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  1. Supernatural

    It's because of the pure, condensed awesome thats in the show. And the music, it's awesome.
  2. Who here reads comics?

    Blackest Night #1 and 2 Green Lantern: Rebirth Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War. Geoff Johns is awesome.
  3. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Replaying to try and get 100 percent. Anyone got a spoiler list of finding the Riddler Trophies?
  4. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Game is absolutely ridiculous. I love it.
  5. primary

    Needs more pictures.
  6. ITT we tell more secrets.

    I've never thought I really fit in here much even though I tried hard and it was obvious. I constantly think the worst of any situation, no matter what it is. What people could be doing, thinking, planning, etc. I hate my family for all being intentional failures but try to help them if I can. I passed on really trying with the greatest girl I've known in my life thus far and it pisses me off to no end. Probably never see her again. I've read all of these and wish I had some kind of advice to give, or something of value, but I don't. Sorry. I browse DG out of habit now even though I only find a little bit of it funny. I really try to quit coming here alot but it never seems to stick. Even though I focus on negativity alot I try and use it to piss me off and get focused. It's generally only worked to give me good writing that could get better or absolute garbage that I wish never existed.
  7. Megan Fox in 'Jennifer's Body'

    You can't expect Igor to look for things Micah. He's too busy having an awesome life better than everyone elses.
  8. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Why does it matter? Don't worry about getting free shit if it bugs you so bad. On topic: Got the game on preorder, looks good.
  9. Added it. I'll move videos in there later tonight.
  10. Can't even open a fucking thread without a video. Fucking stupid.
  11. Socially awkward stories

    She doesn't need her jaw to cook.
  12. Daughtry

    opinions can still be stupid, uneducated, or even wrong. Wow. I usually avoid this section to the 'real' music listeners (and will continue to do so after this post) just amazed at this.
  13. Transformers 2

    I'm sorry we're intelligent; maybe we notice when things are shitty? christ don't be an Igor Wherein did I imply that you aren't intelligent? I stated that maybe you could just try and enjoy a movie instead of harping on it for not being an absolutely amazing film. Movies can be fun to watch and not have a great plot. And you call me Igor again and I'll ban you and make sure you never get on the site ever again.
  14. Transformers 2

    Serious question; can none of you just sit back and enjoy a mindless 2 hour movie? Just chill in a nice AC theatre, watch a decent movie and enjoy yourself. Unless you seriously enjoy sitting there and seeing a scene and judging it with your super movie critic mind.
  15. It's time.

    Take it easy buddy. Feel free to drop back in anytime, and keep in touch! <3