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  1. "Best" Game

    botw is 5/10
  2. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    what a guy
  3. "Best" Game

    chrono trigger is the best game of all time
  4. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    the movie was fucking bad give me a break
  5. I Will Sing For You

    @Sophocles a capella bb
  6. I Will Sing For You

    nope. ill do yours today princess. i wont do everyone's but i will try to do them
  7. I Will Sing For You

    shitty requests means i will hate you and neg you forever
  8. I Will Sing For You

    I am ready to deliver. I have really developed my voice and worked on it over the last few years. im much improved
  9. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia

    i dont know of any cool roles
  10. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    the movie was fucking horrible. the phantom menace was better and, no, i'm not kidding fuck the director for this
  11. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    complained? lol????? i did no such thing you had a horrific day 2 sweetheart and you never should have flopped on me. i gifted you a coast to the win with a really solid lynch on me
  12. Final Fantasy Tactics

    loved this game. battle system is fun i dont know what you are talking about tbh
  13. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    jazz is a psycho that is why ive given you a scum on a silver platter since day one that is about all the effort im going to give