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  1. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Celestial Flare and Sarkhan, Dragonspeaker have merits over stoke. Sarkhan doubles as a threat but costs more. Celestial flare gets trumped by multiple attackers but also costs half of what stoke does. Which is kinda relevant.  Stoke can be bought back with jace too. I just thought I'd pop out some extra ideas. 
  2. The Walking Dead

    Didn't even realize that was a finale. Checked the following week for a new episode and found only disappointment :(
  3. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Then play U/B Control and be the fun police. There's a deck for everybody right now. :)
  4. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I actually think it looks sweet and at worst will br super fun. Could probably throw a whip in there for random lifelink and value. Plus if your opponents see whip g1, you side it out g2 their enchantment specific removal is gonna weigh their hand down coz you're not even playing courser. This is what I'm gonna be playing into the new format. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/temurmagherd-frf/ Creature (25) 4x Elvish Mystic 4x Goblin Rabblemaster 4x Rattleclaw Mystic 4x Savage Knuckleblade 4x Shaman of the Great Hunt 3x Stormbreath Dragon 2x Whisperwood Elemental Instant (7) 3x Lightning Strike 2x Stubborn Denial 2x Temur Charm Land (23) 4x Forest 4x Frontier Bivouac 3x Mountain 2x Temple of Abandon 2x Temple of Mystery 4x Wooded Foothills 4x Yavimaya Coast Sorcery (3) 3x Crater's Claws Planeswalker (2) 2x Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker Sideboard (15) 2x Arc Lightning 4x Ashcloud Phoenix 2x Disdainful Stroke 1x Lightning Strike 2x Polukranos, World Eater 2x Reclamation Sage 2x Stubborn Denial Bunch of notes on individual card choices etc in the link. Temur got a ton of support in FRF. Whisperwood surprised me as to how good it actually is, especially backed with denial. Shaman is nuts in conjunction with evasive creatures. It's very possible that i drop blue in favour of making flamewake phoenix more reliable just for this interaction. A 5/5 stormbreath is 10x better than a 4/4 stormbreath.
  5. UB Control

    Looks good. You should include 1 PLA in the maindeck though. Ugin can be downfalled and silumgar can be swept/ countered in the mirror. Just playing one means you have inevitability on your side and can grab him fairly reliably off dig. Depending on how the meta develops ashiok looks pretty well poised to put in some work especially with sage chump blocking to protect it.
  6. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Also you seem to be evaluating hornet's nest in a vacuum. Sure it's a decent card that's tough to deal with but pair it with any relevant creature/ clock and you're in for a rough time.
  7. An article everybody should read

    Forgot about the linking rule. Added the relevant text from the article to OP.
  8. http://www.starcitygames.com/article/29853_Get-Into-Game-Shape.html Was reading this article on starcitygames and thought there are a lot of yugioh and magic players who would benefit from reading this. Enjoy.
  9. Legend of Korra

    Damn. Korra was gonna wreck face in her avatar state. Dont these characters ever realize that just because something isnt right that doesnt mean they shouldnt fight anyway? I mean, sure she saw herself but that doesn't mean she should stop fighting. The alternative was that she dies loses the fight, gets executed, the earth empire take over completely and whatever other events unfold. I really wish she would've knocked some sense into herself.
  10. The Walking Dead

    Oh man. Mullet guy. Whyyyy!? He done fucked up so much this episode.
  11. Plants - Discussion

    If you play no traps you get to play more threats and make their backrow hate useless. You give them dead cards game 1 which can be pretty valuable. The deck seems rather hodgepodge though, which might be a good thing because options. Rota at 2 might be due to lack of targets or poor deck building. Could easily add the third and a spell striker. Archer seems an interesting choice. Samsara is not better than armades right now.
  12. Plants - Discussion

    Gardna is better simply because being able to make it with junk synchron makes it viable. Drill warrior is an outclassed card. Back in the day it was good because there was no way to stop it from resolving. If they vanity's emptiness on the effect you go at least -2 depending on how you made it. Breakthrough on return also hurts. Gardna creates soft locks which can be pretty hard to break unless the opp goes all-in. I hate the argument "a good player will find a way to x" That is only ever applicable if it's even an option. Which a lot of the time it wont be. The argument you SHOULD be making is for extra deck space, versatility and the trade-off for making your win condition less potent. Idk how often you've made goyo recently but it's a pretty rare occurance for me to make a lv6 without quickdraw or the rare circumstance with having junk synch and spell striker and nothing better to do. Hot RDA is better than you give it credit for. In a deck that wants to steal games he definitely shines. Plus he outs leo which tends to be a problem.
  13. Plants - Discussion

    I play a singular spell striker. It's non-intrusive as a lone copy and helps you to continue to combo through effect negation. Having another target for rota is really decent too. Bls should be an auto include because armory arm bls is so easy to pull off. 3 effect veiler has always felt staple to me. I like to max out on monsters to make quickdraw live as often as possible and holding a veiler in hand with a quasar on the field secures the game. It stops your opponent's first turn plays of deneb/tgu etc and makes your junk+doppel play instantly live. After that i fill the deck in with cards for consistency. 3 tuning 3 rota 1 foolish 1 soul charge Maybe msts or lance. Extra should look like 2 formula 1 armory 1 librarian 1 armades 1 junk warrior 1 junk gardna 1 black rose 1 junk berserker (or archer) 1 hot rda 1 scrap/stardust 1 road warrior 1 junk destroyer 1 shooting star 1 shooting quasar 15 If you play at least one dichotomy you can recycle your synchros so you'll always have the extra deck options. EDIT: You might actually be able to get away with not playing lonefire at all. You lose the 2 card quasar (lonefire+soul charge) but really i never wanted to be drawing lonefire without soul charge or an established board. It's just a really passive play to lonefire-lonefire-spore/dandy/gub. I have won so many games because my opponent just did this for their first turn to get otk'd or have their lonefire target banished, castelled, or summon abyss dweller on. It's not even fueling your avarice plays like in plants of old.
  14. Sylvan - Discussion

    What other decks did you play against? How do you go about tackling each of the big 3? Do you just combo out and end in different bosses dependant on matchup? Im not looking for handouts. I do want to hear from other successful players and how they approach the deck. Also a decklist would help.
  15. Sylvan - Discussion

    Iirc its: 3 sage 3 hermit 2 kuri 2 lonefire 2 komush 2 princess 1 marshal 1 spore 1 gub 1 blaster 18 3 charity 3 fert 3 upstart 2 sylvania 2 chalice 1 foolish 1 soul charge 15 3 stun 2 pwwb 2 emptiness 7 Extra deck has master of blades, tra, 2 felgrand, gimmick, black rose and the rest is standard.