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  1. Giving away Jirachis

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Giving away Jirachis

    0662-3608-1358   I'm trying to be online as much as possible in the next 24 hours, so just hmu  :)
  3. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

    does anybody have a hidden ability cleffa to trade?
  4. Don't break what's already broken

    not sure if I'm missing something, but Soul Devouring Bamboo Sword does destroys itself after 2 turns? [spoiler] Select 1 monster equipped with a "Bamboo Sword" Equip Spell Card. If it inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent while equipped with a "Bamboo Sword" card, they skip their next Draw Phase. Destroy this card during your second Standby Phase after activation. [/spoiler]
  5. Don't break what's already broken

    How is it a better lock than yata if it only lasts 2 turns and you need like infinite setup?
  6. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

    I have 4IV Chanseys with missing ATK/SpATk with Seismic Toss and Heal Bell, 5IV Skarmory with SR's, Whirlwind and Brave Bird, 5IV Rotom, 5IV Drillbur with Rapid Spin, 5IV Foonguss and 5IV Beldums for trade. I'm looking for a competitive Cleric Sylveon if possible, b/c I don't really have the ressources on BW2 to breed competitively. And otherwise I could use pretty much any other useful Pokemon with egg moves or 5IVs.
  7. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

      I'd really like this Victini as well!
  8. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

    Is someone collectin all the vivillons? I still need a lot of them.
  9. ^Chrome Sparks is really awesome. ODESZA are pretty good as well. And if you like Burial you could give a listen to Volor Flex's album Tramp.
  10. Goat Format War League

    I'm actually pretty sure that I saw him online today as well, which is really weird when you look at his profile.
  11. Goat Format War League

    yeah ggs man (at least some of them). like the gods were giving me all the help in the last 2 games to win, and then I disconnect ;( (that was my hand at that time [spoiler]http://i.imgur.com/coZ209I.png[/spoiler]) but whatever, he did win the 7th game legitly as well, so no hard feelings.
  12. Goat Format War League

    confirming. did make some mistakes, so you definitely deserved to win. setting storm was stupid lol. ggs also will be on for games for the next few hours!
  13. Goat Format War League

    you're in the op, so I guess you're good to go! (play me)
  14. Goat Format War League

    Sorry I wasn't being clear, I meant you can ram goat into the gorilla after you booked it, so it destroys itself when it's face-up.
  15. Goat Format War League

    It's not like you didn't force the topdeck games though... Also he could have just rammed the goat into berserk to kill it, and then go for game with the mage, so NoC really didn't matter.