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  1. I'm more hype for a new pokemon on thus shizzz whenever it happens. Also note that Bethesda has said they are only going to work with Nintendo atm. There is no confirmation for skyrim. (Same reporter said thus happened with the wiiu and metro 2033 or something too)
  2. My main issue with arguements against the relevancy of the video is that the psychotic nature of trumps supporters was a key point against his campaign. Not a "mysogonist" level point but it was not simply brushed aside. This is why the leak is relevant to me but I could see some people finding this pointless atm if they found the altercations to be trivial. One could also believe that these altercations fed into the "deplorable comment" which is deplorable itself.
  3. Do you have a list of each member's political ideologies?
  4. Burn varients of tempo mage? What do they play instead?
  5. Maybe I am playing poorly but since I have no Images in my deck I rarely get an aggro-tempo win off. It often becomes at least slightly grind so after I have exhausted all of my resources, leaving my opponent destitute, then I drop down the Yogg for the remaining damage. I feel the small changes in the deck, #wise, change the game plan completely... but idk. (In my case is that I may play spells with open mana in order to boost yogg, usually as burn the turn before. Overall I would rate Yogg solid 7/10 atm. I will look into replacing him with 1 Pyroblast.
  6. This helped a bit. Been doing wellish (only 10 atm) for the first time since vanilla with this stock list: 2 Arcane Blast 2 Arcane Missiles 2 Babbling Book 2 Mana Wyrm 1 Bloodmage Thalnos 2 Cult Sorcerer 2 Sorcerer's Apprentice 2 Frostbolt 2 Arcane Intellect 2 Flamewaker 2 Fireball 2 Azure Drake 2 Cabalist's Tome 1 Fireland's Portal 2 Flamestrike 1 Medivh, the Guardian 1 Yogg-Saron, Hope's End Not missing Antonidas at all and Fireland Portal is great at 1; I find it plays best as a value card. Medivh is also extremely strong if you have not played with him yet.
  7. Thank you for clarifying. I agree with everything you have said.
  8. I am sorry but I don't understand what you mean by phony mysticism. I think I understand but would like further clarification if you could. I agree with what you have said but I do feel that creating the boundaries for the description allows for one to understand their own personal "perfect description", which is what you mayeat by mysticism, which they are not apt to describe perfectly. I mainly asked this queston because I feel the answer one would give is ingrained in their personal philosophy but that may be given information for every question and that I am just overblowing the importance this question could have.
  9. It is neither black or white. It is in a gray area. Which do you believe it more correct or which do you use more often? Why? Of course you can swap out the descriptive words and alter the structure of the sentence, this is just a basic version of whatever it is im trying to describe. I would describe the former as more specific and descriptive then the latter but I do not believe one os more correct than the other. Also I use the former more often then not.
  10. The open beta is currently up for this game. It holds a lot of small features related to card acquisition, unlike Hearthstone, but otherwise follows a very similar style of play. The biggest differences between the games are that there are two separate lanes to place creatures, where they cannot interact with creatures in the other lanes, and the fact that every 5 damage a player takes draws them a card. I have enjoyed it so far and wanted to let people know its "out" now. https://legends.bethesda.net/?locale=en
  11. That is a very profound group of statements which I am still trying to understand. At this moment it is probably best for me to figure out something I want to do and then get a way to support that. I need a lot of focusing and learning for what is to come but I appreciate all the responses made to this thread.
  12. It is all very overwhelming; the world, life, consciousness. I often have meandering thoughts and questions that lead to more about literal everything and to that the idea itself. I am not sure if this information I am creating and receiving is something to be related to others in some form beyond casual. It is hard to figure who else has these thoughts and in turn hard to figure out how they relate to the common man. Questioning this idea, that the common man doesn't gather any great gain from philosophy, is certainly plausible but where does it lead you? It is also hard to quantify and understand how my supposed lacks-ofs and surplus-ofs (in terms of sensations and perceptions) effect this whole situation, as interpreting and conceptualizing reality is subjective. I then question what mental maturity is? Is it having come across these questions throughout your life? Your reaction to each guides your fate towards ever reaching the next. To this way it is ever even worth it to give the "unenlightened" these questions? Is it worth discussing them for these and other people so that they may learn from us? Certainly people may find these questions with others to share their experience with but for the people whom it is alone, do these thoughts help them in some way? Does being the person there to help others immediately when they are faced with these questions mean that philosophy is in everyone? Can philosophy theory and analyzing get through to the others who need it most? Is a philosopher a being one who separates the act of asking these questions from their intended purpose? Certainly these thoughts are inhibiting to those with limited cognitive processes but where do we determine that? For every one you write down it took a non-singular number of thoughts to give way to its creation. Is it worth even trying to express these thoughts if people will find no joy or positive gain from it beyond critical moments of thought in their life? And finally, is it worth all this time I spend pondering? Is it worth it to others when I do not know if it is worth it to myself? Overall these kinds of questions are non-ending for me and I am not sure if this is something I should be concerned about. Surely I could try my hand at the field of philosophy but the idea itself is something that I am not sure I am able to live up to. I mainly posted this thread because I am having a very hard time with life atm, perceptually, and found this way of thinking I had be having for the past 5-10 years to not be distasteful. Maybe it is a bit self-indulging which is my primary area of concern.
  13. I would like to reply to everyone's posts but I have to sleep and can only work in a phone atm. I would like to say thank you for your responses and that they have all helped me understand a lot more about the subject. There are a few thing I would like to ask, although idk if one is answered so easily. What does it mean to be an existentialist? I get the general idea but idk what you mean by calling yourself an existentialist as I currently dont consider one who holds existential beliefs = existentialist, or at least I dont see it as being so simple. Where do you believe the concept of a question being philosophical begin and where does it end? Ex. Is it better to get the apple or the orange? Do the answers make the question or is it the question itself? Are there other factors like the way it is spoken or the mindset when giving the question? Is the idea of a question being able to have philosophical qualities just a fallacy that is generated by the flexibility of casual/lazy/uneducated use of the english/other language(s)? This may also just be me not understanding how concepts begin and end and that it may all be purely subjective based off of general rules. The prime reason for asking this is my mom asked a similar question to the one above as a response to me askong her if she ever has any philosphical thought. I had this on my mind before but due to the fact I encountered the issue so soon I thought to ask it here. I would also like to say, sort of in response to the uselessness of philosophy which i do agree with to some degree, that I currently feel, which is just that atm, that I may be able to employ such questions to find methods of altering ones thoughts in ways suchbthat they can start to alter their personality to some beneficial respect. I know this is already employed in some fassion, atm i only see it as anecdotal or casual advice, but do see it in way that is described with the intent of the subject. Then again it may all be bullshit and just a feeling based off of some prior experience.
  14. This part might give more insight for why I ask these questions, of you want to read it. If someone could somehow edit the questions out of the spoiler that would be great. I cant do it on my phone for some reason of find a way to create a line after the spoiler.
  15. Yea, she is like Zenyatta in that sense.