokid 3x Mighty Bolt Dragoon   4x Dragonic Deathscythe 4x Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura 3x Voltage Horn Dragon   4x Dragonic Kaiser Crimson 3x Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion 1x Dragonic Vanquisher   4x Conquering Supreme Dragon, Conquest Dragon 2x Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Kaiser Warning 2x Lightning Dragon Knight, Zorras   ----   When Set 2 revealed that Vermillion was getting a revival Legion I knew I'd not only build it but attempt to SP it out given that Vermillion is "m'avatar" and he's...not aged that well from back in the day.  Don't get me wrong free front row wipes are not a thing to be taken lightly and I'm happy as hell that my favourite card is actually playable to an extent but I know full well that most of the success that this deck has had (which have been a few OCG tops and I think a handful of Regional/ARG tops here) was on the back of the G-Narukami support which is really, really potent.  That said this is my take on the Crimson/Vermillion/Vanquisher with tweaks made to suit the current format;   -Lizard Soldier Saishin and Dragonic Deathscythe help mitigate the disadvantage of going first in Stride Format by enabling me to pick off Starters (Judgebau and Milius come to mind) or punishing rush by killing off RGs.  Deathscythe (and the other Berserk Dragon clones) being playable on RG and VG makes him very useful at just about any stage of the game and he helps set up Conquest Dragon in a pinch if the opponent has a full front row.  Incidentally having Saishin behind VG and a Chatura on RG will force the opponent to either use more cards to guard on Turn 2 or take one of the two attacks.  Either outcome is favourable.  Deathscythe is maxed so that I can see it early and often.  He may be expensive at CB2, but a Kaiser deck rarely uses CB thanks to its Vanguard attacks being either free or CB1 at most.   -Vanquisher is played over the 4th Vermillion as something to search out with Mighty Bolt and ride when Crimson is not available and Vermillion is not desirable.  His Stride Break skill isn't entirely unusable as binding off Legion Mates is a thing, though the GB2 skill has yet to come into play.   -8/4/4 Trigger Ratio is standard as hell but I can't deny I like the added consistency those Draws give to this deck given its lack of an advantage generating engine.    -Crown Holder Dragon's ability to buff itself and a unit by 2k is something that is going to catch people off guard as +2 to itself and another unit isn't much at first (tho +4 to a column to make your 16K lines become 20 in order to force 15K shields from your opponent if they're on G2 and I'm on a Kaiser) but factoring non triggers the end numbers are interesting;   If my Thunderbolt hits 2 Units/3 Units;  -16k + 4000 x2/x3 lines become 24k/28k and 18k lines become 26k/30k.   Since Crown Holder doesn't specifically say he has to power up a unit in front of him for his effect, even copies boosting the Vanguard can still add 2K to a side unit to make Deathscythes become 11-15k thus I've decided to run 4 copies of it and 3 Egghelms for early LB access.   -Dragonic Kaiser Warning is both a better and worse Conquest Dragon.  However he's still superior to Vanquisher Voltage in this deck so two copies are ran for the situations where you'll be able to swing at a full front row in order to get that +10 or +15k buff to your sides.  Factor in Crown Holder's buffs and a three unit hit comes out to +27k to your columns.   That's all I've got.  This deck has improved a bit thanks to the FC support and I'd say it's the 2nd best Narukami deck after Brawlers.
  9. Late reply but; TSD / SGD sounds good in theory but after play I found myself less than impressed than the results.  Thing Saver is amazing don't get me wrong but his cons far outweigh his pros here as the CB cost is huge in a deck that uses 2 CB a turn with its Rearguards thus limiting you to one restand, his mate does next to nothing and requires you to remove cards from the deck that takes away from the overall synergy in order to fit them in and what bugged me most that he's not live on the turn you ride him unless you had to overguard.  Yes you can stride but if you're striding on Thing, Legion Attacking then striding for the rest of the game I'd much rather run a G3 that works with my main Stride in Guarantee.  The +9000 to the front is arguably just as pressurising on the opponent as Thing Saver attacking twice as you get 2-3 25000+ RG swings and a 40000+ VG Triple Drive Swing and unlike Lambrose (which functions similarly to this deck) you get to do this on First Stride (which is really, really stupid), then Second, then 3rd.  Thus I want to consistently enable my win condition of several burst turns that wear down the enemy and ultimately kill them and Guarantee allows this (as well as potential access to Rain Element Madew).  This will be doubly important when Archer of Sanctuary comes out in Set 4 and replaces Brede because what's better than 4 Swordmy in a deck?  6 Swordmy.
  10. I've got a playset of Ulti 1st Ed Into the Voids that I picked up months ago and I'm contemplating if it's worth it to move them now or wait a bit longer?  They seem to be around 30-35 USD which is crazy.
  11.   Grade 0 - 17 1x Shining Knight, Millius  4x Jewel Knight DT 4x Jewel Knight HT 8x Jewel Knight CT   Grade 1 - 14 1x Sword of Hope, Richard 2x Jewel Knight, Sabremy 3x Heat Wind Jewel Knight, Cymbeline 4x Laurel Knight, Sicilus 4x Holy Knight Guardian   Grade 2 - 12 2x Starlight Violinist 2x Transmigration Knight, Brede 4x Jewel Knight, Swordmy 4x Knight of Twin Sword   Grade 3 - 7 3x Sanctuary Guard Guarantee 4x Sanctuary Guard Dragon   Grade 4 1x Snow Element, Blizza 2x Shrouded Divine Knight, Gablade 2x Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon 3x Holy Dragon, Sanctuary Guard Regalie   ---   Generic Sanctuary Rush.dek enabled by the new stride that's pretty bonkers in action.  Regalie's skill gives your front +3000 for each G1 or less you have in play so on average you'll have +9k columns which forces out 15K guard at least from the opponent, 20k if you're swinging with Brede the GB1 12k attacker.  Do this until you've worn them down enough to go for the kill with Saint Blow.  That's basically it.  Since this is RP Swordmy is obviously going to be abused to help create field presence in addition to being a great call off of Twin Sword during Regalie turns for a 4th attack at 25K, Brede helps hit for magic numbers and the two of Violinists are basically my 5th and 6th copies of Swordmy so I have a higher chance of getting that coveted turn 2 rush vs their 7k VG.  2 Copies of Gablade are in the G-Zone in case the deck plays against Kagero/Narukami/Gears and you can build a board if you weren't able to rush them in the early game and Blizza is included as a very late finisher.  Finally a single copy of Richard (RP's Swordbreaker clone) is played as Sanctuary Guard Dragon fetches it on ride for a discard and if drawn you can discard it to pull out a Jewel Knight.  Sanctuary Guard Dragon itself isn't half bad with Sabremy in play as he swings for 25-27K with a full backrow though Guarantee is awful but needed for the name. 7-12-14-17 Ratios are so I can run an extra Grade 2 and get additional attacks with Twin Sword.  The deck thins itself to the point that the one less G3 is often irrelevant.   The deck is very fast, does not mind going first or second and eats control decks not named Link Joker alive and is really only bested by Diablo.dek in the format.  Looking forward to getting that 3rd Jewel Knight Crit in Soul Strike for some 12 Crit shenanigans.
  12. I completely agree. Was really hoping they'd have stopped with the EX bs when XY came around. So much for that pipe dream. Also agree with this. The only reason I can think that laser wasn't hit is because of the rotation being XY-On.
  13. Wow. So for the first time since Sneasel and Slowking we now have a card Pokemon considers to be so cancerous that an immediate ban is needed. I can see it as the card is being played in just about everything in order to reuse resources (hell Flareon and Night March were running it to recycle DCE) especially in the case of speed decks. It's definitely a good hit as the card was dumb and should never have been printed along with other things, I'm just more shocked than anything else as I never expected Pokemon to actually ban hammer something.
  14. That and this is the only one not foiled as of Secret Forces. I guess they figured "eh why not make them all shiny." Super Ravine on the other hand is exactly what I wanted so I have no complaints about this set.
  15. To be blunt there are a lot of issues I have with this deck.  They are;   -No Demonic Dragon Berserker Chatura.  This is one of the best generic Narukami cards in the game and has been a 4 of in everything since release.  One of Narukami's problems has been the lack of generating their own advantage to offset guarding/calling units and Chatura is a card that generates raw advantage by being a +1 on hit and forcing the opponent to -1 to guard it because of the draw/bind skill.  He also invalidates every 12k attacker by being a base 11k with the only drawback being an 8k body if you have no choice but to ride it and can only attack the VG.  Seriously this thing is stupid good and needs to be in here.  He even makes 16k with Rising Phoenix/5k Triggers.   -No Conquest Dragon.  One of the biggest reasons Brawlers failed to do anything despite having an amazing boss was the lack of a kill play.  Retiring a field of units sounds powerful but it's not that impressive compared to Restanding, Glory/Tom skills or becoming really big.  Conquest actually helps this by making your monsters huge and forcing the opponent to drop tons of shielding to deal with a (likely) 41k Vanguard line and Rearguard lines at the 19-28K mark.  At 4 to 5 damage this becomes a Win condition and every Naru needs to be running four of these.  He also combos ridiculously well with Turbo because of how their skills interact with each other.  Think about it; the opponent has a front row/full field?  Punch them with Turbo/Knuckle Buster and give your Rearguards + a bajillion power.  The opponent isn't calling anything because they fear Turbo?  Stride Conquest and give your front line +10K (remember that if the opponent has no front row during the turn you stride Conquest, you can still use his Persona flip to gain power).   -You do not need 4 Big Bang Slash Dragons at all.  The card honestly is not good when Slash Buster/Chatura exist and you never want to Legion Knuckle Dragon except out of desperation.  One is enough.  Run Skyhowl Dragons for more front row sniping and to set up Conquest Dragon and Threatening Brawler Koumei.   -4 Turbo are unnecessary.  Between this guy and Rising Phoenix you're going to run out of Soul quickly even if you use BBKB's skill more than once and the full on board wipe will not happen often.  You can easily cut it to 3 or even 2.   -You also don't need Anastasia.  Brawlers are not a CB heavy deck so the unflipping is not desperately needed and they're also an oddity in that they actually need to keep their rears alive because of how big they can get.  Furthermore over here we have an untouched DOTX deck and Laurel at 4.  The only build of Narus that need Anastasia are ones that run Dragonic Deathscythe.   Oh and a quick note.  You really shouldn't be making your posts with white text over black.  It makes reading these threads a real eyesore on mobile.   That's all I've got.