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    i was in antic lol 8-)
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    slovenia or slovakia, dont really know
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  1. Smoke 4!

    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7GItYM9a70[/media] insane beat
  2. Smoke 4!

  3. Smoke 4!

  4. sup gs

    i feel outdated since i dot got the new pass for baps :,<
  5. sup gs

    yeah its a terrible excuse idk why i stopped coming here, dont remember
  6. sup gs

    idk high school and shit happened in the mean time, you kinda lose track of forums :<
  7. sup gs

    nah lol, just found dgz in my bookmarks and decided to check it out =]
  8. sup gs

    holy shit sup man otherwise
  9. I heard lizboo was back.

    oh shit u gais finally changed pass how long did it last? 3 years?
  10. Do you remember when...

    raiza stratos d draw etc oh my god how i miss that deck edit: anyone got a decklist for that?
  11. sup gs

    i no rite been like that for 4 years methinks what ever happened to metagame.com
  12. I heard lizboo was back.

    keke i still got this pic saved : D
  13. sup gs

    omg is that 1337quack wtf up bro :D
  14. sup gs

  15. Smoke 4!

    wake n bakin for the cause happy 4th of july americans