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  1. video game reccomendations

    god of war is quick and fun im playing the legacy of kain series and its got a -long- cool story, but the gameplay sucks so bad dead space trilogy is my fav from the ps3 gen as far as team development goes, golden sun kinda has that
  2. Attack of the Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin)

    nigga we made it
  3. Attack of the Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin)

    nigga we made it
  4. Final Fantasy

    saw my buddy play the demo for 15 where you primarily play as a kid and we both concluded the same thing: some kind of kingdom hearts shit that neither of us would want to play most likely. someone kill the series its over
  5. Bleach Manga

  6. Bleach Manga

  7. Residen evil 6 co op lets dew it ps3

    WHO IS GRIMPIG?!?! malso I tried random coop on 5 and I got some fag doing inf ammo
  8. Residen evil 6 co op lets dew it ps3

    Yea still holding out against buying it
  9. Just got thru 5 and it was kinda lame on my own so Yea. Pm me with ps3 name or w/e usually play after 4 eastern us. Maybe revelations after
  10. I love you

    Can we still be fascist and say fuck?
  11. I love you

    Is this relevant to me?
  12. Naruto Manga

    new boruto thread?
  13. Bleach Manga

    does anyone feel like he was talking about a 3rd power but actually talking about 2?
  14. One Piece Manga

    another quirky town. i wonder if shes turning people into food and they're oblivious to it like dressrosa. also introduced a princess early on