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  1. Do you know what happens when you run out of calories?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Me.


      You go to the store and buy more.

    3. HououinKyouma



    4. Ernie


      You die.


      That's why you die if you jump off a building; all your energy went into the fall Kappa

  2. Great Old One Chthugha

    Aw man, I kinda wished it had a draw if it's used for a Synchro Summon too. That would be kind of ridiculous.   Also, it's about time we saw the XYZ hate Konami is gonna push with the pendulum card releases.
  3. So that Ultimate Herald...

    The idea was it could be read that you discard a fairy on summon to set a condition.   I think.
  4. Soul Charge

    You know. I sold most of my cards except my 3 super Magical Merchants...   Needless to say, I have plans.
  5. Ghost of a Grudge

    This is going to be like Memory of an Adversary or something and be a card to look out for or just always have in mind as a cute potential tech.
  6. New Yu-Gi-Oh Rules!!! ~

    Closet buff to The Seal of Orichalcos.
  7. Over Destiny

    I used to do this in a D-hero Plant variant a few years back. It was super cute when it went off.   It was based on the whole "SSing a monster from the deck is a broken mechanic and I want to have a deck that does it all the time."   Obviously, though, issues were had when I drew into double Doom Lord.
  8. Ultra Rare Goat Tokens   Oh my nuts.
  9. Big Change in Yugioh?

    One of the ideas I have been contemplating putting in a card game I'm developing is having a Deck Cost Limit where cards on a certain list are given a certain weight in terms of points. One can only use a certain number of points when building their deck. It would be neat if Konami did something similar to force decisions when deck building. No longer can you maindeck all these very powerful cards; you must choose which specific few offer the most value to you.
  10. One

    Oh my god, I love you for using One as your song.   How are Zombie World and Spore getting along? Is it just grin and bear it if they are conflicting?   Also, have you considered Pyramid Turtle over the Tour Guides?
  11. Astral Pack 02

    This is what I see around Facebook. Take careful note of number 24.   Astral pack 2  Ultimate Rare: AP02-EN001 Stratos AP02-EN002 Photon Papilloperative AP02-EN003 Light and darkness dragon Super rare AP02-EN004 Slushy AP02-EN005 Tragoedia AP02-EN006 Reasoning AP02-EN007 Asceticism of the six samurai AP02-EN008 Dragon Ravine AP02-EN009 Double Summon AP02-EN010 Swap Frog AP02-EN011 Karakuri strategist AP02-EN012 Gemini spark AP02-EN013 Inzektor ladybug Commons AP02-EN014 Sky scout AP02-EN015 Harpies pet dragon AP02-EN016 Elegant egotist AP02-EN017 Imperial iron wall AP02-EN018 Galaxy eyes photon dragon AP02-EN019 Plaguespreader Zombie AP02-EN020 Droll and Lock Bird AP02-EN021 Jurrac Guaiba AP02-EN022 Overworked AP02-EN024 Shapesnatch AP02-EN025 Naturia Cherries   I guess I did a service by having the text of all the cards rather than an image, but I do apologize for what's essentially a repost. :/
  12. 2nd Place YCS San Diego

    Was nice meeting you! Congrats on 2nd!
  13. If you went to YCS San Diego

    Wow, Squiddy, do you have your paper? What did you pass up?