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  1. Dark World - Discussion

    Looking to go just balls to the walls and try to get a turn 1 EEV and DDV. turn 1. Ignore the side that is all wrong for a build like this. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ec3ZE.png[/img]
  2. Orbit

    You guys still recruiting?
  3. Free Agent Thread

    Looking to get on a team and win some wars. Solid and consistant player. Msg me on here or hit me up on DN, name is Jadaddy there also.
  4. T.G. - Discussion

    ok Gear i have read everything you have written, to start with MAxx c you say it is easy for inzectors to play around, you gota understand the point of MAxx C in this deck is to prevent you from getting swormed, they can play around it but they will not swarm you. As for Veiler in a major event you might have 1 or two match ups where Veiler is terrible, idk why you think veiler is terrible against rabit, chain is better for the rabbit but veiler is not completely useless. You are right you might not draw it, but the chances are good you will draw one of the 2.
  5. T.G. - Discussion

    Isnt the point of maing the veilers and MAx c is to prevent your opponent form setting up and going off turn one, and it is like running 6 skill drains which i hear is pretty good.
  6. Battle City Duelistgroundz

    Jadaddy 2 - Flocka 0 ggs 1-0
  7. Inglorious Bastards [vs] Broken Cycle

    true story......ggs
  8. Broken Cycle [vs] Hitlist

    he got me, i didnt have fortress in the extra, idk why.
  9. Battle City Duelistgroundz

    Jadaddy 2 - Starwind SMACKED or 0 ggs
  10. Battle City Duelistgroundz

    Jadaddy 2 - Storm wolf 1 GGs
  11. What will win worlds?

    LS because everyone forgets about it and writes it off now.
  12. Battle City Duelistgroundz

    Jadaddy 2 - 3:10 to Marineford 0 ggs
  13. Battle City Duelistgroundz

    Jadaddy 2 - L2thez 1 ggs