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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    dont watch monster early on. it is probably the best anime of all time and why waste it early into your anime career
  2. ACAB Mafia

    so is posting after someone dies fuckface
  3. mascis if you wish to create winter wunterland 2.0 you need to listen to me
  4. what the heck? zp was godfather?????
  5. For only 97 dollars

    it is digbicks only good post good thread is always good
  6. cant claim. godfather might exist.
  7. it is hardly outing when it has been mentioned a hundred times
  8. he reads me as strong town my dick is way too big to fit into his pocket unvote zp vote mascis lfn has gone out of his way to say he doesnt like the lynch of zp, for really no reason at all. i wonder why he would do that!
  9. i would love to destroy mascis
  10. i dont give a fuck actually @LFN on a scale of 1-10 how much do you think zp is scum
  11. lfn has made it pretty clear not to lynch zp, or are we going to ignore it?
  12. @The Antagonist top scum reads and top town reads please. also, i would looooooooooooove to get your thoughts on walia
  13. dont worry, its cool, im only pressing for people to vote someone they think is scum on the lynch i have a hand in!