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  1. What games are you currently playing?

    Got Monster Hunter World! Not sure what weapon I like best. Been using charge blade. I might try the bow.
  2. What games are you currently playing?

    I have to get back to it. Completely forgot about that game.
  3. Favourite console for each generation and...

    Well I always have two to three games that interchange in my favorite spots for each console but at this moment of the top of my head: NES / Kirby Genesis / Phantasy Star IV Ps1 / FF7 ps2 / Armored Core Last Raven ps3 / Ni No Kuni/Armored Core 4 Answer ps4 / no idea yet. I haven't played enough because of life lol. I'll steal that bonus round ;p GBC / Pokemon Silver GBA / Golden Sun DS / Dragon Quest IX PSP / Kingdom Hearts BBS Vita / Digimon Cyber Sleuth
  4. What games are you currently playing?

    Well I'm still on those but got sidetracked. I have since beaten borderlands 2 in split screen coop. And beaten Until Dawn which was a really great experience. Also got battle chasers nightwar on PS4.
  5. Max Suffridge has died

    Wow Rip Max. The older I get its so weird to see so many people you knew or only meet a few times irl or even if online mostly pass on. I'm not even 30 yet and it seems like every year someone's gone.
  6. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I actually like the idea of all characters unlocked at the beginning although maybe 1 or 2 locked ones would be cool. I'm sure by Christmas there will be a lot more games to choose from. Especially waiting on a switch main Pokemon game.
  7. What games are you currently playing?

    I fell behind in my gaming lol. Ff15 (I keep exploring and getting killed lol, finally gonna start doing the story) Dead space (almost done, luckily it's short but fun) Earthlock: The festival of Magic Shiness: The lightning kingdom Persona 4 golden Dragon Quest 8 3DS Kingdom hearts 3DS (after DQ8) I'm always playing: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Brave Frontier
  8. The Official Tennis Thread

    This tennis season keeps getting better and better.
  9. Final Fantasy

    I'm enjoying ff15 too. Haven't played for a week though because I have been so busy. Like I was thinking of getting a Horizon Zero Dawn, and the new Switch and Zelda but I think I'll be smart and wait till I beat FF15 and DQ8 first lol. I get overwhelmed when I buy too many new games at once
  10. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I'm going to have to wait to get one. I want Bomberman, Yooka Laylee and Zelda. Right now it's just that the Canadian prices are shockingly really high. I do want 2 full controllers so I would need to get another one but like 100$ for a full controller is rough and 40$ for the mid piece charger grip. Like I don't know man it's weird. I hope they make a bundle soon because I think that would get me over indecision. I like the concept of the switch and it's what I wanted years ago lol. edit: Canadian prices: 399.99$ for the switch, 89.99$ pro controller, 99.99 for the 2 right and left, 64.99 for right/Left separately. That's insane. What I would get though which actually is at a decent price is this sick skin here.
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    FF15 Tales of Zestiria Pokemon Sun World of final fantasy Soon dragon quest 8 on 3ds
  12. Rick and Morty

    YES! I've waited for so long! lol
  13. RWBY

    I cannot wait!!!!!!
  14. ARGCS Springfield, MA October 1-2nd

    It seems like Metalfoe outperforms most decks by a gigantic margin based on representation and topping/winning events. I still have yet to update myself on the new formats decks lol but I watch the streams to try and get an idea. Seems like metalfoe isn't a flashy overkill deck but controls the pace of the game real well.
  15. Dueling Network

    Wow I really hate that dn is gone sigh. Will that dueling book be similar to dn? And what prevents it from getting taken down like dn?