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  1. just drop it and play the game guys
  2. A BLANKET OF PROTECTION COVERS THE TOWN. FIVE LIVES WORTH! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark and Jc began their nighttime venture for food but before they left they were both asked an identical set of questions and these questions were as follows. mark, since you were recruited first you are the one driving the cart. Jc is riding beside you keeping a lookout. Both of you have the option of taking arms. a) sword b)spear c) bow and arrow d) pacifist approach you take no weapon also, I need to know if you trust your partner a)yes b)no do you want to take a)the shortcut through the swamp b)the military road c)the path over the hills Mark answered sword no shortcut through the swamp JC answered bow and arrow yes the path over the hills Mark and JC set off under the veil of nightfall and immediately came at odds in which choice of direction was best. Jc opted to go for the hills, his bow and arrow would be much more effective there (why he chose a bow and arrow in darkness is beyond me) and he felt they should avoid the swamp at all costs. Mark, however, was suspect of JC and decided that since he was the driver, and the original member chosen to lead the expedition, that he should be the one to make the choice to go through the swamp. JC trusted mark and his choice. The path through the swamp may have been the fastest route to the nearest castle but it was also the most dangerous. The mist was thick and the smell was enough to make the most seasoned warrior sick to his stomach. The duo saw the exit but suddenly their horses spooked and several pairs of glowing red eyes approached from outside the entrance of the swamp. Mark had decided that it was best to fight and JC would prove to be more valuable at a distance, even if he could not make out his target. Mark soon realized that the eyes belonged to a single creature as opposed to several and he was hopelessly outmatched. Mark was blitzed by the beast and he screamed for JC to save him. JC decided to light his arrows ablaze and fire wildly into the direction of the screams. It turns out that the gas covering the floor in this swamp if flammable, very very flammable, and a great explosion followed after one of his arrows hit the beast. Silence, JC heard nothing as he ventured over to the blaze...and then he saw him..mark was scorched and no chance he survived. JC kept his wits and knew this was no time to mourn and he turned to take the cart out of the swamp for supplies. JC was walking the spooked horses out of the swamp and had no chance to react.... JC felt a terrible, piercing pain in his back and he staggered forwards into the sludge. He looked back and saw mark's revived body in the moonlight. Not a single scratch or burn on him .....how is this possible when I just saw you dead...why..kill....m... Mark had decided that JC took the opportunity to finish him off and it was only empowered by his lack of trust in his duo. JC was too trusting of Mark and let his guard down in a world where having multiple chances at life was not uncommon. Mark gathered the necessary supplies from the castle and was instructed to follow the military road home as it was under strict patrol come nightfall these days. Mark lost a life JC was slain you wish to be freed from this mortal coil and become something much greater. you are obsessed with even numbers once per game you can request from me the usage of my powers. each night that passes your request grows stronger. is it worth it to wait though? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tick tock tick tock tick tock BOOM! Jazz's bomb blew up but he was saved by another! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First shot to digbic - hit - saved by protection Second shot to silverdude - hit - saved by protection Third shot to lfn - hit - saved by protection Fourth shot to pride - hit - saved by protection 5th shot to silverdude - hit - slain 6th shot to antag - hit - slain Silverdude was you are the amazingly talented awesome detective! pm me a name of a player you wish to investigate each night =] you are super duper townie as fuck Antag was once per game you can redirect six abilities back at the orginal user you are immune to scans twice per game you can tell me a target. if they are neutral you gain something awesome ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kahu was NK'd Kahu was Vanilla Town ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day ends 48 Hours and 37 Minutes from this post
  3. you are dead so stop posting thanks
  4. day starts in 1 hour so if you have not submitted your night actions please do so
  5. jc and mark are removed from the game for the night aka they cannot use or be targets of any ability
  6. i wont be on for eod so please dont continue to post after day ends
  7. i didn't modkill immediately because i felt that i caught it fast enough but the little bitch just couldn't handle himself. enjoy not playing for a while i suppose =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
  8. woooooo mascis has been modkilled he was town unfortunately and the bomber ability hand out six bombs however you see fit
  9. hindsight puts the harden trade as the worst of all time lets just wait and see how bad this deal can truly get too lol im so glad cousins was gifted away from the kings
  10. @mascis you should be happy i edited your post you stupid cunt. say one more word about it
  11. the game still goes on scumwood has a death clause as an alternate win condition and it was met. what is so hard to grasp about this? i have never once seen anyone not understand
  12. are you high? his flip is scum
  13. are you high? his flip is scum