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  1. what are you doing with your life in 2020

    Moved to Portland or and am having fun inside but not so much outside.
  2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Umm ds is great and all but I prefer ds 3. Ds is a great intro for the franchise but unlike 1 3has a lot more color and variety. Maybe the world design isn't as good but pretty much everything else is better imo. Also, having played sekiro it can be fun bc your a ninja and shit but the boss fights are unapologetic and unforgiving so unless you wanna beat your head in I'd recommend playing ds 1 2 or 3 first Edit I haven't Beat sekiro because I don't want to sit around for 3 hours on one boss :/
  3. Sup

    Maybe not remember me, maybe do. Anyways is yugioh still a thing? I see new sets and my old friend still goes to tournaments. :/ Is this like mtg where there is little to no competitive discussion online?
  4. being an adult sucks

    You ever feel like you go through life just waiting for death? It's not like one wants it but it is an inevitability that would make everything easier. Why do I distract myself? Because it's something to pass the time until then, maybe. What is the point of anything if there is this hole inside me that money and women and trips and material possessions and security won't fill it with? Those are some questions I've faced lately and I've had help to reorient myself in them. I wouldn't call it a spiritual awakening but I am on a path that leads towards something I can not totally grasp and it puts everything else into perspective. It helps me believe everything will be okay when there are no signs of anything wrong but I still feel there are. Some tips I follow that seem to help: Recognize what I am grateful for Talk to people about my problems and decisions I am about to make Pray even if I don't believe in anything Idk if any of that hits you at all but if I can recommend anything is that try to fill your life with something that has meaning such as service to others, watching a sunset, learning new skills, etc.
  5. Advice you would tell yourself rom 10 years ago

    If you think you've worked there for too long you should leave. Go outside and enjoy nature; explore. Everything hobby you get into consumes your life and you need to know that it is all your own fault but that you are also the agent of your own salvation. Don't use drugs alone, if at all. Go back to school and this time try to fit in. Don't be a contrarian in any aspect of your life that you are are not heavily invested in. Being friends with people just means showing people you care either through attention or act.
  6. what

    Removed - was real nsfw - had boobs, violates adsense, sry bro
  7. Nostalgia Syndrome

    I think Skyrim is a great game the first time you play it and doubles as an easy in to RPGs. There is nothing complex yet it provides so much depth. It has this endearing feel about it which is reinforced a bit when you learn about the company - and this is further supported by a very large and active community of modders. The worst part of this game is found in many other Bethesda titles which is that in order to support this modder community they basically have a hands off approach to patching and updates, mechanical depth, etc. This has lead to many great things in the modding community but for the basic player on their second playthrough the flaws and bugs in the base game become very evident. That is really all I can say with certainty about Skyrim/Fallout 4. Oh, Also: check out Zharic Zhakaron, I think you may like him. Ummm, I really can't say anything else here other than actual nostalgia for old games causing new ones to come out is probably an issue for the advancement of gaming but tbh it has created a lot of interest in areas unexplored by the classics. (thinking about Hollow Knight)
  8. hiya there

  9. what

  10. "Best" Game

    I think DA:O is the best crafted game in the series in terms of gameplay systems but it was so time consuming to play and not particularly interesting at many points. I liked the DLC's more, mainly because of the improved companions. I will say that it feels more authentic than Divinity Original Sin 2. In regards to DA@, I thought it was a refreshing take on the RPG genre but there was clearly not enough time to finish this game in any manner beyond what was accomplished. DA3 was fun but the Hinterlands scavenger hunt can kill almost any fun you have in the rest of the game. If I have to say stuff about ME series I'll agree that ME1 had the best world building. ME2 streamlined a lot of the gameplay elements from 1 that made the combat awkward sometimes - only issue I had was the fact a lot of the companion missions didn't fit in well with the story. ME3 is my favorite of the series but for some unexplainable reason they could not match the scope the story sets out to display. I wish they would have made handcrafted endings but the combat was perfect as well as the DLC. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is my favorite DLC and Mass Effect trilogy is my favorite series. Favorite boss battle outside NieR is the Dragon from Dragon's Dogma. I think NieR Automata: is the best game I have ever played. The music design is very refreshing and the streamlined gameplay controls when there are 3 different methods of gameplay may not be revolutionary but is well implemented. The art direction fits very well with the theme of the game (which is not apparent at first) and almost every facet of the game feeds into other areas to bring together one package that is nothing short of a perfect production. Imo what lies within the production is the most fascinating part; like many anime and japanese video games over the years they try solely to evoke emotion rather that develop worlds and this game does it to a T. If it is not apparent the music design is made so most of the music scheme is actually broken up into moving parts that shift with the areas and enemies of play, becoming more intense and feeding into strenuous points in the game to create stress and fear and doubt and sometimes.... only sometimes happiness. tl;dr N:A combines high quality production with refreshing gameplay and narrative mechanics to develop a game that not only challenges commonly held beliefs about video games as an art form but also those of reality itself (u know, typical japanese soul crushing shit) Here is a video of the director explaining a bit of his style:
  11. Electronic Music

    I wanna know what artists/bands people like in or on the periphery (pop, metal, rap, etc.) of the electronic genre. Been on this hard lately.
  12. dude fuck the beatles

    To me it felt like you came into this thread in order to make a statement, not ask a question. Main reason being the anger which I theorize is why the others took to you in the way you describe. Are you feeling okay?
  13. dude fuck the beatles

    If they suck why do you feel the need to tell everyone? People don't listen to The Beetles all the time for a reason and those that follow religiously won't be fazed by this thread.
  14. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    If it makes you feel better and that translates to a more secure mental health then I think it can be worth it. Maybe you are a bit paranoid, makes sense post incident to be in that state for a time, or maybe you live an unfortunate life, it happens and idk people who know nothing of you seat that away. Regardless, have you ever thought if some of your non- confrontational habits (like greeting them) actually prevent these situations from happening or if they push you towards a situation where you feel more secure wheras they would not have been baited into chasing you if you had ignored them? Jw