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  1. People aren't seriously using netdecked versions of 2004 Nats builds though right? Seems like Asura Priest x3 + Smashing Ground would just wreck that entire deck posted.
  2. hi guys. miss everybody. can't scratch the YGO itch in Korea so wanted to get into Hearthstone or something. I would play Duel Network but it seems like so much work learning the cards again ha.
  3. yes are they spanking booties or what?!
  4. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I really want to play this if it has prize support. But somehow I doubt there will be big tournaments.
  5. So a while ago me and Wilson came to the conclusion everyone should have mained triple Asura and metagamed based on that. Anyone doing that here?
  6. YCS Indianapolis.

    Did this guy really Solemn the Solemn to draw 2 to Avarice then attack into D Prison for game?!?!
  7. lol Allen how did I miss that YGO baller youtube video. One of the funniest YGO things I've ever seen and I've seen Starwind/Jeff Jones in the flesh!
  8. I found this highly amusing

    This thread is quite hilarious. Thread of the year to me!
  9. For those of you who are banned by Konami

    Yeah my appeal was rejected by a form letter type response. Strongly considering growing a fu manchu and donning a wig and playing international YGO tournaments as "Jay Lim."
  10. Run Lava Golem control with Grand Mole imo
  11. Cards That Were Made

    I also think OP is a good idea but it's funny to me how all the cards I felt were poorly designed (basically free floaters like Gearframe) are suddenly balanced because of power creep I think according to the guidelines Konami set, cards like TKR are very well designed. I also love cards like Gemini Spark that simply deceptive game states. The funny thing about Gemini Spark is a lot of the amazing CO players were sitting at the shop and some casual player came in with the combo and blew their minds. Stories like that are why I still love YGO!
  12. Cards That Were Made

    Sorry but have to call you on your flagrant BSing here. We were pretty primitive back then (CC Chaos was using D.D Assailant lol in a 3 Scapegoat format. Wilson was pretty much the only one smart enough to max trip Goats + Morph). But when Soul Control came out at SJC Pomona, Mike Rosenberg also debuted a deck (Time Seal with Tsukuyomi flipping Mask). Back then *nobody* main-decked Tsukuyomi. Nobody mained Monarchs either (except 1 Mobius). Even after Rosenberg showed how broken Tsukuyomi was, it wasn't until the next next format (after Goat was gone and Deko flip flop became the meta) that Tsukuyomi became mainstream. You also do realize that the very concept of a floater hadn't even been fully realized by players back when Soul Control first came out right? Meta-defining cards like Zaborg were viewed upon as trash because 3 Goats would just block. It was like the 3rd or 4th SJC. Everything you're saying is ridiculous. SC shat on the 3 DDWL/2-3 DDA/2-3 MOF/2-3 Airknight/1 Jeenzo meta.
  13. I like your Yugi articles. They are most helpful to me and to other players. Keep up the great work. =^_^=

  14. World of Warcraft

    Anyone know where I can buy an account? I want to buy a lvl 70 Warrior since I missed all of WOTLK I noticed MarkeeDragon is dead
  15. new suspended players list

    Okay first of all I'm not bitter at all about Konami. I didn't even know I was banned until somebody posted it on my blog. I also didn't get randomly deck checked. The reason I got found out was my opponent appealed a pretty basic ruling (BoM Raioh at the end phase to get Darksoul search) and the judge recognized what I was playing from before. So I'm not really bitter at being unlucky. And people who support me aren't riding me. They're just expressing an opinion. Hell some of my bestest buddies (<3 Gehring) disagree completely with me. Atem I would love to have an engaging discussion with you about what happened to me. But the fact of the matter is nothing is going to change with Konami and nothing is going to change with YGO. I'm sure some of their reps and employees look at it like "whoa hey it's Jae cheating! He was a pain in the ass the past few years! Good riddance." And they have every right to. If anything, it's probably a black mark on me and my behavior in the past that they would look at me in such a light. I'm pretty sure I'm in the right here using any number of analogies. I could come up with 50 b+ or better analogies that point to why Konami's handling of the situation is wrong. I could air dirty laundry from numerous bitter ex-employees and stores and players who have gone unheard. I'm sure I could work pretty hard to turn a lot of public opinion against Konami. I could even sue Konami or appeal their decision and make a huge legal pain in the ass for them I'm sure. Am I going to devote my life to being a hater? No. It's selfish and dumb and Konami employees (even the dumb ones regurgitated from UD) are people. And to them YGO is their life. So all I say is thanks YGO for leading to great friends and great competition. Thanks to people who don't believe the hype train of me as a dirty cheater. And thanks to dirty haters like Impulse; you can always count on bitter pathetic trolls to show up. It's been like that since 2005. p.s: I still love all you guys. Msg me if you ever need help with anything or want to move into poker or whatnot.