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  1. It felt like 90% of the reason we abandoned YVD was because with DN there was no need to download anything. Why people think an automated downloaded program is the way to go is beyond me.
  2. Dueling Network

    Stuff like that has never really worked out in a positive manner, and unless the new game they're putting out has all the cards unlocked immediately with the ability to play old formats I don't think shutting down DN is going to have a positive impact on their sales. That said who's trying to get some Goats in on YVD?
  3. Whole situation reminds me a lot of the Gold Series 1 shit storm, just bad decisions all around.
  4. Personally I would rather not spend my time "playing" games that amount to little more than did I draw enough counters to whatever nonsense it is they're doing.
  5.   At the time everything other than Booster sets fell into "legal upon release" which really meant if you had it you could play it. The first and only time this actually ever mattered was with the release of Elemental Hero - Stratos. The copy of Shonen Jump that had Stratos in in had an official release date in March of 2007, several days into a new format where Stratos would have been at 1. Yet at Shonen Jump St. Louis in February everyone was allowed to run 3 copies of Stratos.   That policy of "legal upon released" changed sometime between the release of Elemental Hero - Stratos and Light and Darkness Dragon in 2007 as shown by these two posts.   http://www.pojo.biz/board/showpost.php?p=7579384&postcount=23 & http://www.pojo.biz/board/showpost.php?p=5782126&postcount=227   The next most similar situation was when the Warrior's Triumph structure deck was released a month early which caused a fucking massive shitshow debate about a ton of shit with people arguing that either everything was legal, only the reprints were legal, and some arguing that even the reprints weren't legal. Somebody emailed UDE about it and this was the response.   http://www.pojo.biz/board/showpost.php?p=2754202&postcount=17   There's also this post confirming that it was legal at some regional.   http://www.pojo.biz/board/showpost.php?p=2785522&postcount=94   So I would say yes, if there was a SJC on August 31, 2005 you'd be allowed to run 3 Exarion Universe if you had 3 copies.
  6.   The game has just been terribly managed into the ground. Just about everyone I knew and played with from 2002-2008 quit within a year of Konami taking over because of how much the game changed. Even under UDE rule the game has always been painfully fucking slow at meeting the standards sets by other TCGs. Took forever for them to do anything on Youtube or Twitch, official site articles basically never contain anything of value and the coverage site is still a fucking mess compared to how metagame looked over a decade ago and they still don't post decklists.   The prize pool is not good compared to the alternatives, and is totally out of sync with how much it costs to compete (although most people know this and continue to just compete for the glory). Ever since Card Trooper the cards have been excessively expensive. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is when you have all these factors against you. At best you have a vague idea about when the price is going to fall out via a reprint or being hit by the Forbidden List. The packs given the totally fucked rarity system of having 48 commons to 52 rares+ are a terrible value that ensures that even amazing commons and rares (as rare as they are) will have basically no value. The game overall is not built well for drafting and the core sets are basically undraftable which means nobody should ever actually consider spending money on any packs ever. In addition the several surprise short print cards in promotional sets starting with Gold Series 1 Crush Card Virus doesn't exactly leave a good impression.   In other TCGs I and many others were more than happy to spend the $10-$20 to play a draft tournament. They're fun, prizes are on the line, and maybe I pick up some uncommons or rares for either my own decks or to trade off, and if I end up with something of higher rarity well that's icing on the cake.   Multiple formats, set rotation, and being able to draft the core sets would do a fuck ton towards getting people to spend money on the game. But we know none of that is going to happen.
  7. Destiny

      The helmet and arm variants are easily the best armor in the game, worth playing just for the chance at getting more solid rolls on them even though I haven't gotten a piece of armor from an 8 win package in like 5 weeks.
  8. Destiny

      Except the odds were so stacked against you before rerolling there was no "getting weapons" especially not ones that were actually usable. Before Iron Banner rerolling every single person in the crucible was using an exotic primary or the vanquisher, found verdict or praedyth's revenge, and some random LMG. The only exception is if you ran into somebody with a Comedian or Judgment with hammer forged and shot pacakge, which really fucking sucked because the found verdict couldn't compete against it.   Before TDB the odds of getting aggressive ballistics, shot package, and hammer forged was 1 in 36. That's not bad odds, but I literally never got a Judgment or Comedian. Currently there's only a 1 in 16 chance of getting aggressive ballistics, shot package, and a range barrel that hits the range cap. Those odds go way down if you want something specific for that last perk though (I ended up doing several hundred rerolls to get one with kneepads). While I've received around 6 shotguns in HoW none of them come close to being good.   I looks like they're really increasing the drop rate of legendary guns in TTK which is good, I don't think they've increased it enough but it's a start. However as long as these basically worthless perks like cascade stick around the lack of rerolling is going to be an issue especially with certain types of guns that need certain perks to be competitive.
  9. Destiny

    Looks like reforging is gone. That really sucks.
  10. Destiny

    PoE in general just isn't worth the trouble. The rewards all suck and it's rather boring considering the modifiers never change. Don't think I've run a single once since I got all the elder cipher weapons.
  11. There's a few problems with this.   1) People have always kept their secret tech in inner circles. Surely I'm not the only one that remembers Dale's light deck or Max posting that he was going to run "CC" at an event followed by pages of speculation about both, including somebody trying to convince Peddle that he was Andrew Hayton in order to get the list.   2) Most people that play this game care far more about the notoriety of topping events than they do turning a profit. Cash tournaments have always had a fucking abysmal turnout compared to regionals despite the superior prizes and that fact that qualifying for Nationals hasn't meant shit since 2008. A small amount of article money isn't going to change the fact that the people playing are usually doing it for pride and ego.   3) People generally only want to read articles from people who have actually been successful at the game, those same people have no incentive to expose any breakthroughs in tech or deck building since they are the in demand article writers. Your best case scenario with the yugioh community is having top players do something like game analysis while hoping you find that magical fringe player who has a recognizable name and is just outside of consistently topping events and can dig up gems in deckbuilding and tech.
  12. Destiny

      That's what I mean. Like I don't get the logic of all these new weapons are going to have worse base stats and worse perks. Makes me think we won't be upgrading legendary weapons to the new attack value, but that brings about the question of why they're bothering to nerf the Black Hammer.   This also leads to potentially a crucible where all the best non exotic weapons are unobtainable purple weapons, which would be kind of silly.
  13. Destiny

    Also this bit from those notes concerns me.     Potentially means there's nothing in taken king outside of the raid weapons and exotics worth getting since they'll never match up to the Vanquisher, Felwinter, Radegast, etc. Especially with the removal of stuff like field scout and hammer forged.
  14. Destiny

      If they really want to push them then they need to make them hitscan. Nerfing the class of weapons that nobody was using or was going to use even with the shotgun changes seems silly.   I checked out during the DSF format and only kind of keep up with the game.
  15. Destiny

      Thorn was only a 2HK if both hits were headshots. TLW was 3 to the body 2 to the head if you weren't ADS, 4 to the body and 2 to the head if you were and was horribly unwieldy if you scoped in. The gun was fine.    Plus the Messenger now kills in two bursts if one is to the body and any bullets in the second connect to the head. So have fun with that.   Fusion rifle nerf was to push secondaries like the Dregs Promise and Vestian Dynasty   Indeed it was, which was still incredibly stupid. Thorn already had enough going for it with send it, the dot, and solid damage. Last Word was also bugged to fuck and very often you'd get your 100+ damage headshot while ADS, which does get fixed this patch. Unwieldy when scoped in? It was fairly common to be killing people from halfway across most maps with it.   I'm assuming Red Death, The Messenger and its clones are the ones getting that 2.5% damage reduction which according to the patch notes should push them into 3 burst territory against people with some investment in armor.   Push them where? Sidearms and Fusions rifles were, are, and will most likely continue to be outclassed by shotguns in both PvE and PvP