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  1. did punter and faint get masons? or are they scum? watcherslaus is just the type to pull a quick defensive vote on his ally interesting
  2. boom townie number two
  3. and we have our first member of the PDA (PRO DOG ALLIANCE) fuck cats
  4. Mafia Statistics

    and include all games who cares if there were mishaps here and there
  5. New Ghost Mason System

    obtuse literal ghost is more my style
  6. New Ghost Mason System

    man oh man whoever wants me to ghost them is in for a huge rankings boost! the other players are going to HATE how quickly you increase your scum killing power!
  7. Family Mafia Aftergame Thread

    also, the reveal had nothing to do with anything. silver was caught by broken and would have died anyways the next day because the only logical process was an sk or second faction come on now
  8. Family Mafia Aftergame Thread

    you mean how i caught jc and walia and then broken caught silver wild
  9. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    i feel like if you ever get involved in an altercation, you are going to die
  10. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    seriously though, kill mascis superman was literal noob scum also kill whoever thought me saying silver leans town was actually calling him scum. dont remember what moron said that
  11. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    i simply killed markus because he was the other lynch target. it reveals an enormous amount of information on yesterday
  12. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    and no im not a serial killer. i am a knight that can keep killing or i can pass maybe ill pass