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  1. Electronic Music

    I wanna know what artists/bands people like in or on the periphery (pop, metal, rap, etc.) of the electronic genre. Been on this hard lately.
  2. dude fuck the beatles

    To me it felt like you came into this thread in order to make a statement, not ask a question. Main reason being the anger which I theorize is why the others took to you in the way you describe. Are you feeling okay?
  3. dude fuck the beatles

    If they suck why do you feel the need to tell everyone? People don't listen to The Beetles all the time for a reason and those that follow religiously won't be fazed by this thread.
  4. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    If it makes you feel better and that translates to a more secure mental health then I think it can be worth it. Maybe you are a bit paranoid, makes sense post incident to be in that state for a time, or maybe you live an unfortunate life, it happens and idk people who know nothing of you seat that away. Regardless, have you ever thought if some of your non- confrontational habits (like greeting them) actually prevent these situations from happening or if they push you towards a situation where you feel more secure wheras they would not have been baited into chasing you if you had ignored them? Jw
  5. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Are we done with the now? You could say the same for a lot of characters breaking the law or whatever, why is this special?
  6. if you click on this topic you must post

    I always liked prog music for it's quirky nature.
  7. if you click on this topic you must post

    Same here... I heard that a reason a lot of gamers (idk about you but I am one) drink soda a lot is because of the dopamine it provides for the moments when you aren't grabbing it from gaming. It might be something to think about...
  8. if you click on this topic you must post

    Wanna start a sugar addict support group with me? I keep flipping between sugary food and drink...
  9. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Yeah, that was a bad idea. Also, just realized who that arm belonged to in the tower.
  10. any1 want 2 fite me

  11. Psychedelics

    Nice try buddy but this is a serious forum for serious people!
  12. Psychedelics

    Woah! Slow down buddy! Were you talking to me or Human Tetherball? Regardless, major depression is an illness that can only be treated with medication and even then the science is still not sure where to shoot with these drugs so sometimes it does not work for some people and (often?) it does not work very well. "It is a state of mind where someone cannot appreciate sunsets." I'm sure if you release all worldly attachments maybe you could cope with the illness better but it will still be there, just maybe some triggers won't have as much of an effect. Depression that I don't have aside, I'm content with myself moment to moment but not with who and where I will be in the future so although this stuff might be a good support group/whatever I don't really need that, I just need to do things instead of nothing. (and I have been doing things a little bit lately, mainly organization) Lots of cool videos though.
  13. Psychedelics

    I've heard some studies indicating psychs can help with depression but obviously there is no consensus yet. Good warning post; I would never recommend people do it with anyone but those they trust and also in some place they are comfortable in/used to. The big issue dealing with this is when you relearn what betrayal and lies are in your trip which can lead to you sort of doubting everything -> can lead to a bad trip, etc. but do note this is not something you necessarily relearn/remember every time you take a trip nor is it necessarily something you focus on (especially if you are capable of just waving away thoughts). (just one example i can think of, of course there are probably and inumerable # of reasons why to be with ppl you like, like youll probably have more fun lol) In my case I don't get my drugs off the streets so I don't have to worry about varying dosage or being given a different drug like NBOMe (which can kill you) but be careful. (if you got it from a friend and they are into this stuff they may have ways to discern if it is lsd or not) Also, I recommend 2 weeks between trips. I haven't done anything quicker then that but that is what everyone says. The reason for this is because after your trip is over for a while your serotonin levels will be decreased but of course they come back up after a few days or weeks. The longer you wait after a trip the better your next trip, as you also forget about it over time. In my case, most of my threads/posts were at the fever end of my trip (8 hours is the prime time, technically still on till 12, after that is is hard to sleep/you think a lot). The day after taking you will feel compelled to fix/work on the parts you were "enlightened" about during your trip and as such will feel much motivation for about a week or so, and then it will slowly drain back to normal over a few months. Sometimes I would get into a semi-depressed state after a trip and other times I would be super happy or concerned. Either way this provided an opportunity for me to discover more about myself and about the world but it was also an opportunity I could never guarantee would be there forever. Living your life based on something that you can't guarantee is not healthy and I wish I had realized or been more honest to myself earlier. I can keep going on with this (and it involves a lot of other issues outside the trips) but that is something for a therapist. That said, I do not regret my decision to take... I honestly can't imagine where I would be now without it but I am trying to say that my progress did not come without its costs. Anyone who is interested in taking needs to understand this is not just "seeing pretty colors" and "becoming a bit psychotic" for 8 hours. Edit: I've never taken mushrooms but I heard they semi often create anxiety as a side effect during the trip. Definitely a lot less powerful than LSD though, and shorter. (6ish hours)
  14. Psychedelics

    I'm happy for you. At this point I mainly do it for fun rather then that feeling but I know at one point I was inclined towards it a bit. To me the feeling of growing up/going through life (multiple times) was more important than ego loss or whatever but outside that I do appreciate it academically and wish I was strong enough to let it all go.