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  1. i really don't know what to make of solstice losing his mind without warning
  2. i actually want four different people dead today. sure wish we had a vig shot or five
  3. i want to kill you so badly.
  4. see, i liked tyranno day one as well. i think winter is scum with him so this works
  5. and if you get nervous about the vig comment i can rephrase it who would you kill right now if you had the chance
  6. wunter i have two questions what do you think of crei who would you vig if you had the shot
  7. if the player gets lynched or shot they are fucking dead just the same. when i ask for someone to lynch someone it doesn't have to be because im the cop with a red check, it is because i read them as scum and want them dead. a vig shot is really powerful if used correctly and i dont trust most of the psychos in our section to have a hope in hell at hitting scum, so i call out a target i think is a great shot. not very difficult to understand. oh, and before i forget, day one is an incredibly important day and anyone who disagrees is completely and utterly terrible at the game
  8. yes, asking questions, trying to solve interactions, and calling out people for their scummy behaviour is totally me just setting up mislynches all over the place
  9. hey faint do you think day 1 is important? you are playing like it isn't and so far you are just about as anti town as anti town can get