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  1. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I loved Paige dressed up was awesome. If they do Rollins Ziggler it would be a heck of a match. Don't forget The Brian Kendrick was at the NXT shows as well.
  2. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Can't they put NXT on TV instead of Raw and Smackdown lol. Tonight was another good special. Balor is a amazing talent and they better not ruin him. The Divas on here are awesome they actually know more then 5 moves tops. Not counting AJ and Paige. Owens was like Lesnar Cena match he was just dominite start to finish.
  3. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I loved the Austin HHH Podcast. I thought HHH anwsered the questions best he could. I loved his face when Austin brought up Chyna and Punk lol. I hope they keep doing Podcast with different higher ups or other superstars. I just wish Orton would come back. I mean they brought him up this week and I thought for sure he would come out and screw Rollins but no.
  4. The Official Wrestling Thread

    At least the Bryan Rollins match should be good. That announcement did not shake anything lol
  5. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I kinda wish WWE would pick up Velvet just for that but then again its PG so it would go over badly. They gotta do something with Regins I mean he got cheers on smackdown but when he goes to the bigger city's he will get booed to hell
  6. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I'm not sure if anyone would agree but what about a heel turn for Reigns. Say for some reason Brock and Paul have a falling out and then Paul screws Brock at Wrestlemania and Paul and Regins become a team to try and help with Regins speaking. They talked about it on the Stone Cold podcast and was interesting.
  7. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Ok Ambrose is my hero lol he says any postets of me i can look at. Also Daniel kinda just shit on Roman lol.
  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Ok Ambrose is my hero lol he says any postets of me i can look at. Also Daniel kinda just shit on Roman lol.
  9. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Im sure they will. The JBL on the roof was awful lol
  10. The Official Wrestling Thread

    So what are they doing live tonight from there headcorters?
  11. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I think there pushing Reigns is not ready. Ambroes and Rollins are way better right now.
  12. The Official Wrestling Thread

    You have a amazing match before your big rumble match and you go chalk. The best part they send out rock to try and stop the boos and it does not work lol
  13. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Is orton ever coming back lol
  14. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Yea I loved it Sting again. Man The Authority comes back and now Raw has been killing it. Let's hope for a good RR
  15. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I think the APA just made me night for sure. I loved them. I don't like how they did The Ascension. There promo was awful. There really talented but so far there runing them. I'm glad the kept the mic away from Regins tonight lol.