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  1. Overwatch [Full Version Available]

    On pc if anyone wants to play, Karrthus#11858
  2. GP Pittsburgh

    Will likely be there.
  3. Shadows Over Innistrad Pre-Release

    3-1 with UB decent stuff (welcome into the fold + from under the floorboards) then 2-2 opening relentless dead and arlinn kord in same pack, then finding only a few creatures in those colors. :(
  4. Shadows over Innistrad Spoilers

    Am I the only one surprised about the duals being allied colors?
  5. Limited Format Discussion

      I think your RW is the right deck choice, but I would have gone with a couple of different card choices.  I don't like Retreat to Valakut or Stone Haven (thought it may be worth with Steward), and I'm pretty sure I'd run Hedron Archive over Seer's Lantern almost every time.  Something like:   - Lantern - Retreat + Archive + Deathless Behemoth   ---   I opened a sealed pool today in a League that I'm really not sure how to handle:   [spoiler][/spoiler]     Thanks for the feedback. I might be wrong, but U/W seems like the correct choice here. Reflector Mage plus another way to cast Reality Smasher.
  6. Shadows over Innistrad Spoilers

    [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Discuss.
  7. Have A Question? Ask it here.

    Sorry if I'm beating the dead horse here, but my local Yugioh scene is double what my local Magic scene is, and I'm kind of interested in playing again. Haven't played since 2008. Where to start?
  8. Premium Gold: Infinite Gold

      This has been true for the past eight years or so...
  9. Limited Format Discussion

      I'd only play Cleric in sealed and in tandem with Steward. I'm not even sure that much is actually worth it, but the extra 3-4 life has been the difference between losing and winning in some matches. 
  10. Limited Format Discussion

      Pretty much. Just trying to figure out if I made the best call. I can switch into Baloth/Warden/Linvala in certain matchups.
  11. Limited Format Discussion

    Played in one of the Oath LCQs. Wanted to get feedback on my choices based on my pool.   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   And I went with:   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Kind of wanted to go with Warden/Baloth but wasn't 100%.
  12. Grand Prix New York (Meadowlands) May 6th - 8th

    Even though I'm close to the event, I'll probably end up getting a room. In which case, I won't mind sharing with anyone who needs one. Just let me know.
  13. Grand Prix New York (Meadowlands) May 6th - 8th

    I'll be there. Only an hour and a half away, so wouldn't make sense to not go.
  14. Limited Format Discussion

    I want to go to the Team Limited GP in Washington DC next month, but my local scene is scarce and I'm having trouble putting together a team. Is anybody planning on going that hasn't put together a team yet?