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  1. Orlando Regionals x-1 7th Place

    Congratulations.   I was also at that Regionals. I got 4th in Swiss with Hunder Family. (Black guy in grayish jacket)
  2. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    Heh. Well alright Urthor for the advice. Yea theres tons of normal summons but i like the card cars. But i hear what you are saying about the gorz and Maxx c.   And i sorry about posting it here. I will most likely move it to the Deck Garage.
  3. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    Hey guys, i usually just lurk all over the forum and havent posted much but would like some opinions and thoughts on my decklist.   I am taking it YCS Miami. I have done some testing but honestly wish i had a week more to test so hopefully you guys can share opinions, testing, and advice with me to make my list better.   Kabazauls Kabazauls Kabazauls Sabersaurus Sabersaurus Sabersaurus Cardcar D Cardcar D Gorz the Emissary of Darkness Maxx "C" Maxx "C" Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Night Assailant Rescue Rabbit Rescue Rabbit Sangan Spirit Reaper Spirit Reaper Thunder King Rai-Oh Tour Guide From the Underworld Tour Guide From the Underworld Book of Moon Dark Hole Forbidden Lance Forbidden Lance Heavy Storm Monster Reborn Mystical Space Typhoon Mystical Space Typhoon Bottomless Trap Hole Bottomless Trap Hole Compulsory Evacuation Device Dimensional Prison Mirror Force Mirror Force Solemn Judgment Solemn Warning Solemn Warning Starlight Road Starlight Road Torrential Tribute Torrential Tribute   Okay let me explain some of my choices before i just get bombarded with bad list, quit ygo, etc.   I fully understand dino rabbit is  grind deck. But sometimes grinding isnt enough when decks can out the blue take full control of the boar by putting big monsters on board that you cant deal with when you have a couple of vanillas in hand and your traps were blown away or you are stuck with monster summon stoppers and monsters already on board. You arent always gonna have the rabbit or guide or dark hole to deal with it.   So anyways i run Card Car because the free plus one. Its amazing. Yes i give up my turn, but i have traps which will usually hold me out. In a grind deck, being up one card means so much to the deck. I know people are gonna be like dont you draw vanillas? Yes i do, but its worth it when you draw vanilla and a staple to go with it, and that vanilla are getting hit with traps that could have stopped a rabbit or tour guide play. Sometimes you realize card car your two next turns would have been bad and thankfully you drew it now so next turn you have a chance of drawing something you might actually need.   Because of card car and being rabbit, i run a pretty big trap count. Therefore i also run 2 starlight road. Liking it so far. Can set traps without fear. set like 3 and go Card Car without fear. Makes random of the blue Laggia with 3-4 sets happen even with hard summoned normals. I am sure many people have had a normal on field or set and another and hand, scared to death to summon the other cause of Torrential, well starlight helps with that. Helps with the multi backrow hands with one vanilla. Protect the vanilla without fear of heavy even drawing another vanilla at the point you are set too summon and make the laggia or dolkka or w.e   I am switching between running macro or running maxx c with gorz. They both have their pros and cons, some people prefer one or the other or just being macro or hand trapless altogether. I am still deciding. Thats where i would really like some input and people that would share their experiences with macro or maxx c or gorz etc.   I am also of thinking of maybe running avarice, thats if i dont decide to go to the macro build obviously. So anyays, opinions? advice? input of any kind is welcomed as long as it is constructive.
  4. XYZ Touchdown

    Koa'ki Meru become more viable. Instead of not being able to show the cost, you just use them for a Rank 4 Exceed. Blackwings get a little boost. Now the Shura and Bora in hand can become an Exceed monster. Six Sams have another way to get over Kinetic.
  5. You DONT need emmersblade to run sabers

    Awe yes, Domino you are right. I myself have done that play many times. It is a great play, and an easy two card play as you mentioned.
  6. You DONT need emmersblade to run sabers

    First post so might be over looked but, Emmersblade is highly underestimated and is a key component to Sabers. It actually becomes most effective during Duels 2 and 3, when the side decks are involved and which usually tends to slow games down. Emmersblade can be used to grab boggart as a beatstick, set up a Hyunlei play for next turn, Faultroll play for next turn or even grab arguably the best and most important card in the X Saber deck, Darksoul. When Sabers get the Darksoul engine going, it can without a doubt keep up with any deck and sack its way through any match. XSabers are still a top tier contending deck that doesnt see much play in higher level tourneys because of how hard Emmersblade is to get. Even so, signs of topping major tourneys like YCS Providence, and the YCS before that have been seen. With the Emmers reprint, the deck will come into popularity more, probably not as popular as when Rescue Cat was around, but still a good deck of choice if you want to make an impact or run in a high level tourney. Emmersblade opens up powerful plays for Sabers players. It can protect and defend you, go on the offensive for Emmers beatdown, which is so good because one they kill it by battle you bring out a beatstick or all to powerful Sangan, even great tuners. XX-Saber Emmersblade is just simply a must need in X-Saber decks.