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  1. i miss you best friend. come back to this here faggoty place.

  2. Regional Top 8 Tracking Thread

    OP whats your homepage?
  3. You US guys really have to see that !

    The rest of your post confirms this.
  4. Sleep Deprivation

    Vanity's Fiend
  5. Probably going to come back for a little bit

    idk bout charge/ryko without chaos sorc. milling burials sucks
  6. You US guys really have to see that !

    in poker, you can simply choose not to go all in. whereas in yugioh if you get fucking sacked, tough shit. point being, in poker your decision at least somewhat affects the outcome. in yugioh sometimes you are destined to lose from the opening hands no matter what decisions you make.
  7. Check Yes Juliet

    this shit is for the birds song sucks too
  8. The Last Man on Earth

    Probably just a damned bird flying into the door.
  9. Is it worth it?....

  10. Reckless Greed

    Maybe if I had D-Draws.. i dont use the destiny engine with it, i don't think that would be as good
  11. Reckless Greed

    i love it in telezombies