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  1. Pretty sure it was an automated response.
  2. I have yet to try it but have only heard good things so far.
  3. Your issue shouldn't be whether or not family is an illusion. Your issue should be whether or not you care for or are attached to any of the family you have now. If family is an illusion then this has many other heavy applications while if you ruminate on whether or not you love the people in your family then you will find a stronger will to cut it off.
  4. How far does "not doing things for people when I don't feel like it" extend? Would it be okay with you if they were referred to as celebratory sexuality parades?
  5. Basically compares the unnaturallity of a liger production to the unnaturality of gay people fucking. Also assumes most gay couples are fetishized as cute by most and wonders why people doing so ignore said unnatural acts. Basically says they do not understand the feelings lgbt people have and also their implications during their childhood. Brings up gay to straight conversion camps and asks why this is more concerning than boot camps as a threat to all kids. Also is confused as to why they cannot keep it a secret if the implications are so bad.
  6. People have been cutting buck some slack for a long time now and his comments have become more ignorant and absurd. I do not see a point in letting it go any further if he only disturbs the peace and will not back down from his arguments. I forget but maybe there are times he has conceded but he never thinks of the implications that may have on the rest of his opinions and philosophies. I personally don't care if he stays or not because I find his post hilarious but I feel you need to take him more seriously if you are going to take him seriously at all, Winter. In regards to your latest post buck; you only speak for a minority of homosexual dislikes. Most people could give a care about what people do together on their own in the bedroom regardless of race, sex, religion, etc. Most people do not care what they do in their whole house as long as it does not leak outside and disturb the neighborhood. Please do not think you speak for the majority of coherent people because if you talk to most anyone who doesn't bastardize sex or believe in occult propoganda then you will find out they don't give a flip about what gays do because there is no reason to care.
  7. I guess that tweet about Pence and lbgt earlier posted answerved my questions. Just gotta hope Trump focuses on other issues.
  8. No, what I was wondering was how are they going to push that bill, as a religious one, through? What are the major points it would focus on?
  9. How would they push that bill through?
  10. It is going to be okay. What do you think is going to happen?
  11. I considered Dragon Age Inquisition fairly fun. It is a team based and story focused 3rd person rpg that let's you play on a range from solo with fully functional ai team mates or tactical with you deciding each member's every move. (and you can switch in and out of this mode in combat at any time) The downside is that this may be a long game between 10 and 30 hours in length... it has been a while since I have played it. In Tony Hawk's Pro skater you go through different levels and flips and shit while listening to a great soundtrack. There are remasters on the pc that supposedly feel off but the roms for all the games are online. My personal favorites are 2 and Underground. Edit: if you like dark souls a lot then try out dragons dogma. it is more of a blend between dark souls and monster hunter but it leans more towards the souls side. similar ascetic and combat (magic is very different) but you can climb on monsters. very good game.
  12. I have gotten to the main boss but I have no idea how to get to the Wolf Knight boss. :/ Main boss was easy until they did the thing and now I can't beat the first phase. lol Like a lot of online commenters have said, I do find the DLC was short. Besides that I believe it to be worth it if you enjoy the Dark Souls franchise a lot but maybe not otherwise. Definitely a strong output regardless of its length.
  13. Maybe I am ignorant on this issue but I don't want to go to war with Russia and the only way to "guarantee" that is to oppose Hillary which means voting for Trump. Spreading apart the two party system would be a bonus. This is not to say that Hillary would 100% go to war with Russia but she has said seemingly antagonizing remarks in regards to the Russian establishment. In the end I don't really trust either of these candidates to follow through with anything they said. The only thing I am sure about with Hillary is that she will not go against the things she said she is for and the Russia thing for Trump. So in a vacuum he is shit.
  14. I guess. lol It is hard to explain and I don't believe this is the appropriate place to do so.
  15. Okay, what is it? Edit: Sorry, I guess this cements the idea that I come off as a mad man. :/