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  1. Nekroz - Discussion

    Hey tingy or harig, would one of you be willing to play me in some mirror matches? As someone has said before I want to kick this deck off right so the practice against a seasoned nek player would be a tremendous help. Im eastern pacific time and its 845pm now, would be able to get on DN tonight around 1150ish pm No worries bud, just figured I'd ask. Thanks for the reply, anyone else versed in the deck down to play?
  2. Nekroz - Discussion

    Hey tingy or harig, would one of you be willing to play me in some mirror matches? As someone has said before I want to kick this deck off right so the practice against a seasoned nek player would be a tremendous help. Im eastern pacific time and its 845pm now, would be able to get on DN tonight around 1150ish pm
  3. NAWCQ 2014

    Every time I refresh the stream it just goes back to jeffs match, how can I watch the actual live stream...
  4. My 2013 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 R-Spec.

    Nice car bud, dont know to many gene guys out there. What rpm you see full boost at?
  5. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    Flash! Nice dude, yeah prio is supposed to be crazy haha Im testing it too and im having great success so far, I miss draco sometimes but I know im not drawing dragon and then just move on lol
  6. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    I dislike veiler at the current moment because we have geargias, which if you veiler their guys and dont clear them its a waster card, water only really hitting diva, maybe gunganir or whatever, fire though its cool, but I dont consider it main worthy for them as thats just making a good matchup better, and most others worse, imo of course, dragons it only stops woods or debris and doesn't get you to party or sign faster, and bujin, we all know what veiler does for us vs that matchup, synch or be super dead. Veiler currently isn't getting in there for me which is a shame because I want to use those oh so pretty new gold rare ones lol Whats yalls thoughts on the specific matchups (In case I forgot a major detail or an actual threat in the form of another deck)
  7. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    [quote name="Urthor" post="3726455" timestamp="1396666441"]Influnece dragon is a debis dragon target     Therefore influence>all   nm else to say   also when did iFocus randomly start being good@cardgames this is amazing[/quote] I legit think this is the first time I've seen urthor compliment someone, only with e dragons! :-P
  8. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    Im so glad this made it to the discussion thread! Thanks everyone involved. So, so far testing with mythics has been great vs harpies (when they dont have double party with grave), mirror and heiratic, fists, water, zombie beezle whatever?, books, and the usual stuff that pops up this time of year. One deck is giving me problems when they open decent to great, and thats gears. Now what sucks about them is that they play so much magic and trap hate that setting things (barring weird hands of multiple multiple backrows and them seeing like one dust or mst) is pretty much not going to get any value out of it. So heres my question, what are you guys testing and finding is working? Im trying a few swift scarecrows and system downs, but dam is SD only good vs gears and randy cyber dragons. I wanna test a few others but im kinda running outa ideas here. I actually wanna try shared ride as I think its better than maxx c as even if I only get one draw it stops them, and maxx c tends to not do much to a competent gear player. Its just a suggestion but I would like some feed back and things that have been working out for yall.
  9. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    Queens attack is also a thing, with out hunting ground it meets the 1900 threshold of t king, and with hhg can attack over t king, armor, heliotrope, set guard, ext. Its not a huge deal but having 3 1900-2100 attack searchable recruit able partying monsters is a nice plus. Its a good idea to stay close to the core engine and than just alternate the traps and spells to the current meta. As ben said the issues will present themselves, which for me is mostly getting to party or really sign just too late :-\
  10. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    I dont think he should get cut at all, hes just way too useful. I use zeph and a used party so much that hes pretty much a staple. And the fact that you can dump him in literally any stage in the game to where if you see even one party you should be able to use it twice! Thats just too strong in my opinion. 
  11. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    Haven't tried that version yet. But just at a glance, wouldn't it be good to run a few copies of icarus attack since you can just instant the bird and ic attack problem cards all while not even normal summoning? Plus your running the max on harpies as well so it should be live. Not saying thats a great play but an extra option for you. Scratch the maxx harpie thing, just double checked and saw the 2 queens.
  12. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    Yeah if theres a slot that is probably going to be the most advantageous one. Decks like infernity and mermails dont really have the room though, most of the time. I think theres room in harpies for though which is awesome!
  13. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    I agree 2 Arks seem great and only increase this decks grind games. The veiler trick really interests me, and if you get a plus one off of it thats great because this deck has so much backrow hate that the added monster hate would be sweet. I think im gunna test a lone copy, than bump it up to 2 soon after
  14. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    [quote name="lightsworn beach" post="3719523" timestamp="1395990830"][quote name="Mr. Furnas Man" post="3719447" timestamp="1395979677"][quote name="lightsworn beach" post="3719368" timestamp="1395968690"]   [quote name="Mr. Furnas Man" post="3719346" timestamp="1395966257"] Also to the fella that topped columbus with harpies I seen a couple games cuz my teammate tyler got 2nd with poojins and I wanna say I thought you piloted the deck very well. I was rootin for ya haha gj though [/quote]   hahaha i appreciate it ty   i was surprised how many people still don't know a lot about the deck, like i even had to explain to my round 9 opponent after the game that if he had mst'd sign when i played it i wouldn't get either effect, weird since it ~ just ~ won a ycs right before that event [/quote] Np bud   that is strange, i would think us ohioans would be on it more than that but hey easy games right. So how do you feel the deck did? Any changes or mvp cards other than the obvious?    Dude my suspension is up TODAY and i hope i get reinstated in time for detroit reg. Im taking harpies there as i think they will have:   A) A great match up with decks that will be setting a dick ton of backrow which usually people do early in on formats with no Pukestorm   B) A great side being able to utilize LIM, SIM, mistake, and just so many more.   I just feel like this will have a good match up to other decks and can side well vs them.[/quote]   my fav thing in my build was cardcar because as people have pointed out, outside of rank 7s this deck doesnt really have a strong t1 play (and i dont even like making dsack unless i can pop a sign with it too, which i never had happen once at regs), hes great with the 3 duality i run too   outside of that my build is mostly standard-ish: [url=http://i.imgur.com/SVBEiH3.png]http://i.imgur.com/SVBEiH3.png[/url]   && yeah i think the deck is a great call for michigan regs, it's a deck that's really easy to side with and you can side in pretty much anything you want, outside of mermail i don't think the deck has a single horrendous matchup right now either[/quote] Yeah it looks good, how did the Icarus attacks work out? I feel like they shine going second but at the same time each harpie summon is kinda precious and almost always for a reason (like getting a egotist play off, plusing ground off) Also what did maestroke do for you? And the black ship seems pretty good now for getting around yamato since they usually go for hare first
  15. Infernity - Discussion

    I just really like MKB, hes good early game, mid and late game. His attack could be higher but 2500 is respectable. Especially with the edition of tin plate goldfish which should help make him better (i know hes 2 darks but with monk and grepher summoning and dumping it should help) With all the backrow our deck plays its awesome sitting on a LIM beetle with traps