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  1. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    kill paraliel with me
  2. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

  3. Which videogame do I play next?

    absolutely has no affect on the story. dead space is fucking great
  4. Which videogame do I play next?

    ff tactics has an excellent story
  5. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    that is very shitty logic and a nice way to derail
  6. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    solstice are you wanting me to vote you?
  7. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    no ash i see, that sucks. he was my 100% lock for townie for sure
  8. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    i am town i repeat I AM TOWN
  9. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    damn, jazz is scum this time vote jazz
  10. TGT's Vanilla Mafia Signups

    sign daddy up not meeting quota is a modkill. dont excuse it
  11. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    enjoyed winter wunterland
  12. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    also, im sorry for getting quota killed for the second time in a few years. my dog was missing and i obviously never came back to the thread dog was found later that night thank god
  13. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    to be fair you used to have a very poor scum game. i think it is nice now
  14. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    my dog was missing yesterday. whoops!
  15. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    vote notawolf