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  1. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    That was unnecessarily hostile.   And the reason for Aklys is pretty obvious; you get two instead of one.  That's not win more in the given scenario because Spark doesn't give a shit, and literally nothing changed on the board.  It's also not win more if the reason for it in the first place is to take out backrow.   As for Ravine's vulnerability, and Legionnaire's vulnerability to traps, the exact same things are true for Dux.  In fact people save their spaces for the phalanx often enough, so throwing an aklys in every once in a while can force that to backfire.  In either event Legionnaire will bait shit out, and give you an extra summon.   From my experience, if one takes out Aklys, Legionnaire really does suck.  The only reason I really deem Aklys worthwhile is because it's consonance food, a tempest target, a Ravine target, and has usage outside of Legionnaire. That being said I've played the deck with legionnaire aklys, with just legionnaire, and without altogether.  I even tried it with just aklys at some point.  And despite what you say I'm not just running around playing against Madolche scrubs, seriously, piss off.   The ratio I'm personally happy with is 1:1 main, and another legionnaire in the side.  It's not like I'm throwing fucktons of cards into the deck.   As for the accusation that it requires too much setup... I just honestly don't feel that it does.  The math is too complicated for me to want to deal with right now, so granted this is anecdotal evidence and I'm not going to swear by it or anything.   Spark only protects it once.  Legionnaire will pop twice on two different chains.  The first will obviously be spark, as Legionnaire can only target monsters, and then Aklys can either target emptiness (in case you want to big eye the spark and they didn't just let it die) or target the Spark a second time, and Emptiness will go down with it.   obviously you don't want to get blader'd so be smart with how you play it.  Can't really say much more than that. =/
  2. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    Even though it requires two cards (one in grave so it's really not hard), it's still easier to pull off on demand because of Ravine and Tempest being cards.  On the other hand, what if you don't draw the PWWB?  Reserving interruption like PWWB is going to give the opponent a much harder time than being forced to use it immediately.  Unlike traps you also don't have to wait a turn to use your out, you can get to it right away.   Plus more resources have to into actually getting rid of the opponent's board in this scenario.  PWWB's options are: You put Vanity on top of the deck.  You're still forced to commit a few resources into getting rid of the spark or your going to be in the same jam you were in before.  You're going to need at least two Dragons to actually take out the Spark (minimum 3 special summons without Tidal, either that or scrap dragon and give up a card) and if they maxx C you in response you're really not in a good position.   Of course the other option is to put Spark back in the Extra but that just leaves something of a gridlock until somebody gets rid of the damn thing.   Comparatively, Legionnaire deals with both on the spot by killing Spark twice. This also leaves you with the potential for Mystletainn followup plays technically, or the ability to pop over and over again if Legionnaire is somehow kept alive. Since Kiganjo is also coming in Specters, Aklys would technically have synchro options with the Dragon Rulers if really necessary.   Legionnaire is also just really clutch for alot of rogue matchups, and it seems like the new/supported archetypes that are coming in specters seem to have a problem with constantly putting cards on the board, like noble nights, vampires, and ghost tricks. Also Legionnaire > Bujins.   Personally I've always just been fond of Aklys' utility with cards like Vajrayana; that can end games pretty fast.  I've also always like it's interaction with Scrap Dragon and Exa-Beetle, but I hardly consider Exa-Beetle Staple.
  3. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    Since Spark is coming out in a few days, I have to wonder if maybe Legionnaire will get a little more consideration?   Legionnaire + Aklys is a high utility searchable combo that straight up wrecks Spark + Vanity, unless I'm missing something?
  4. Shooting Quasar - Discussion

    I actually think that more traps is probably better. Gives you more defensive options if the opponent can stop you, and leaves you with a stronger game when Quasar is not an option. Also opening quasar itself is risky, but opening with quasar + traps is very strong.
  5. Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

    So Dragard/Dragorado is finally coming in Shadow Specters huh?  Definitely has some use here.
  6. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    shhh let people keep playing their trigon only builds with less CoC and maxed out msts.   I hope you realize exactly how bad COC is in the Trigon build.  Hell, any build besides Dragunity and Blue-Eyes. ftfy
  7. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    I don't understand. Your basis on not playing Iron Wall is by assuming that your combos will never happen? But then you turn around and say that the deck is a combo deck. Everyone I talked to at Columbus said the card was fantastic in the side, and it worked great for me.   It's not that the combos will never happen, it's that when they do get stopped the card is bad and exaggerates that the play got broken up. If your play didn't get broken up, aren't you already in a good position? When they do get broken up, I'd rather have a card that would mitigate that, not one that exaggerates it. Couldn't the same be said of Vanity's Emptiness?  Except Stardust can't come back, Dux sucks, and it kills itself if you try to play other backrow. If anything you should be saying that about Emptiness, not Iron Wall.  In the Dragunity vs Dragon Ruler matchup Iron Wall is the vastly superior card.   That being said, I kinda agree with you.  It's a floodgate card, and it limits your plays to ones that are Maxx "C" bait, and players are bound to side into MSTs vs Dragunity.  I'd feel safer with something like a Castle protecting the stardust from Blader or something.
  8. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    If Mobius is an option I'd rather just play Jinzo.  It's not like Tidal's effect is relevant that often and it's not like Mobius stops Fate.  Tiger Dragon is searchable but annoyingly picky in what he lets you tribute.   They all fall short of being safe to leave on the field in the mirror, so if traps in the mirror are what's really getting you, none of them are really viable options.  As backrow hate they all fail against Vanity and Iron Wall too (as you can't really get the tribute fodder on board without a Redox effect or Blaster solving the problem anyway) so that just seems silly.   And if you have the trap stun, well, you have the trap stun.  You don't really need to throw in weird techs to fix the problem more.  You don't really flip trap stun unless you're going to do something harsh that turn anyway.     As far as Night Beam goes, you say it shouldn't be run in place of space, but it seems silly to run MSTs that weren't even being run before just to cover the corners that the night beam misses; you eat up too many redundant card slots like that and invite many more dead hands.   EDIT: But just for the fun of it: technically another option would be Onslaught of the fire kings + Nephthys.  Technically Nephthys does help make rank 8s and it is a blaster target.
  9. Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

    That's a little overcomplicated considering Nuit + target is Trident alone come shadow specters. Nuit + Castle = Trident + castle pop fodder for trident.  And Labradorite is a vanilla Consonance target. If you did have both on the field though, and could make a trident without their effects though, that would be far more ideal.  Especially considering if you use Felgrand on Trident after it's gained extra attacks for the turn, it will keep the extra attacks.   Gotta love popping face down safe zones with trident too, when your opponent has monsters in attack mode.
  10. Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

    I take back saying I don't like Monk.  Monk -> Monk lets you have access to Key Beetle, and since you're already playing safe zone for Nuit and Maiden in the hypothetical deck...   If you're going for alot of damage off the monk   Monk -> Monk -> Nuit Monk + Monk = Key Beetle, target Nuit -> get w/e you want and combo from there.  Using Nuit as Xyz/Synchro Fodder (depending on your summon target for Nuit) also sets up a light and dark in the grave immediately if you're playing any chaos monsters.
  11. Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

    Of course this doesn't take into account that you can make rank 4s or synchros with it by summoning a non-blue-eyes.
  12. Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

    It'll also probably get better with the release of Labradorite Dragon, since you can go into Trident really fast like that, and have access to some darks as well as lights.   Of course the best card for either Maiden or Nuit is Castle of Dragon Souls, others like Safe Zone and whatnot are obvious picks.   I was going to say you probably wouldn't want to play Wonder Wand for the sake of flexible targeting (and that may still be true), but technically speaking, Nuit IS a Summoner Monk target.  You could play that and have access to various shenanigans, and maybe get some more usage out of spell cards that target.  I still don't like Summoner Monk for being hand trap bait though, but the fact that it is dark and a spellcaster really is handy.  The fact that Nuit itself can make rank 4s (including more restrictive ones like Paladynamo and Queen Dragun) creates a little more incentive to make room for rank 4s if you decide to go that route.   There's also always the Monk + Prisma = Emeral + Blue-Eyes combo.  You could also be cute and put used blue-eyes back in the deck to retain White-Stone -> Trade-In usage.   Trade-In = prevents Blue-Eyes dead draws. Monk + Emeral + Lavalval Chain = prevents Trade-In dead draws.   It goes without saying on top of everything that Champion's Vigilance is a card, btw.  Pretty sure there are others that could take usage of blue-eyes, even with 0/0, like White Elephant's Gift, Advance Draw, Symbols of Duty, Creature Seizure, or Burst Stream. Most of those ideas are crap I know, but I still felt the need to point them out.   On that note, out of sheer curiosity, what is the interaction between Order to Charge or Creature Seizure and Non-Spellcasting Area?  Is it cute or is it whiff?   EDIT: Just looked it up, and apparently the interaction between Non-Spellcasting Area and Burst Stream is EXTREMELY cute.  Of course that's an old ruling, but still.
  13. Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

      Poor girl, never had any love.  The only Hieratic that didn't seem to get the full memo on what the theme of the deck was.  Not even remotely splashable like her mother Tefnuit, and not usable in even dedicated builds like her brother Gebeb, and completely overshadowed by her daughter Nephthys, she was to all the loser of the family.   It's just theory, but I think there's may finally be a use for her.   The thing about Nuit is that she functions almost exactly like             From what I've observed, personally, it seems that decks that focus on abusing Maiden (and it goes without saying that Maiden's full potential is only reached when it's used proactively as opposed to passively) fall short of actually consistently obtaining maiden without resorting to bad tactics like Shining Angels and whatnot.  When you don't have Maiden, cards you play with targeting your own monsters in mind become incredibly lackluster and the deck falls apart, because nothing else actually functions like it. In Nuit you have a card that not only functions in the exact same way, it achieves the same goal, which is putting blue-eyes on the field.  Granted Nuit doesn't stop attacks, and the blue-eyes is nerfed to 0, and it's not a tuner, but it does have some mild offensive power on it's own, and unlike Maiden, it works with Castle of Dragon Souls during the damage step and most importantly, it's highly searchable due to Convocation being at 3.     Depending on your card choices, it also has a wider variety of targets and usages than Maiden (though I won't argue for a second that Maiden isn't the better card).  For example getting rank 6 fodder xyz plays when combined with Tefnuit or Su, or grabbing a tuner for a lvl 7/8 play when combined with the same cards, and also being tribute fodder for Hieratic effecs and banishment fodder for Castle of Dragon Souls or Dragon Rulers, if you somehow make a maiden/nuit/blue-eyes/ruler deck work.   Also it's name isn't Maiden, so you could technically use both in the same turn, if the occasion came up.   I mean I'm not sure it would go anywhere, but the synergy is clearly there, and I thought I'd shine a light on it.
  14. why does this card exist?

    Gaiz ur going about this all wrong.   You gotta exchange it, and then when your opponent sets it as a bluff, you bait doll it.   It's foolhardyproof!
  15. Vengeful Bog Spirit

    I guess the question is whether it applies to monsters that were summoned while it was on the field after it's been removed.   If so, then I guess one application it could have over Stumbling would be the ability to turn it off with Scrap Dragon or something similar in certain decks?