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  1. This is barely even ecchi but I think it's pretty good. You guys should watch KissxSis.
  2. Well, not regretting my purchase anymore. Thanks e3.
  3. Well, not regretting my purchase anymore. Thanks e3.
  4. welcome id recommend warring as it offers a lot of companionship that will help you get better at the game
  5. Thanks to this board for introducing me but a serious wtf is happenning in the last few chapters. Lmfao This manga is genius.
  6. What a psychopath!
  7. Yeah, it sort of sucks but there are also alternatives like ppl you've played with and also through Miitomo. I guess they could add social media integration later as well.
  8. I already have my answer and was wondering what others thought. This isn't meant to be a discussion point, I'm just posing a question I've been asking people lately. Surely you can argue that everything has interconnectivity with everything else and nothing (not even univereal concepts like 1 or existence) is truly a singular existence by itself. The other side is of those who never give into the understanding of how complex the world can be so they live their entire existence with the presupposition of simple which is an equally valid claim imo. I was using the djctionary.com definitions when j made his
  9. Is life/the world/existence generally complicated or simple?
  10. I'll be your friend! I play Kart on and off. SW-8114-5501-4146
  11. Malcontent savaged soul which is cool and all but didn't have any place in this thread. All my reps are feelings based so it's kind of hard to justify them sometimes. No going back though.
  13. was it on discord? thats why i couldnt find the message lol i can see that now, sorta
  14. Someone wanted me to post explainin my reps in this thread so here I am. I get these people are just poking fun at you nate but I don't think you should have to take this shit in this thread. I have attempted (although failed) to help you a bit in the past so I still wish you good will but don't be too hard on yourself. You have definitely recognized an important part of yourself and rei still has the most useful post in this thread, per usual, so listen to him. Maybe it isn't my place to speak in regards to your situation since we were never really friends etc. but I wanna let you know if you want someone to talk to I am here.