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  1. Chris Travis

    yung lean : now with talent 
  2. NAWCQ 2014

    tahmid is a machine
  3. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    would wonder wand trigger these? either way worth consideration maybe?
  4. ARG PA 2nd place

    my favorite duelist <3
  5. One More Time

    lol, i love you victor, but when did naturias ever have a "go to play"? 
  6. Scraps Post PRIO

    why? i don't see what that would add... you almost always need your normal summon.
  7. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    arma can be special summoned for the effect... that is what does it for me, really. endphase call on arma sets up a 1 card rank 4 or level six synchro, and thats literally the most desperate thing you can do with him.
  8. Battlevols

    I like the thought behind it to an extent, but it could be executed much better. i'll add more soon.
  9. Madolche - Discussion

    honestly i was coming to the same conclusion as soul... it's really solid against basically every deck this format barring gears, where it still hits maxx cs and accelerator as well. idunno, it's just a wierd card because if i make a board and set debunk i don't feel especially safe, i keep imagining drawing it in terrible situations that it is just useless.
  10. Madolche - Discussion

    thoughts on summoner monk? he gives you another way to get to anjelly, and spells are many times free in this deck. Obviously, it's just super vulnerable to maxx "C", but if you have a chateau or a ticket to back it up it just efficiently searched you an anjelly.     If you go monk -> anjelly -> hoot + gelato you can overlay the gelato with monk to make this guy :[spoiler] [/spoiler] Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight - 2 Level 4 monsters During either player's turn, when a card or effect is activated that targets exactly 1 card on the field (and no other cards): You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target another card that would be an appropriate target; that card/effect now targets the new target. -    this means that you can not only protect your hootcake from the likes of 101, but also redirects targets from your chateau and ticket too. this seems like a pretty good option post sideboard, and potentially useful also to protect your monsters from ragna zero.   if you're playing soul charge if you open up with monk and soul charge with another spell you can go nuts by making a lavalval chain turn 1 as well. but i'm not too fond of soul charge in here, but that is only based upon the build that i've been testing extensively that i've fine tuned to my own liking for now. therefore, i have no real right to speak out against soul charge in here, and this seems to complement it really well.   the risk seems like it is worth the reward, but i'd love to hear opposing thoughts. 
  11. what is the penalty if someone were to shuffle their deck after drawing a card? also what is it if they just "surprise shuffled"?
  12. Madolche - Discussion

    The main problem this deck has, is that it cannot deal with aggression, and struggles to deal with established boards. So with that in mind, I'd like to make a point about Needle Ceiling once again, now that Soul Charge is kind of a big deal. ;)   Don't forget that set monsters also count toward Needle Ceiling's activation requirement, so you can attempt to break the opposing board, whilst slowly establishing your own. Cards like Construction Train Signal Red also easily add to the monster count, which can helpful when staring down large boards.   Most people will Soul Charge for 3-4 monsters, and will take 3-4000, and having a mini Torrential Tribute is key this format. Also, if someone catches on to you playing Needle Ceiling, and they attempt to minimise the number of monsters they bring out, then that just makes it easier for you to break a board in the following turn, or respond with other options.   However, all of this can be somewhat redundant when we look at Dragons. Dragons can establish a large board before the use of Soul Charge, so additional measures need to be taken when siding against them (Vanity's Emptiness, Debunk, etc.)   (Quoting myself for days...) gozen match is pretty good too.
  13. your opponent special summoning a monster with an atlantean in hand and dragon ice in grave is way easier to set up than vandy + appropriate effect + appropriate counter trap
  14. Madolche - Discussion

    pwwb/raigeki break is stellar in here. this whole format is going to be about breaking established boards hence why i think this deck is the right call for upcoming events. the decks that dont shit out soul charge plays will be bujin and gears, both of which are pretty easy matchups, and gears are losing popularity as people are playing soul charge.deks.
  15. Antimeta, as a theory

    anti-meta is another bad blanket term. usually these "anti-meta" decks try to stun the opponent in a few different ways: anti-special summon (dyna and vanity's for instance in DR format) anti-search (tkro and mistake) anti-grave effects (3 limited floodgates, gks, etc) anti-etc cards like psi blocker and ddwl are relevant too in more defined formats. then go all in on those and go for it - but it only will work in todays game when the deck is versatile, like living legend said exactly. this is why tgs have been a strong engine in the past, it fits in perfectly with other "anti-meta" cards and let you punish your opponent for dealing with your threats. anti-meta isn't a strategy, but just an adjective describing certain card choices. it was only really relevant when it was 3 tkro, 3 doomcal etc. now i think it is fair to describe tkro as an anti-meta card in a meta where black horn is ridiculous and most of the best decks search a lot. but in a hieratic ruler format who would consider tkro an anti-meta card?