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  1. yeah, i think so
  2. actually, even as town it is just as brutal
  3. hey soph how horrible do you think sage is at mafia? because if he is scum and reacted like that then we have a new worst player
  4. ^^^^^ @Wunterslaus
  5. interjects in a way to quell discussion on sage's horrific overreaction to a vote. does it without picking any sort of side which is a normal scum tell even in the most low key interactions. slick further reinforces my decision by coming in with saying my vote is a joke vote, possibly trying to discredit the train im trying to build some steam on. and then markus decides to pretty much ignore the vote i placed on him "that's not very fun"
  6. very interesting is slick thinking my vote on markus is a joke it isnt i think he is scum
  7. im vanilla town too and i find it hard to believe everyone claiming vt is what they say
  8. ill play
  9. guys cop should claim and if he doesnt die then we know tyranno is on the scum team!
  10. also, sage's reaction is horrendous and if he is scum then welcome to the horrible as scum group of players we have going on
  11. actually, i like the vanilla claim
  12. vote markus goodbye bb
  13. can someone just vig sage thanks